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13 Easy Canned Beet Recipes

These canned beet recipes are about to change your mind about that overlooked veggie in your cupboard! 

You probably have a lonely can of beets hiding out in your pantry, gathering dust. It’s been there for ages, and you’re not sure what to do with it. 

Homemade Red Beet Salad with Pomegranate
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Well, guess what? There’s a whole list of recipes waiting for that humble can of beets! From throwing it into salads and smoothies to sneaking it into baked goods, there’s a lot you can do.

Expect to see some interesting dishes, from salad dressings to cookies and cakes. These canned beet recipes make scrumptious dishes that simply can’t be beet! Let’s get started.

1. Beet Pesto Linguine with Ricotta and Homemade Breadcrumbs 

Who knew beets could create a delicious pasta dish? This beet pesto linguine with ricotta and homemade breadcrumbs is to die for.

This meal unites the earthy sweetness of beets with the nutty crunch of pistachio and Parmesan pesto, coating your favorite linguine. It’s finished with a scattering of toasty homemade breadcrumbs and a cool, creamy dollop of ricotta. 

Suddenly, canned beets aren’t looking so humble anymore, amirite?

2. Vegan Beet Quinoa Burgers

These vegan beet quinoa burgers are a hearty treat. They aren’t a carbon copy of beef burgers. But they hit the spot when you’re craving a loaded sandwich. 

The beet quinoa patties are wonderfully crisp on the outside, tender inside, and hold together like a dream. Kidney beans bring in extra protein and texture, while sautéed veggies, herbs, and seasonings add depth of flavor. 

And let’s not forget the beets! They give the burgers a vibrant color and subtly sweet flavor. It contrasts beautifully with the hearty quinoa and kidney beans.

It’s a vegan burger even carnivores will love!

3. Beet Hummus 

Next on the menu is an un-beet-able treat: beet hummus. This recipe takes the usual hummus ingredients and adds in canned beets for a sweet, earthy spin. 

The result is a vibrant, nutrient-packed spread that’s as beautiful as it is tasty. 

Best of all, it’s ready in less than 10 minutes. Whether you’re planning a party or just need a tasty snack, this beet hummus is a hit. And did I mention it’s vegan and gluten-free?

4. Pickled Beets

This easy pickled beets recipe is a flavor-packed wonder perfect for salads, side dishes, or snacking straight from the jar. 

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A pickling juice of apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt, peppercorns, and bay leaves gives these beets their tangy appeal. 

Let them sit overnight or up to a week in the fridge to really soak up those flavors. Conveniently, they keep well for 2 months, if you can resist eating them all right away!

5. Beet Salad with Feta, Cucumbers, and Dill

This beet salad with feta, cucumbers, and dill is a quick 10-minute recipe. It’s also bursting with contrasting flavors. It’s sweet, salty, and tangy all at once. 

Simply toss canned beets with crunchy cucumbers, crumbled feta, and fresh dill. The whole thing gets a bright zing from a simple lemon and olive oil dressing. 

Besides the amazing flavor combination, what I love most is the stunning color contrast. The deep red beets paired with the white feta make this salad a real showstopper. 

Plus, it’s packed with nutrition, making it a deliciously smart choice.

6. Strawberry Banana Beet Smoothie

Ever considered adding beets to your smoothie? It sounds unusual, but this strawberry banana beet smoothie is about to win you over. 

It features frozen strawberries, a can of beets, vanilla Greek yogurt, a banana, and a splash of milk. You’re one blend away from a surprisingly delightful drink. 

It’s lightly sweet with an intriguing hint of earthiness from the beets. Try it once, and you’ll add beets to your smoothies from now on!

7. Rice Paper Rolls 

Turn party appetizers pink with these delightful rice paper rolls! Imagine biting into a vibrant roll filled with your choice of fresh, crunchy vegetables.

The eye-catching pink hue comes from beet juice soaked into the rice paper wrappers. It’s a fun twist sure to impress guests. 

These seem intimidating at first. But with a little practice, you’ll make these light and refreshing rolls like a pro. 

8. Healthy Beetroot Chocolate Cake 

Hold on to your aprons, we’re throwing beets into a cake! You heard that right, a beetroot chocolate cake. Don’t be skeptical, as it’s fantastic!

Beets provide sweetness, an enticing ruby color, and moisture to the cake. Paired with cocoa and dark chocolate, it’s a dream team. 

Don’t forget the melted chocolate drizzle on top for the final touch.

9. Mandarin Beet Salad with Poppyseed Dressing

What’s on the menu for a winter lunch? A Mandarin beet salad with a zesty poppyseed dressing! 

Canned beets are lightly brushed with olive oil and lemon, then given a quick grill. We’re not compromising on flavor here. The mix of warm beets and pecans against cold mandarins and crumbled goat cheese is a true delight.

And the poppyseed dressing? It’s a tangy elixir that binds everything together. Bright, colorful, and tasty, this salad will lift your spirits!

10. Super Creamy Beet Pasta Sauce 

Never thought you’d turn canned beets into a pasta sauce? Wait until you try this creamy beet sauce. 

This vibrant recipe strikes an excellent balance between sweet and savory. There are sweet undertones from the beets. It’s perfectly balanced with pine nuts, feta, and fresh herbs. 

Just blend canned beets, pine nuts, lemon juice, olive oil, basil, mint, Parmesan, garlic, and some pasta water. This dish doesn’t just taste great, it looks fantastic. It’s perfect to impress guests with minimal effort. 

11. Beet and Kale Salad with Apples and Creamy Tangy Dressing  

If you’re up for a trendy salad experience, give this beet and kale salad a go. 

This dish combines the earthy sweetness of beets with the hearty crunch of kale. It’s taken to the next level with the addition of delicious apples

What sets this salad apart is a creamy homemade dressing with a touch of spicy horseradish.

To assemble it, toss together baby kale, sliced apples, beets, and some shaved Parmesan. Drizzle the homemade dressing on top, and there you have it.

12. Healthy Red Velvet Cookies

Craving chocolate cookies but don’t want to compromise on nutrition? Try these healthy red velvet cookies. They’re full of natural ingredients, including beets, real butter, and whole wheat flour. These treats offer guilt-free indulgence. 

Fun fact: The addition of beets here isn’t weird at all. It’s actually the original way to get that vibrant color. Find balance in health and happiness with these delightful cookies.

13. Mediterranean Arugula Salad

When the thought of a heavy meal feels daunting, this Mediterranean-style arugula salad comes to the rescue. 

Sliced beets, crumbled feta cheese, and a homemade Greek vinaigrette make this salad a refreshing delight. 

Enjoy it as a light side dish, or elevate it with grilled chicken or shrimp for a healthy and satisfying lunch or dinner. 

The dressing brings out the flavors. Customize it further with Kalamata olives, onions, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes. 

13 Easy Canned Beet Recipes

Try these canned beet recipes for easy and healthy meals! From pasta to burgers to hummus, beets are a delicious addition!


  • Beet Pesto Linguine with Ricotta and Homemade Breadcrumbs

  • Beet Hummus

  • Pickled Beets

  • Beet Salad with Feta, Cucumbers, and Dill

  • Strawberry Banana Beet Smoothie

  • Rice Paper Rolls

  • Healthy Beetroot Chocolate Cake

  • Mandarin Beet Salad with Poppyseed Dressing

  • Super Creamy Beet Pasta Sauce

  • Beet and Kale Salad with Apples and Creamy Tangy Dressing

  • Healthy Red Velvet Cookies

  • Mediterranean Arugula Salad


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a canned beet recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Canned Beet Recipes

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