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10 Healthy Beet Juice Recipes to Make at Home

These beet juice recipes are worth checking out if you’ve finally dusted off your juicer to jump on the hype train!

Juice is having a real moment right now.

Beets aren’t exactly everyone’s favorite veggies, but they are highly underrated!

Fresh Beet Juice in a Glass
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When juiced alone, the strong earthy flavors can be a little much.

The sweetness shines through with creative add-ons (like apples, carrots, and oranges). 

These beet juice recipes help increase blood flow, improve athletic performance, and can even fight off fatigue.

Before you reach for a second cup of coffee, try beet juice instead. 

1. Beet Juice Recipe (Juicer or Blender) 

Pure beet juice has a distinct earthy flavor that can sometimes overpower its subtle sweetness. You don’t want that. 

To combat the bitter flavors from beets, add a few simple sweet and acidic ingredients.

Things like apples, ginger, cucumbers, and parsley create a sweet and nutritional drink that may dethrone orange juice. 

For this recipe, you can opt for a blender or a juicer.

You need to take one extra step to strain the pulp for a velvety smooth juice when using a blender.

There’s no straining required in the juicer, but you need to peel your ginger first. 

2. Apple Carrot Beet Ginger Juice 

When apples, carrots, beets, and ginger combine their powers, they taste amazing.

This recipe boasts subtle sweetness from the beets, carrots, and apples with a slight tang from ginger. 

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The best part of this recipe is that you don’t need a juicer to get juicing! 

Pop your ingredients into your handy blender.

Then, strain the excess pulp for an ultra-smooth nutritional drink to get your day started on the right foot. 

3. Beetroot and Carrot Juice 3 Ways 

What’s excellent about beets is that they work well with veggies or fruit.

These carrot and beet juice recipes are a great way to reach your daily vegetable quota while indulging in sweet and tasty juice. 

To start your morning more savory, pair beets and carrots with apple and fennel juice.

Fennel juice may sound strange, but it tastes similar to black licorice, which might not be for everyone. 

If you prefer a more fruity flavor, add zucchini and pear juice.

The subtle flavors of zucchini melt away (without losing the health benefits). And the pear juice adds lovely sweetness. 

Lastly, if you like your juice tart, try adding orange juice and spinach. It’s a more traditional juice, and it goes great with breakfast!

4. The Early Riser 

The early riser recipe is a must-try if you want to kick your morning bucket of coffee habits.

It’s super tangy, packed with nutrition that wakes up that tired brain, and it’s delightfully sweet. 

The blend of beets, carrots, pineapple, and lemon juice offers a bright, sweet, and acidic kick.

Plus, it includes essential morning vitamins and minerals that increase blood flow and fight off fatigue. 

Coffee who?

5. Berry Beet Juice 

Looking for something a little sweeter?

This simple red juice is so sweet and flavorful and earns its sweetness from natural sources from berries.

While it may taste like there’s sugar added, there’s not! It all comes from berries. 

Adding strawberries and raspberries to your beets provides a tart sweetness that masks any bitter and earthy flavors from the beets. 

Plus, if you toss it into your Vitamix, straining is not necessary, and you can earn additional health benefits from that pulp!

6. Beetroot Blueberry Juice 

I love the deep, red color of this beetroot and blueberry juice.

It looks like red wine without the guilt. It looks rich and indulgent, but it’s insanely healthy!

In addition to their bright purple color, a cup of blueberries also provides various health benefits.

There’s also a bright, tart sweetness that plays so well with beets.

While it might be a simple recipe, it’s colorful, flavorful, and comes together in a snap. 

Go ahead, drink it out of a wine glass!

7. Immune Booster’s Juice with Beetroot and Ginger

As we transition into flu season, boosting your immune system is just as crucial as your flu shot.

This immune-boosting juice is far more pleasant than a flu shot and tastes fantastic!

It incorporates beets, carrots, celery, ginger, oranges, limes, and apples.

Don’t worry, the sweetness from the fruits overpowers any savory flavors from the veggies. 

Make up a big batch, and store it in the fridge for up to 3 days if you notice an excess of suspicious sniffling around the office. 

8. Watermelon Beet Juice 

I can’t get enough of this treat when watermelon season rolls around. 

Nothing says summer like watermelon!

When you pair watermelon with the nutritional power of beets, you have more energy to stay in the pool longer. 

The subtle sweetness from watermelon juice is the perfect companion for beets.

A dash of lemon helps amplify all those subtle flavors. 

If you want to get fancy, garnish glasses with a slice of watermelon and a few mint leaves.

Who needs cocktails when you have a juicer? 

9. Orange + Beet Morning Sunrise Juice 

First Watch is one of my favorite breakfast spots.

This orange and beet morning sunrise juice is almost identical to their Morning Meditation drink.

It’s a great way to jump-start your day with more than just boring old orange juice. 

It pairs the bright acidity of orange juice with beet juice for a breakfast treat that looks more like a cocktail.

Healthy additions such as turmeric, honey, and ground ginger will put an extra pep in your step. 

 Plus, it’s just so pretty!

10. Beet, Carrot, and Orange Juice 

The blend of beets, carrots, and orange juice sings in harmony in this straightforward juice. 

While beets can sometimes taste bitter, adding carrots and orange juice tames the bitterness while bringing out their natural sweetness. 

It comes together quickly and easily and provides much nutrition to start your day on the right foot.

Don’t have a juicer? Don’t worry! You can also use your blender, but ensure that you strain all that icky pulp before serving. 

10 Healthy Beet Juices to Make at Home

These homemade beet juice recipes can’t be topped! From apple carrot to berry to watermelon, beets can be combined to make the most delicious juices.


  • Beet Juice Recipe (Juicer or Blender)

  • Apple Carrot Beet Ginger Juice

  • Beetroot and Carrot Juice 3 Ways

  • The Early Riser

  • Berry Beet Juice

  • Beetroot Blueberry Juice

  • Immune Boosters Juice with Beetroot and Ginger

  • Watermelon Beet Juice

  • Orange + Beet Morning Sunrise Juice

  • Beet, Carrot, and Orange Juice


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious juice in 30 minutes or less!
Beet Juice Recipes

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