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10 Best Indian Tofu Recipes (+ Easy Vegetarian Meals)

If you need vegan or vegetarian meals, you can’t beat these insanely flavorful Indian tofu recipes.

Most of them are naturally meatless and dairy-free, and they’re also pretty healthy to boot.

Indian tofu recipes featuring tofu and bell pepper curry in a bowl
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Many people avoid tofu recipes because they assume they’ll lose something by cutting out the meat. 

However, Indian food is all about spices and seasonings, so the meat is more of an afterthought than anything else. Plus, you can easily season tofu to make it taste just like chicken, pork, or another protein.

Ready to dig in? Let’s check out these ten Indian tofu recipes. 

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1. Mango Curry with Tofu

If you’re looking for a filling meal with a fruity flair, give this mango curry with tofu a try.

You’ll use mango puree, coconut milk, and fresh mangoes, so there’s plenty of tropical yumminess. 

Underneath that, though, are the rich, warm spices and seasonings of a traditional Indian curry, including cumin, ginger, garlic, chili paste, and more. 

You’ll even add a pinch of fresh cilantro to the side for a clean, fresh flavor on top of the rich curry and fruity mango flavors. 

It’s a flavorful dish that even the kids should enjoy. 

2. Vegan Shahi Paneer (Shahi Tofu)

This creamy, sweet, and spicy dish is one of the best vegan meals out there. It has the most wonderful consistency, and the taste is unbelievably complex and wonderful. 

The first time I made it, I thought I’d have to fight my friends over who got the last bowl. It was really that good. 

There’s a light sweetness to it that’s out of this world, but there’s also enough heat to tickle your tongue.

Serve it with some pita bread for a filling, complete dinner. 

3. Tofu-Onion Pakora | Pakoda

These light, crispy fritters are an excellent option for Indian appetizers or snacks. They’re oniony, salty, and just a tiny bit spicy. 

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You can serve them by themselves or with ketchup, hot sauce, Dijon mustard, or whatever dipping sauce you like best. Plus, they take only 35 minutes to whip up. 

Adjust the chili ratio if you like your food a bit spicier, or leave it out for something more mild. 

4. Baked Indian Tofu

If you crave something quick and easy, this simple baked Indian tofu recipe is for you.

You’ll only need seven ingredients to make it: tofu, coconut aminos, fresh ginger, garlic, turmeric, garam masala, and red chili pepper powder. 

It shouldn’t take you even an hour to make, though you’ll want to prepare the marinade ahead of time so the tofu can rest for several hours to soak up the flavors. 

It’s a meat-free, protein-packed meal that tastes even better when you pair it with rice and veggies. 

5. Tofu Stir Fry

This spicy, herby stir fry takes only 12 minutes to make, so it’s ideal for busy weeknights. 

The tofu is well-seasoned and covered in a yummy marinade, and you’ll combine it with fresh veggies like onions, tomatoes, peppers, and coriander leaves. 

Of course, if you like specific veggies in your stir-fries, such as mushrooms, snow peas, or shredded carrots, you can add those as well.  

6. Tofu Bhurji

Not only is this tofu scramble a tasty vegan-friendly and gluten-free breakfast option, but it’s also keto-compliant. That means you can enjoy it even if you’re on a carb-restricted diet. 

Like most Indian food, it’s full of bold, rich tastes, spices, seasonings, and more. There are also plenty of fresh veggies for a nutrition and flavor boost. 

And yes, even though it looks like a batch of scrambled eggs, that’s tofu, so it is vegan-friendly, no matter how it may appear.

It’s a fresh, filling dish that’s perfect for when you crave an Indian-style breakfast that isn’t difficult to make. 

7. Pressure Cooker Saag Tofu (Indian Spinach and Tofu)

Every culture has its version of “greens,” and for Indians, that usually involves spinach.

This traditional spinach dish of India usually features meat, but this meatless meal is just as tasty. 

It combines extra-firm tofu and spinach with yellow onions, garlic, diced tomatoes, various peppers, garam masala, coconut milk, and more. 

You can serve it over rice if you aren’t worried about the carbs, eat it by itself, or go for a warm naan or pita bread. 

Compared to many of the recipes on this list, this one is a bit milder than some. So, if you appreciate Indian food for its spiciness, you may want to go heavier on the seasonings. 

I leave out the water in mine, as well, as I prefer it to be nice and thick. 

8. Methi Malai Paneer Tofu

Here’s another simple Indian tofu recipe that takes only 10 minutes to make. You can make it with fewer than ten ingredients, too. 

All you’ll need is tofu, bell peppers, vegetable oil, cumin seeds, tomato-onion sauce, dry fenugreek leaves, raw cashews, and cilantro. 

This one has a light, fresh taste, and it’ll leave you satisfied without making you feel overly full. It’s an excellent option for a light lunch or even a late dinner. 

9. Vegan Tofu Tikka Masala

I love chicken tikka masala. It’s got a gorgeous orange color, the heat and spice fill every bite, and the sweet and tangy ginger-garlic paste is fantastic. 

That said, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to appreciate tofu tikka masala nearly as much. But as it turns out, everything I love about the dish is still there in this tofu version. 

As I mentioned earlier, the meat in Indian food is more of an afterthought. All the flavor and deliciousness come from the sauce and spices. 

So if you, like me, are already a fan of chicken tikka masala, you’ll enjoy this dish just as much. 

10. Tofu Makhani Recipe: Indian Butter Tofu

This creamy, orange dish takes about an hour to make and has all the spice and flavor of a traditional Indian meal. 

It’s light and flavorful, but it’s also surprisingly filling. It’s not traditional, but I like to eat mine with a crisp, cool side salad and warm flatbread or garlicky naan. 

10 Best Indian Tofu Recipe Collection

If you like sweet mango curry and crunchy pakoras, these Indian tofu recipes are for you. They’re bright, tasty, and perfect for anyone looking for vegan and vegetarian meals.


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Indian Tofu Recipes

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