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10 Best Lassi Recipes (The Ultimate Indian Refreshment!)

Transport yourself to the vibrant hustle and bustle of India with these fantastic lassi recipes! They’re (mostly) sweet, refreshing, and utterly delicious. 

If you’ve never had a lassi before, then welcome to your new favorite beverage treat.

10 Best Lassi Recipes. In picture: Sweet Mango Lassi
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Is it a milkshake, is it kefir, or is it a smoothie? I don’t know and I don’t care… just keep ‘em coming.

In all seriousness, lassis are drinks made with yogurt, water or milk, and spices.

The most popular lassis are sweet and fruity. But there are scrumptious savory versions, too. 

Keep reading for 10 of my favorite lassi recipes! #theresalassiforeverybody

1. Mango Lassi

This is the iconic lassi and I AM IN LOVE. To be fair, I just love mangoes and all things mango. But the mango lassi is at the top of the “Mango-ey Things I Love” list.

That’s because it’s sweet and tropical, with just a hint of tanginess from yogurt. And the citrusy, floral taste of cardamom kicks it up a whole new level. It’s fantastic. 

Plus, this is a great way to curb a sugar craving without any guilt. This is especially true if you use honey, as honey provides additional health benefits. 

And I think honey just tastes better with mango. It doesn’t matter if you use canned, fresh, or frozen mango… whatever is easiest. Just sweeten it to taste. 

2. Sweet Lassi

Simple. Sweet. Classic.

That’s what you get with this plain (but not boring) lassi. If you prefer vanilla ice cream to chocolate, this is the lassi for you. 

If you prefer the whipped cream to the ice cream, you’re in for a treat. 

This lassi is sweet and luxuriously creamy. It’s made with yogurt, milk, heavy cream, sugar, and ice.

Honestly, it’s basically just a frozen yogurt base… but like, even better. 

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3. Savory Lassi

Are you a Bloody Mary drinker? Then, I suspect you’re also a savory lassi drinker. Like a Bloody Mary, these are delicious… especially if you don’t have a sweet tooth.  

I mean… I actually like these better than Bloody Mary. They’re made with cilantro and cumin, so what’s not to like? 

They’re creamy, they’re cooling, they’re flavorful and they’re just plain yummy. 

Add hot sauce/ Tabasco sauce if you like a little heat, a la Bloody Mary. Or add avocado for extra creaminess and flavor. 

4. Basic Indian Lassi

Let’s get back to basics. The lassi basics. Often, instead of milk, you can use water to make your lassi. 

Specifically, sparkling water… which is so fun! And super refreshing. It makes every sip just a little bit tingly. 

Now, this recipe comes in two variations. First is the mango lassi, which we’ve already discussed. The second is another savory lassi. 

It features cumin, salt, and lemon juice. It’s very bright and totally tasty. 

5. Banana Lassi

This banana lassi is as easy as it is delicious—VERY!

Four ingredients and you’re on your way to tasty-town. This version is also super budget-friendly, so you can make it anytime. 

Simply blend yogurt, a ripe banana, sugar, and ice. That’s it. 

HOWEVER… I think this would be delectable with a sprinkle of cinnamon and cardamom. It adds a bit of extra oomph. 

Also, you can always substitute honey for the sugar in this recipe. Then, it makes a delicious and nutritious snack. Kids will love it, too. 

6. Strawberry Lassi

This strawberry lassi tastes like summertime and happiness. It’s fresh, it’s sweet, and it’s so pretty in pink. You and every one of your guests will love it! 

The first step is to make a fresh strawberry puree. It’s insanely delicious, and you really can’t skip this step.

Okay, you can, but it’s like the difference between Target and Walmart. 

They both have nice things, but only one has Starbucks… if you catch my drift. But frozen berries work in a pinch.

Then you mix that delicious puree with yogurt, milk, sugar, and a pinch of cardamom. It’s heavenly. 

7. Mint Lassi

If fresh is what you’re after, then this mint lassi the Prince. Every sip will excite your taste buds with a different sensation. And it’s awesome. 

Mint is obviously the primary flavor in play here. However, you will notice cumin, black salt, and sugar.

All of that, plus thick yogurt, makes up this fabulous drink. 

If you’re not a fan of the savory elements, feel free to exclude them. Your new drink won’t be traditional, but it will still be yummy. 

You might even consider adding some things that work well with mint. Basil, strawberry, mango, and lime are all excellent options.

Again, this is NOT traditional… but it’s tasty. 

8. Masala Lassi

This delicious masala lassi is sorta like the culmination of all the savory lassis listed. It’s intensely fresh, herbaceous, and just a little spicy. 

This lassi features cumin, cilantro (coriander), ginger, mint, and salt. Of course, it also contains yogurt and water. Because it wouldn’t be a lassi without them! 

You can add more or less of the herbs and spices, to your taste preferences. It will still be delicious.

9. Spiced Rose Lassi

If you’re feeling fancy, this is the lassi for you!

Don’t worry, it’s still easy to make. And this spiced rose lassi is simply mouthwatering. 

It’s sweet, floral, and fragrant. It’s made like a plain, sweet lassi but zhuzhed up with rosewater and spices.

And I love it! It’s delicate and delicious.

If you don’t like rosewater, you could try it with orange blossom water. That way you still keep the aromatic, floral element, but it’s just a bit sweeter. 

P.S. This is a Martha Stewart recipe, so you know it will be good.

10. Spiced Mocha Lassi

In a complete deviation from the traditional… I present to you the spiced mocha lassi.

While I am a fan of traditions, especially in food, I like modernization too. 

After all, we wouldn’t get amazing recipes like this without a little imagination. Plus, I just really love coffee, and this lassi has it! 

This lassi features all kinds of boldly-flavored ingredients. It has banana, ginger, orange juice, orange peel, cocoa powder, espresso, cloves, sugar, and cinnamon.

Plus yogurt, of course. 

The ingredients may seem like they don’t work well together, and I totally get that. That was my initial thought, anyway. BUT they totally work. 

This lassi is sweet and spicy and chocolatey and delicious. Plus, it’s a fabulous way to add some zip to your morning. 

10 Best Lassis (The Ultimate Indian Refreshment!)

Check out 10 of the best lassi recipes the internet has to offer! Whether you prefer your lassi sweet, savory, or spicy, this collection has them all.


  • Mango Lassi

  • Sweet Lassi

  • Savory Lassi

  • Basic Indian Lassi

  • Banana Lassi

  • Strawberry Lassi

  • Mint Lassi

  • Masala Lassi

  • Spiced Rose Lassi

  • Spiced Mocha Lassi


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Lassi Recipes

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