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13 Best Mexican Beers To Try (Most Popular)

Nothing quenches your thirst like an ice-cold Mexican beer on a hot day.

Crisp and light- Mexican beers are the ultimate refreshment. 

Bottles of Corona Mexican Beer
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Most Popular Mexican Beer Brands

Mexico has plenty of incredible beers to offer. Some you may know- others not as well.

Many have even been around for over 100 years!

Cool off poolside with Sol Cerveza and enjoy spicy food with Indio. 

When Cinco de Mayo rolls around, bring a case of Modelo Especiale to the fiesta.

No matter the occasion, Mexican beers are a refreshing way to celebrate! 

So raise a glass and toast to the 13 best Mexican beers. ¡Salud!

1. Corona Extra

Close-Up of Bottle of Corona Extra and a Slice of Lime

Corona Extra is perhaps the most popular Mexican beer in the USA. Their iconic label featuring sacred griffins and a crowned sun is unmistakable.

And their signature white-sand beach commercials make you want to crack a cold one.

Despite being popularized in the states, Corona has long been enjoyed in Mexico.

Corona began back in 1925. It wasn’t until the 80s that it entered the USA. And are we sure glad it did!

The 4.6% ABV crisp lager has a light maltiness and subtle sweet flavor. Add a lime wedge, and it’s the perfect summertime thirst-quencher.

2. Dos Equis

Three Different Flavors of Dos Equis Bottles Laying on Their Sides Next To A Dish of Lime Wedges and A Dish of Salt

The Most Interesting Man in The World only drinks one beverage, Dos Equis. 

Like Corona Extra, Dos Equis’ iconic commercials are classic. And the beer itself is best consumed on a hot day.

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Light, crisp, and smooth, this golden pilsner is refreshing. It’s low in alcohol, making it an easy-drinking beer.

It’s also low in hops. So it’s a fine choice for beer drinkers who aren’t big on hoppy brews.

3. Pacifico

Two Condensation-Covered Glass Bottles of Cerveza Pacifico Sitting on Ice

Pacifico is a Mexican pilsner-style lager. Like many others, it has a low ABV of 4.5%.

Most folks know it as just Pacifico. Cerveza Pacifico Clara, however, is its full name. 

Clara stands for “clear,” which differentiates it from darker brews. While Cerveza del Pacifico refers to the brewery itself. 

What might surprise you is Mexicans did not create that Pacifico. It is actually the creation of three Germans in Mazatlan in 1900.

Fast-forward to the 1970s and a group of California surfers stumbled across it in Baja. 

Impressed with their find, they loaded their van and brought it back to California. The rest is history. 

4. Modelo Especiale

Cold Bottle of Modelo Especial, Frosted Beer Mug and Bowl of Tortilla Chips

Walk into a legit taco shop, and you will notice one thing. Everyone is drinking Modelo.

Model Especiale is a well-balanced, light, and clean pilsner-style lager. 

It’s one of many Mexican beers owned by Grupo Modelo. Corona Extra, Pacifico, and Victoria are a few others. 

The Most Interesting Man in The World might not back it. But the numbers show it’s the most loved beer in the USA. 

That right there is worth cracking a cold one!

5. Tecate

Can of Tecate Beer With Salt and Lime Wedges

As the name suggests, Tecate Original began in Tecate, Mexico in 1944. 

Brewers originally brewed it for miners. These days, you can find it everywhere.

It’s a light sipper with a malty character and a subtle hint of hops.  

The crisp flavor makes it a fantastic choice for washing down grilled meats. It’s refreshing with a couple of fish tacos.

6. Estrella Jalisco

Six Pack of Estrella Jalisco Beer in Glass Bottles With One Bottle on the Side

Estrella Jalisco is another Mexican beer in the Grupo Modelo beverage lineup. 

Founded in the early 1900s, they brew Estrella Jalisco in Jalisco, Mexico, with traditional ingredients.

This 4.2% ABV premium pilsner has a light body and a clean finish. Take a sip, and you’ll notice notes of corn with a malty aroma. 

It has long been a favorite authentic Mexican beer. So try it if you’re in the mood for something traditional.

Just make sure it is ice cold. That is the best way to enjoy this crisp Mexican beer.

7. Sol Cerveza 

Three Sol Cerveza Bottles and Empty Sol Cerveza Carrier Box on a Table

With a name like Sol, you know you’re in for something bright and refreshing. 

In Spanish, sol translates to “Sun.” And I think that is very fitting. It signifies the color and flavor profile of this beer.

Born in 1899, Sol Cerveza is a light-bodied Mexican adjunct-style lager. At 4.5% ABV, it drinks smooth with a crisp finish.

Pair it with seafood or spicy Mexican cuisine

Sol is also available in three other flavors. That includes Chelada, Chelada Limon y Sal, and Chelada Mango y Chamoy.

8. Carta Blanca

Brown Glass Bottle of Carta Blanca Beer

Carta Blanca is the second oldest Mexican beer on this list.

Produced by Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery, Carta Blanca has existed since 1890. 

It’s a 4.5% ABV American adjunct-style lager that’s smooth, light, and refreshing. 

Hints of corn and malt come through in the flavor. That’s backed by a delectable aroma.

It’s a great one to drink alongside an authentic Mexican meal.

9. Victoria

Cold Bottle of Victoria Beer Covered in Condensation

Victoria is a Vienna-style lager that’s been on the scene since 1865. 

Considering today’s market, let alone the history of beer, that’s some impressive staying power.

They brew Victoria with barley malt, non-malted cereals, water, and hops. It’s a 4% ABV beer that’s light to medium-bodied with an enticing amber color. 

As for the flavor, there are notes of star fruit and tangy apple butter. 

If that weren’t intriguing enough, it’s Mexico’s oldest lager. So it’s certainly one to try!

10. Indio

Can of Indio Beer Close Up Black Background

Indio is a Vienna-style lager also made by Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery. 

It is a 4.1% ABV amber-colored beer that’s medium-bodied.  

Unlike Mexican pilsners, it’s more malty and sweet.

Hints of toffee, caramel, and herbal hops come through on the palate. Whereas the aroma is bread-y and malty.

It’s delicious with spicy foods and grilled meat like carne asada. 

11. Bohemia

Beer Bottle of Bohemia Beer next to an Empty Beer Mug

Bohemia is another brand produced by Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma. It comes in four styles, including Pilsner, Weizen, and Obscura.

While all three have a time and place, the pilsner leads the line.

Brewed with Czech hops, Bohemia Pilsner has an herbal aroma and a more complex flavor.

Try it with salty and spicy foods. It is robust enough to cleanse the palate. Yet light enough not to overshadow your meal.

12. Montejo

Bottle and Can of Montejo Beer Sitting on Ice

Montejo is a Czech-style pilsner named after the Spaniard who conquered the Yucatan. 

While the name might sound aggressive, the flavor profile is anything but. Montejo is bright, smooth, and lower in alcohol at 4.5% ABV.

Like many Czech-style pilsners, there is a noticeable hop profile. Yet it is well-balanced with sweet corn and malty notes.

Unlike Corona or Pacifico, Monteo is relatively new in the USA. It made its American debut at Dodger Stadium in 2014. 

Here’s another fun fact. Montejo is the first Mexican beer that colossal brewing company Anheuser-Busch imported to the USA. 

13. Leon

Silver Can of Leon Beer

Part of the Grupo Modelo, Leon is another excellent Mexican-made beer to try. 

Leon is a 4.5% ABV Munich-style Dunkel. Light-bodied and smooth, it is sweet and a touch bitter. 

Take a sip, and you will notice it’s more malt-forward than your typical lager. 

This makes it a fine choice if you want something with a little more oomph. 

While it is not as complex as Negra Modelo, it is equally refreshing. 

13 Best Mexican Beers To Try (Most Popular)

Beat the summer heat with these Mexican beers! This list has the best, from iconic brands like Corona to exciting names like Leon. Just grab a cold one!


  • Corona Extra

  • Dos Equis

  • Pacifico

  • Modelo Especiale

  • Tecate

  • Estrella Jalisco

  • Sol Cerveza

  • Carta Blanca

  • Victoria

  • Indio

  • Bohemia

  • Montejo

  • Leon


  • Select your favorite Mexican Beer.
  • Or try a new one tonight!
Mexican Beers

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