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30 Best Mint Recipes To Tingle Your Tastebuds

Bright, fresh, and wonderfully aromatic, these mint recipes are here to prove that this humble green leaf is good for more than just garnish.

Mint is one of the most versatile herbs around, and it pairs well with pretty much everything. 

Refreshing Mint Mojito
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In fact, it’s just as fantastic in desserts as it is in a scrumptious savory dinner.

I often throw a bunch into the bowl when I make my favorite couscous recipes, and it’s always welcome in a tall, cool glass filled with ice and rum.

With these mint recipes, you’re set from breakfast until after-dinner drinks!

1. Lamb with Mint Chimichurri

Have you been looking to impress with your cooking skills? Then try this lamb with mint chimichurri.

The lamb chops are succulent and robust, with notes of smokey flavor. But it’s the bright and acidic chimichurri that will leave you wanting more.

Thanks to the mint, it’s extra bright and absolutely divine.

Everything is quite simple to make, but everyone will think you’ve been cooking all day.

Serve with roasted potatoes and asparagus to really wow your guests. 

2. Cucumber Salad with Mint

Transport yourself to summer with this mint and cucumber salad. 

This dish is particularly light and wonderful because it doesn’t use a heavy mayonnaise base. Plus, the mint is cooling and refreshing. 

All you need are crisp English cucumbers, peppery red onions, sweet mint, and your favorite seasonings.

Toss it in oil and let it sit in the fridge for at least 20 minutes. 

3. Honey-Glazed Chicken with Mint

When cooking, simple ingredients often result in the best flavors. That’s certainly the case with this honey-glazed chicken recipe. 

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With only six ingredients (plus salt and pepper) you have tender, juicy, delicious chicken.

The honey and mint glaze really shines in this dish, and its sweetness balances the char from the grill.

This is a perfect summer dinner and would go really well with the cucumber mint salad recipe above.  

4. Fresh Mint Dressing

It’s fresh, it’s minty, it’s perfect for your summer salads!

Honestly, this dynamic dressing works well on more than just salad, be it pasta, roast vegetables, meat, or any Mediterranean- inspired dish you can think of.

It’s also easy to make.

All you need are a few ingredients that you probably have on hand, including olive oil, mint, honey, garlic, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and Dijon mustard.

It’s light, tangy, and delectable. 

5. Mojito

Mojitos are my favorite mint cocktails because they’re light, not too sweet, and invigorating to the senses. 

This recipe will introduce you to the classic version, but there are so many variations to choose from.

You only need lime juice, white rum, soda water, simple syrup, ice, and fresh mint for the basic recipe.

However, you can totally add fresh fruit or use fruit syrup instead of simple syrup. I recommend passionfruit!

6. Fresh Mint Ice Cream

If you’re a fan of mint chip ice cream, then you’ll adore this homemade recipe. 

Obviously, it uses fresh mint in the custard, which boosts the peppy peppermint flavor. But it also features ribbons of rich dark chocolate. 

This might be the most luxe ice cream you’ve ever had. 

7. Mint Vinaigrette

This bright and acidic vinaigrette will be your new favorite salad dressing.

It’s sharp and tangy, and a little bit sweet. It’s also totally refreshing and works with chicken, shrimp, and even steak, too. 

8. Cilantro Mint Chutney

I could literally lick this sauce straight off the spoon. It’s that good.

And it channels many of your favorite Indian flavors, such as cilantro, mint, jalapeńo, lemon, ginger, and clove.

They all fuse together to form a delicious flavor bomb.

The bright, spicy elements are balanced by creamy yogurt. It’s fantastic! 

9. Strawberry Mint Smoothie

Say “hello” to summer with this refreshing smoothie recipe! 

Sweet strawberry, lively mint, and fruity banana blend together to create something that’s thick, sweet, and healthy.

I dare say this will be your new favorite summer beverage. And you can even add some white rum for a fun adult version!

10. Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mint and chocolate is a deliciously dynamic duo! It might even rival that of peanut butter and chocolate for some people.

While it may be a popular combination around the holidays, you’ll want these cookies year-round.

They’re soft, chewy, chocolatey, and have a lovely cooling element. 

Featuring both mint chips and Andes mints, you get double the minty goodness, and double the chocolate, too! 

11. Mint Julep

Famous for its popularity at the Kentucky Derby, this tasty cocktail is an American classic. 

Notes of vanilla and caramel from the bourbon mingle with the mint and its flavor is dazzling.

12. Indian Mint Sauce

Get your samosas ready to dip in this delicious sauce! Trust me, it’s not an Indian feast with this dip on the table!

That said, it’s so delicious, you’ll want to dunk everything in the bowl! Fries, chips, you name it!

It’s similar to the chutney from earlier on the list, but it calls for cumin instead of clove, making it more smokey and savory.

13. Lemonade with Honey and Mint

Sip your way into beverage heaven with this honey and mint lemonade. Not only is it energizing and delicious, but it’s practically healthy! 

Honey and mint have been used in holistic medicine for centuries, and we all know that lemon has many beneficial antioxidants.

So, when you combine them, you get sweet, delicious magic. 

14. Bavarian Mints

These silky chocolate mints are utterly divine.

This is an easy fudge recipe, but the addition of the mint adds a lovely cooling sensation. 

Though they’re simple to make, they do require a bit of patience. And, unfortunately, you’ll need to temper chocolate.

This is done so the chocolate doesn’t seize or bloom. It’s a pain, but you can’t argue with the results!

And once you take that first bite, you’ll see why it’s worth it.

15. Homemade Butter Mints

Homemade butter mints are very nostalgic. This old-fashioned candy is sweet, creamy, and minty-fresh!

They’re kind of like solid drops of mint-flavored American buttercream and they’re effortless to prepare.

Okay, they do require some effort, but a stand mixer will certainly help you along. 

Simply beat everything together until a dough forms, then roll it out into a log, and cut it into small pieces.

Let them dry overnight and you can feast in the morning!

16. Mint Grapefruit Mimosas

Start brunch off right with this delicious mimosa recipe!

It’s citrusy, fresh, and floral, and thanks to the grapefruit, it’s not too sweet.

That said, you will add honey simple syrup to keep it from being too tart. 

17. Chocolate Mint Brownies

This layered brownie packs a big flavor punch. And it’s so pretty, too. 

Just picture it: a rich, chocolatey cake brownie topped with bright green mint buttercream.

Then you layer a soft, not-too-sweet chocolate ganache on top of that. 

Every bite is perfectly balanced, and I bet you’ll have a hard time resisting a second piece. 

18. Super Easy Green Peas with Mint

Super-easy is right!

This dish only has four ingredients (plus salt and pepper) and can be made in about 20 minutes in one pan. How amazing is that?

Plus, it’s very healthy!

Peas are a great source of immune-boosting antioxidants, like zinc and vitamin C.

Mint is known for helping digestive issues, plus it contains tons of antioxidants.

How’s that for a win-win?!

19. Greek Roasted Okra with Feta, Mint, and Cherry Tomatoes (Bamies Sto Fourno)

If you want a healthy and flavorful side dish, this is it.

The prep work is a bit much, but you won’t regret putting in the effort. Your family and friends will love it. 

Roasting the okra brings out the best of its grassy sweetness, making it rich and deep. 

When paired with sharp, roasted tomatoes, cooling mint, and tangy feta; it’s an umami bomb.

20. Summer Fruit Salad with Lime-Mint Dressing

I’m drooling just thinking about this delectable fruit salad. 

Use any fresh fruit that’s in season, as you get the best flavors. You just want to make sure you have a lot of variety.

What makes this special is the honey, lime, and mint dressing. The bright and citrusy syrup adds a certain je ne sais quoi you won’t want to miss.

21. Cream Cheese Mints

Remember the butter mints from earlier? Well, these are very similar. In fact, you’ll need all of the same ingredients.

The difference is that you only use a tiny amount of butter because the cream cheese is the star here! It’s tangy, creamy, and deliciously minty. 

22. Mint Mojito Iced Coffee

If you think that mint and coffee don’t work well together, you’re wrong. At least, you should try it before you decide.

Like a mojito, you’ll muddle the mint and your sweetener of choice.

You could even make your own simple syrup or use a pre-made flavor syrup – vanilla would be delicious. 

Then, add fresh brewed coffee and cream. Shake it up (or stir) until the coffee is sufficiently chilled. Then sit back and enjoy!

23. Thai Chicken Stir-fry with Basil and Mint

This tasty dish will transport you directly to Thailand without an expensive ticket. 

It’s spicy, savory, and rich in incredible flavor. The mint and basil brighten up the dish, balancing every bite.

Serve this Thai chicken recipe with your favorite rice or noodles. 

24. Tabbouleh

A Middle Eastern specialty, tabbouleh is fresh and herbaceous.

Parsley plays the leading role, but there is no show without accompaniment. 

Sweet mint and nutty bulgur work well with the peppery parsley, creating tons of flavor and texture. 

Plus, the addition of fresh veggies and lemon will have your taste buds roaring with applause.

25. Vietnamese-Inspired Chicken Salad with Rice Noodles

When I think of chicken salad, I think of canned chicken (not the best) and tons of mayo.

It’s good for like two bites, but then it gets boring.

That is NOT the case with this recipe.

It’s light, healthy, and not even remotely mundane. That’s all down to the stir-fried noodles, freshly shredded chicken, and boatloads of veggies and herbs. 

The dressing is sweet, spicy, and salty. It’s just so, so good!

26. Mint Chocolate Energy Balls

Add a little pep to your step with these mint chocolate energy balls.

These power-packed balls are full of antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats and they make terrific on-the-go snacks.

They come together quickly, so you can always have a healthy snack on hand. Plus, they’re delicious! 

27. Roasted Beet, Feta, and Mint Salad

This rustic salad is delicious and nutritious. Plus, it’s kind of beautiful, too, and sure to wow everyone at your next dinner party. 

This salad is also very easy to make. Simply roast beets of any variety until they’re tender and make a bright, zesty dressing.

When the beets are done, drizzle the dressing over the top then add salty chunks of feta and a few leaves of fresh mint. 

28. Easy Creamy Tzatziki 

I live for all things Tzatziki.

It’s creamy, tangy, refreshing, and it goes with everything. Bread, meat, eggs, vegetables, wraps, everything

Tzatziki has a yogurt base mixed with cucumber, onion, garlic, lemon, mint, and dill. Season to taste and enjoy!

It’s the perfect addition to any summer dish and will taste extra yummy next to a big piece of BBQ chicken.

29. Minted Summer Couscous

Prepare to have your taste buds blown away by this delicious couscous!

Between the watermelon, mint, saffron, couscous, and feta cheese, you might think that this dish shouldn’t work… but it does. 

In fact, it works so well, I suggest you make extra!

30. Spring Roll Bowls with Sweet Garlic Lime Sauce

This spring roll-inspired bowl is loaded with the best Southeast Asian flavors. It’s salty, sweet, spicy, and full of somewhat unexpected textures. 

The main recipe is vegetarian, but you can certainly add whatever protein you like. 

Keep it vegetarian with tofu, make it pescatarian with shrimp or white fish, or go full-carnivore and add steak or chicken. 

No matter what, you’ll be more than satisfied.

30 Best Ways to Use Mint

Bright, fresh, and wonderfully aromatic, these mint recipes are here to prove that this humble green leaf is good for more than just garnish.


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Mint Recipes

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