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10 Basil Cocktails We Can’t Get Enough Of

These fresh basil cocktails are the new drinks of choice for hip, food-savvy people everywhere.

With their light, clean, and refreshing flavor, they’re perfect for any occasion.

Refreshing Citrus Margarita with Basil
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And they’re all crazy-easy to make, too. In fact, you only need a few minutes to whip one up.

Whether you enjoy a refreshing frosé or daiquiri on a hot day, these basil drink recipes are sure to please. 

So why wait? Try one of these basil cocktails today – or try them all!

Just let me know which you like best.

Best Ever Fresh Basil Cocktails To Try Tonight

1. Gin Basil Smash

I know what you’re thinking, but no, that’s not a mojito on your screen. It is pretty similar, though. 

There are two primary differences between this drink and a mojito. First of all, this one uses gin instead of rum. 

Secondly, you’ll swap out the mojito’s mint for this cocktail’s basil. It’s soooooo good, though. 

If you’re a frequent visitor to my site, you know that I love mojitos. The gin basil smash is almost as good.

And for me, that’s saying something

It’s light, crisp, and leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean. It also contains four ounces of gin, so it’s not a weak drink.

If you want to get tipsy in style, this drink is how to do it. 

2. Grapefruit Basil Vodka Smash

This lightly pink drink is bright and zingy.

It’s a refreshing option for a summer afternoon by the pool. And thanks to the grapefruit, it’s slightly bittersweet. 

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However, the basil is a nice touch. Plus, the grapefruit soda makes everything nice and bubbly.

I’m not the biggest fan of grapefruit. Even so, it’s hard not to like this drink. 

3. Peach Basil Frosé

If you haven’t jumped on the frosé bandwagon yet, you need to.

I mean, they’re wine slushies! What’s not to love about that?!

This one is especially nice. It combines frozen peaches, rosé, simple syrup, and basil, making it thick, slushy, sweet, and refreshing.

And believe it or not, it takes just 5 minutes to whip up. You don’t even have to account for chill time or anything!

(That’s where the frozen peaches come in handy.) 

If you’re a fan of boozy slushies, this is the basil drink for you.

4. Strawberry-Basil Limoncello Martini

This drink takes a little longer to make than others on the list. Fortunately, you can still have it ready in 15 minutes or less. 

This lovely, light drink walks a fine line between sweet and tart. I think it’s actually the perfect combination of both.

It’s a bright, tangy cocktail that isn’t too strong alcohol-wise. 

An excellent option for brunch, you can have one (or three) and not worry about getting too drunk.

Plus, that phenomenal flavor pairs well with almost anything. 

5. Blended Basil Martini

This bright green martini looks like something the Grinch would enjoy. And why shouldn’t he?!

Sitting in a cave judging Whoville is taxing work!

This delicious, invigorating martini could help calm down his frayed nerves. Luckily, it’ll also do the same for you. 

It’s a simple, five-ingredient drink that combines basil, lime, and gin. So, it’s tart, fresh, and supremely citrusy.

You’ll mix it up with lots of ice, too. That makes it nice and slushy.

I don’t really have anything to compare it to. However, if you like fresh, slightly sour drinks, you’ll definitely appreciate it. 

6. Pomegranate Mimosas with Fresh Basil

Mimosas are bubbly, sweet, full of orange flavor, and are not too strong.

These elegant drinks are all of those things, only with pomegranate! 

To make them, you’ll combine a bottle of Prosecco with pomegranate juice. Add in some triple sec and basil leaves, and you’re all set. 

You’ll have a lovely, tongue-tingling drink perfect for formal occasions.

Of course, you don’t need to wait for special events to enjoy them. Whip them up anytime you like!

7. Frozen Cucumber Basil Daiquiri

Don’t you just love drinks with cucumbers in them? I know I do.

Cucumber drinks are so soothing and restorative. Maybe it’s a Pavlovian association between cucumbers and spas.

Whatever the case, cucumber cocktails are delicious. This frozen cucumber basil daiquiri is no exception.

It’s so clean and light, perfect for those watching their weight. 

It’s low-calorie, low-sugar, and low-carb. The only things it’s high in are flavor and fun.

So give it a try whenever you’re in the mood for something tasty. 

8. Basil Gimlet

Typically, Gimlets combine simple syrup, gin, and lime juice.

This one sticks closely to that recipe. However, you’ll also muddle about eight basil leaves in each glass.

Doing so adds herbal notes of mint, anise, and pepper. It’s a truly interesting and enjoyable cocktail flavor.

I don’t know many people who don’t appreciate it. 

9. Basil Lemon Drop

Do you enjoy Lemon Drop candy? What about the Lemon Drop cocktail?

I’m a pretty big fan of both. They’re so bright, tart, and lemony!

If you’re looking for something vibrant and zingy for summer, this lemon drop drink is where it’s at.

The fresh basil adds a delightful herbiness to the otherwise sweet-n-tangy drink. It makes every sip that much more refreshing and enjoyable.

It’s another wonderful summer drink that’s perfect for casual brunches. 

10. Pimm’s Cup

Pimm’s Cup is a unique, full-flavored cocktail that combines a little bit of everything.

There are lemons, strawberries, basil, cucumbers, and more. Plus, you’ll add a whole cup of Pimm’s #1.

And if you’ve never had it, let me tell you! This libation has more flavors in it than all the other ingredients in the cocktail combined! 

It’s herby, flowery, sweet, tangy, and citrusy. It’s an incredible drink all by itself.

But when you mix it with all these other ingredients, you have something superb. 

Pimm’s Cup is one of those drinks you can’t describe to someone. You’ll simply have to experience it for yourself.

Luckily, you won’t be sorry you did. So give it a try! 

10 Basil Cocktails We Can’t Get Enough Of

These fresh basil cocktails are the new drinks of choice for hip, food-savvy people everywhere. No matter the weather, these drinks are here to stay! 


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