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10 Best Fireball Shots To Light Your Fire

Try these fantastic Fireball shots if you need a unique way to add a little heat to Happy Hour. 

They’re warm, fun, and just what you need on a cold night.

Fireball Cinnamon Roll Shot
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If you’re a country music fan, you likely know all about Fireball.

For those who don’t know, Fireball whiskey has a warm, cinnamon flavor that adds a delicious kick to any drink.

It is spicy yet sweet and works well in all kinds of mixed drinks and cocktails.

But if you’re after something strong, these Fireball shots are sure to put a little hair on your chest!

Easy Fireball Shooter Recipes

1. Fireball Cinnamon Roll Shot

Have you ever made homemade cinnamon rolls? Don’t you just love the smell as they cook in the oven?

This shot isn’t exactly like that, but it’s close.

It’s like a cinnamon roll you can drink, but only if you’re of legal drinking age, of course. 

This shot is a mixture of Fireball whiskey, cream soda, nutmeg, and whipped cream.

The cream soda is a delicious balance to the spicy Fireball, making it sweet, spiced, and oh-so-nice. 

2. Fireball Jell-O Shots

These Fireball Jell-O shots are everything you love about the party fave but with a blast of spicy cinnamon flavor.

One tray of these will get any party off to a great start. 

Fireball jello shots are pretty easy to make, and you only need two ingredients: cherry jello and Fireball whiskey. 

Top them with whipped cream and Red Hots, and they’ll fly off the plate.

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3. Apple Pie Shot

This apple pie shot is ideal for (grown-up) Halloween parties or Thanksgiving get-togethers.

Between the Fireball whiskey and apple cider, this shot is a cinnamon-apple sensation. 

The ratio is 3:1 apple cider to Fireball, and it’s topped with whipped cream for a hint of creamy goodness.

This drink is slightly fruity and a little bit spiced. And while the cinnamon stick garnish is optional, it adds a fun, festive touch. 

4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch shot is a creamy, dreamy taste of nostalgia.

Your former (or maybe current) breakfast cereal is all grown up and comes in a tiny glass with booze!

This shot is made with RumChata and Fireball whiskey, so it’s creamy and sweet, just like the milk left behind once the cereal is gone.

Meanwhile, the Fireball adds even more cinnamon flavor.

The cinnamon-sugar rim is a must. It really emphasizes the taste and also fragrance of this drink. Plus, it looks fabulous!

5. Captain Crunch Shot

If the last one wasn’t your favorite cereal, this one had to be, right?

This two-ingredient shot is super fun and delicious. And it’s so easy to make, even a kid could do it…but don’t let them!

The secret to recreating that sugary sweet flavor? Fireball whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream

This little cocktail can be made as a layered shot or stirred together for less fuss. Either way, it’s a cereal-infused dream.

6. S’Mores Fireball Shot

This s’mores shot is a little more involved, but it’s worth it if you have the time.

It also makes for a really great late-night treat for summer parties once the kids have gone to bed.

First, the shot glass is rimmed with gooey marshmallow creme and coated in Graham Cracker crumbs. 

Then chocolate liqueur, vanilla schnapps, and Fireball whiskey are shaken with ice to create an ironically chilled s’mores shot. 

It’s got all the delicious components s’mores, but it’s Smokey the Bear approved. 

7. Watermelon Fireball Shots

Watermelon Fireball shots are like a fruity version of Red Hots.

You might have to pull out your old melon baller from the 80s, but it’s worth it, I promise. 

Ball up that watermelon and throw those fruity nuggets into a jar or some kind of container with a lid.

Then pour in the Fireball and leave them to hang out. Let that sit for at least 1 hour or up to 24 hours so the melon can soak up the whiskey.  

When you’re ready to serve, add one melon ball to a shot glass and fill it with more Fireball.

You’ll get a spicy cinnamon shot with a refreshing and fruity chaser. Yum! 

8. Spicy Fireball Shooter

This super spicy shot is interesting, but it’s been around for years.

It’s sort of a novelty shot. One that might exist solely to say you can handle it – or for pranking. 

It’s also possible that you really like this Fireball, hot sauce, and rum concoction. Though I doubt it.

I love spice, and it’s way too much for me! Still, let me know if you like it!

Fireball Whiskey in a Shot Glass

9. Classic Fireball Shot

The classic Fireball whiskey shot is a pretty popular choice among many different legal drinking-aged groups. 

Fireball is very sweet with a strong and spicy cinnamon flavor. It’s very reminiscent of Red Hots candies or Big Red chewing gum. 

If those are your go-to candies, you’ll probably adore this simple shot.

Best when chilled, the icy cold temperature of the liquid is an excellent contrast with the spicy flavors. 

10. Cold Beer and Hot Shot

This combo of a cold beer and a hot shot is pretty delightful. It’s a terrific happy hour combo that will satisfy all of your taste buds. 

Enjoy a pure Fireball whiskey shot before drinking a tall glass of ice-cold beer.

The spicy flavors of the Fireball will alter your taste a little bit. But don’t worry, the flavor of your beer will definitely not be ruined. 

My tip: have this at the end of your night but order a cider instead. The cinnamon Fireball is a fantastic flavor with the yummy apple. 

10 Best Fireball Shots To Light Your Fire

Try these fantastic Fireball shots if you need a unique way to add a little heat to Happy Hour. They’re warm, fun, and just what you need on a cold night.


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