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18 Different Mojito Recipes

This Cuban highball has quite the cult following. So much so I had to dedicate a whole post to some of my favorite mojito recipes.

Traditionally, this cocktail uses just five ingredients.

The blend of white rum, lime, soda water, and mint (plus a little sugar) is insanely refreshing and the perfect balance of sweet and zesty.

Dark Rum Mojito Cocktail
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Of course, as this drink has become more popular, variations have sprung up. In fact, you’ll see it made with everything from tequila to vodka.

I hope you’ve got some ice in the freezer because you’ll want to try all of these incredible mojito recipes!

1. Virgin Mojito Recipe

I had to start with a non-alcoholic recipe because I think everyone should be able to enjoy this tasty beverage.

And to be honest, it’s just as yummy without the rum.

I actually think you’ll enjoy these so much, you might serve them during the summer instead of boring old lemonade. 

Once you get a taste for it, try adding fresh fruits to the mix.

2. Tequila Mojito Cocktail

Being an avid margarita lover, this tequila mojito has been on my mind for weeks. Just remember that the quality of tequila makes a huge difference!

Try to find ​​reposado, which is aged in oak barrels. I find it to be much smoother than silver or blanco. 

Once you have the right booze, this recipe is the same as the classic. 

3. Mojito Recipe

The key aspect of a mojito is the way it’s made. 

Mojitos get a lot of their flavor from the fresh mint that’s muddled into the glass.

But if you’ve never made cocktails at home, you might not be familiar with the technique. 

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Basically, you’ll need to add the mint to the glass and use a flat tool to bruise the leaves.

Don’t work them too hard, though. Just press gently to release the natural oils. 

Many cocktail sets come with a muddler, but you could also use the end of a small rolling pin.

4. Coconut Mojitos

Lime and coconut is a wonderful flavor combination. It’s light, bright, and delightfully tropical. 

You’ll add coconut rum to this recipe, which is an easy swap for regular white rum. But there’s also a dash of coconut cream, making this extra indulgent. 

If you want a fun way to ensure your cocktail doesn’t get watered down, try mixing coconut cream with lime zest and freeze it in an ice cube tray.

5. Vodka Mojito

White rum is pretty mild in flavor, if slightly sweet. And in this type of cocktail, it’s more or less used for the alcohol content. 

So, vodka will make a super substitution for the rum-haters out there. It has little to no flavor but will give you the same warm feeling with every sip.

Of course, you could also use flavored vodka. Citrus would be ideal, but I’d stay away from the salted caramel. 

6. Mojitos With Gin

Unlike the recipe above, this twist on the classic mojito has a very distinct flavor. Gin is, after all, relatively strong, with lovely botanical notes. 

I find those floral flavors pair perfectly with mint and lime, and this works just as well with dry gin as it would with your favorite flavored gin.

Strawberry is my go-to, and I’ve also enjoyed this with rhubarb gin. 

7. Strawberry Mojito

As mentioned, the mojito is light, bright, and refreshing. And with its lime and mint base, you can add almost any additional flavor you like. 

If you ask me, nothing works better than sweet strawberries.

When they’re fresh and juicy, they’ll add a big punch of fruity goodness and a touch of extra sweetness.

Frozen will work too, just remember to thaw them first.

Do this in a strainer and save the juices, then add that liquid to your simple syrup to make the strawberry flavor even more prominent. 

8. Blackberry Mojito

Blackberries are such an underrated fruit, which is a shame. I mean, just look at that deep and intense color!

Since there are so many seeds in this berry, I recommend you muddle the berries with the leaves and then add the rum. 

Finally, strain that mixture before topping up with bubbles. 

9. Raspberry Mojito

Where strawberries are sweet and fruity, raspberries are pleasantly sweet and sour. They’re also just as bright, making this pink mojito picture-perfect.

Fresh raspberries will be the tastiest here, but you could also use frozen if that’s all you have.

Since they’ll get muddled in the glass, you won’t notice the difference in the end. 

10. Fresh Blueberry Mojitos

Blueberries are another juicy and sweet berry, though they can be sour if they’re not ripe. 

They don’t have as much color as blackberries, but they’re more readily available in most cases.

Plus, they don’t have seeds, so you don’t need to worry about straining the mix.

11. Limoncello Mojito Cocktail

This is one of the more unique recipes on the list. I’ve only ever had limoncello as an after-dinner drink, and it hadn’t occurred to me to use it in a cocktail.

Since this is lemon-flavored, there’s no lime in the mix, making it much more citrus-flavored. And with the Limoncello, too, it can be pretty sour. 

Although, if you use creamy limoncello, it should be more mellow. 

12. Mango Mojito

Mango is one of my all-time favorite fruits. I put it in everything, from curry and dessert to cocktails. It’s sweet, tasty, and vibrant. 

You can get mango nectar in almost every supermarket these days, which is made using fruit puree. That often means it’s thicker and more flavorful. 

Another option is to get a can of sliced mangos. Muddle the fruit in the glass with the mint and add the syrup in place of simple syrup for more flavor. 

13. Watermelon Mint Mojito

Here’s another non-alcoholic cocktail you’ll want to serve all summer long. 

Watermelon is a household staple during the summer, and it’s just as sweet as it is hydrating.

It’s also loved by kids and grown-ups alike, so you can make a big batch and feed everyone at once. 

Of course, if you do add rum to the mix, be sure to keep those separate from the kids’ drinks!

14. Cucumber Mojito

Cucumber cocktails are fresh and clean. They’re not super sweet but do include a touch of simple syrup in most cases. 

I think this would be the perfect cocktail for martini lovers. However, those of us who prefer sweet drinks might not enjoy this as much.

A nice way to elevate this would be to use spicy jalapeño simple syrup, which you’ll see in the last recipe on the list. 

15. Guava Mojito

Guava has a uniquely sweet and fruity taste. I always liken it to a blend of strawberry and pear, though if it’s ripe enough, you can get hints of mango, too.

Now, imagine all that in a tall glass with fresh mint and rum. Yum!

Unfortunately, I hardly ever see fresh guava in my local grocery store. So instead, I use the nectar to make this recipe, which is in almost every store these days. 

16. Funky Monkey Mojito

This drink is just as fun to drink as it is to say! I know I said I love mango, but banana is a close second, and this is one cocktail I can’t resist. 

Banana liqueur gets a bad rap due to its synthetic taste. And this is one of those drinks where the price will make a difference. 

Try to find Tempus Fugit Creme de Banane if you can, as it has a more mellow and natural flavor. 

17. The Bootleg Cocktail

Bootleg cocktails are usually a blend of frozen lemon and lime concentrate, often blitzed with fresh mint. 

You’ll use fresh juice instead in this recipe, making it slightly more tart.

I prefer it with bourbon as it offers a deeper flavor, but white rum will offer a more authentic mojito taste.

18. Hot Honey Mojito Mocktail

In a world of fruity cocktails, I must admit that this jalapeño margarita is something I crave far more. 

Needless to say, when I saw this recipe, I had to make it right away. 

The flavor hinges on the spicy simple syrup made using honey, water, and jalapeños. Though it’s warm, the honey balances it out perfectly. 

I like to use agave in this, as I think it compliments the peppers better. 

18 Different Mojitos


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Mojito Recipes

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