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10 Best Turmeric Drink Recipes for Breakfast

With its warm, peppery flavor and vibrant color, these turmeric drink recipes are the best way to start your day.

From cool smoothies and fruity juice to soothing tea and luxurious golden milk, they hit the spot every time.

Turmeric Drink with Lemon and Spices
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If you’re looking for quick and easy turmeric drink recipes, you’ve come to the right place.

Not only are they super tasty and wonderfully colorful, but they’re also surprisingly good for you!

The anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

And thanks to all the antioxidants, it’s been proven to improve symptoms of depression and arthritis.

So what have you got to lose?

Easy Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea Recipe and More!

1. Morning Turmeric Detox Drink

Waking up can be tough – especially now it’s getting cold and dark.

But that’s not the case when you have this morning turmeric detox drink waiting for you!

I mean, just check out those ingredients!

There’s turmeric, metabolism-boosting ginger, and detoxifying lemon juice. It’s a drink that’ll jumpstart your day and help get your diet back on track. 

So pour yourself a tall glass of health and happiness. After all, it’ll only take about five minutes. 

2. Lemon Ginger Turmeric Wellness Shots

Wouldn’t it be nice if your celebratory shots were good for you? Well, wish granted!

These aren’t just any old shots, though; they’re wellness shots. And that makes all the difference.

They’re spicy, citrusy, and chock-full of flavor. Plus, like most turmeric drinks, they’re anti-inflammatory and nutritious! 

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So the next time you have something to celebrate, do so healthily! And with a little taste of India in every sip. 

3. Healing 3-Ingredient Turmeric Tonic

The author calls this recipe a “three-ingredient turmeric tonic.” It’s tasty and super quick to make.

However, the two optional ingredients (cayenne and maple syrup) make this smoothie even better. 

Without them, it’s just another drink combining turmeric, lemon, and ginger.

The maple syrup adds rich, natural sweetness, while the cayenne gives it genuine heat that’ll keep you warm on cold fall mornings.

Because of that, I don’t see those ingredients as optional. On the contrary, they’re must-haves, turning this into a five-ingredient turmeric tonic. 

Even so, it’s still quick and easy to make. It’s also vegan-friendly and gluten-free, so nearly anyone can enjoy it. 

4. 5-Minute Vegan Golden Milk

Everything you need to know about this tasty drink is right there in the name. It’s vegan-friendly, beautifully golden, and takes just five minutes to make.

It’s also sweet, spiced, and delightfully cinnamony. And fortunately, it’s just as good for you as it is good.

Thick, creamy, and full of yummy tropical coconut flavor, it might even take over from your morning cup of joe.

All the warm spices enhance its coco-nuttiness rather than mask it. It’s a comforting drink that’ll leave you feeling good. Enjoy! 

5. Jamu Juice (Turmeric Ginger Drink)

This pretty orange drink is more than just delicious. It’s also really, really good for you.

Featuring nutritional powerhouses turmeric and ginger, it’s the perfect anti-inflammatory drink.

I know what you’re thinking. All that’s great, but what does it taste like?

Well, it has a base of coconut water with some lemon juice and honey mixed in. It’ll remind you of a spicy herbal tea if you drink it warm.

I don’t have a fair comparison for it if you enjoy it cold, but it’s still tasty. 

6. Turmeric Tea

Speaking of herbal teas: let’s check out this four-ingredient turmeric tea.

You’ll need turmeric, of course, along with honey, lemon, and freshly ground pepper. 

It’s a slightly spicy, honeyed drink that’s ideal for soothing a sore throat.

And you won’t just steep the ingredients in hot water. Instead, you’ll combine the honey and turmeric into a paste.

That paste keeps well, so you can make a larger batch than you need. Store it in a dark and cool place to have on hand when you’re craving turmeric tea. 

7. Carrot Ginger Citrus Turmeric Juice

Looking for a delectable, veggie-packed way to start the day? How about a bright and refreshing drink for summer brunches?

Either way, this immune-boosting, plant-based juice is hard not to love. It’s like orange juice, only dialed up to 11. 

The carrots give you plenty of potassium, while the oranges and grapefruit bring lots of vitamin C to the party.

Then, there’s the ginger and turmeric, which always play nicely together.

All in all, it’s one spiffy, scrumptious, and satisfying smoothie. 

8. Immunity Booster Orange Turmeric Smoothie

This vitamin-packed orange and carrot smoothie is similar to the one above. However, you’ll also add oats, coconut kefir, and maple syrup. 

So, it’s a thicker, creamier, and somewhat sweeter version. Plus, you’ll substitute cinnamon for ginger, making the spiciness richer and warmer. 

Regarding the nutritional value, both are pretty much on par with the other. 

9. Turmeric Pina Colada Smoothie

If you like piña coladas…you’ll love this one with turmeric in the mix. (Not where you thought I was going with that, huh?) 

Seriously, though, this tropical, turmeric-enhanced smoothie is divine. It’s fruity, creamy, and delightfully smooth.

It’s simple to make, too. 

You’ll need bananas, pineapple, oranges, coconut milk, and turmeric. With all that and a blender, you can enjoy this one in about five minutes.

10. Turmeric Lassi

If you haven’t jumped on the lassi bandwagon yet, now’s the time.

Lassi is a delicious, yogurt-based drink popular in India and other parts of South Asia. 

There are all sorts of variations on the recipe. However, most lassis include some type of fruit or sweetener, yogurt, and water or ice.

This one throws turmeric and ginger into the mix for something sweet, gently spiced, and overflowing with probiotics and antioxidants.

And thanks to the banana, it’s exceptionally creamy.

Enjoy it alone or as a complement to an Indian-themed meal. You’ll appreciate it either way.

10 Best Turmeric Drink Recipe Collection

With its warm, peppery flavor and vibrant color, these turmeric drink recipes are the best way to start your day. From smoothies to tea, they hit the spot.


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Turmeric Drink Recipes

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