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33 Popular Indian Street Foods Everyone Should Try

Five-star restaurants have nothing on these Indian street foods!

One of the best places to find Indian cuisine has always been the streets. Each vendor has a specialty totally worth trying.

Stuffed Semolina Balls Stuffed With Spicy Potatoes or Pani Puri
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Even if you can’t make a trip to India anywhere in the near future, you can still make these tasty recipes at home.

Everyone can experience the deliciousness that is Indian Street Food. Here are 33 favorites!

1. Aloo Tikki

When I think of street food, the first thing that comes to mind is fried.

And aloo tikki might be the king of salty, fried potato snacks! 

These tasty treats are like the hashbrowns you get from McDonalds. But they’re even better when you make them at home.

They’re so much more than a basic potato cake.

These are seasoned with traditional, bold Indian spices, and they’re stuffed. They’re filled with a spiced nut, veggie, and spice mix. 

Of course, each potato cake is also fried to golden perfection. How good does that sound?! 

2. Pani Puri

While we’re on the subject of fried things, let me introduce you to pani puri! 

These stuffed, fried yummies burst like fireworks of flavor in your mouth.

Each bite has a bit of sweet, spicy, spiced, and savory tastes. And that’s not even touching on the fabulous textures! 

Pani Puri features crunchy fried semolina balls, stuffed with a savory spiced potato mixture.

They’re also smothered in a spicy and sweet puri sauce that adds so much flavor!

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3. The Best Indian Punjabi Samosa

Of course, I can’t talk about fried things and forget about samosas.

Samosas are probably one of the most well-known foods on this list. Which makes sense because they’re delicious!

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with samosas, it’s time to get familiar with them, quickly!

And this recipe is a great starting place. It’s simple and completely amazing. 

It features a spiced mashed potato filling, onions, and garlic.

All of that goodness is stuffed into a simple, delicious dough. Together, it’s fried golden. 

The outsides are crusty, incredibly flaky, and delicious.

The insides are tantalizingly smooth and flavorful. You really just can’t go wrong!

4. Masala Soda

Masala is a spice blend made from many different spices.

Commonly, it includes a mix of cinnamon, mustard seeds, cardamom, clove, peppercorns, nutmeg, and coriander. 

Its flavors are warm, earthy, floral, and a bit spicy. And it makes a delicious soda!

This recipe includes chaat masala, ginger, mint, lime, sugar, cumin, salt, and pepper.

The soda might share coloring with the Grinch, but there’s nothing mean about it! Rather, it’s refreshing and delicious. 

Between the soda bubbles and the spices, every sip dances along your tongue. 

5. Masala Chai

There’s a common misconception among westerners that chai is a variety of tea.

And that’s because most of our chai beverages are called “chai tea.” 

But chai is the Hindi word for tea. And masala is the Hindi word for spice. 

So, most of our spiced “tea tea” lattes should simply be named spiced tea lattes.

And this delicious beverage is made with black tea with milk, sugar, and various spices. 

This is the kind of drink you want on a cold evening. It’s warm, comforting, and utterly tantalizing. 

6. Lassi

Lassis are probably one of my favorite Indian treats. They come in as many flavors as there are crayons in a box.

But my favorite is one of the most common flavors, mango

This recipe is for a delicious, creamy, sweet mango lassi. Like all lassis, it’s made with cool and tangy yogurt.

This one has tropical mango, floral honey, and a dash of cardamom. 

You can’t ask for a brighter, sweeter, and more refreshing drink. 

7. Aloo Chana Chaat

Street food is often considered more snacky, but this dish is definitely dinner. It’s protein-filled, hearty, and comforting. 

Aloo chana chaat is made with seasoned chickpeas and warm veggies.

It’s seasoned with multiple chutneys and bold spices. Every forkful is exciting! 

But not just because of the flavors, but the textures too. There are soft elements, creamy elements, and crunchy elements. 

8. Bhel Puri

If you’re a fan of chips and dip of any kind, you’ll love bhel puri. It’s not chips and dip exactly.

But you do use one crispy edible thing to eat another. 

And that sounds good to me! 

In this recipe, you use deep fried puris (they look like crackers) to eat bhel.

Bhel is a savory puffed rice dish, filled with veggies, spices, and chutneys. It’s crunchy, textural, and tasty!

9. Kolkata Street-Style Jhal Muri (Spicy Puffed Rice)

Not to be confused with bhel, here is muri!

It’s another absolutely delectable puffed rice dish. This one is spicy, with a mustardy twist. 

Jhal muri is loaded with veggies and flavor.

It’s unique and humble, and it might just change your life. Maybe not, but it is yummy!

10. Poha

The making of this recipe is simple, but the taste is far from it! Poha is another kind of rice dish, often served for breakfast. 

However, it will satisfy all of your cravings, so it counts as a treat, too! The flavors are out of this world.

You’ll notice mustard, peanuts, cumin, curry, chili, garlic, turmeric, ginger, and lemon. It’s fabulous. 

11. Mirchi Pakoda

If you’re the person that dreams of the next pepper-eating contest, you’ll love this!

Mirchi pakoda are fritters made from seasoned, batter-fried green chilis. 

They’re spicy, crunchy, and absolutely delicious! Oh, and they’re kind of addicting. 

12. Jini Dosa

Crispy, fried, buttery, savory, cheesy… you really can’t get much better than that.

These jini dosa are all that and more. If you want a perfect snack, look no further!

Dosa is a fermented, thin lentil pancake, sort of like a fermented crepe.

Jini dosa is made with strips of dosa that are stuffed, rolled, and fried. 

This recipe is filled with tomato sauce, Szechuan sauce, cabbage, onions, and mozzarella cheese.

They’re so crunchy, flavorful, and cheesy.

13. Paratha

What’s a street food list without some tasty bread?

Well, that list would be lacking and I can’t let that happen. So, meet paratha. 

Paratha is a type of flatbread that can be found all over India. Think of it like the love child of naan and a tortilla.

It’s not baked like naan, rather, it’s fried. 

And it looks kind of like a thick tortilla. Paratha is soft and flaky and seriously tasty!

14. Pav Bhaji

If you’re looking for the perfect lunch, you should check out pav bhaji.

Bhaji is basically a veggie curry, kind of a chili, and it’s delicious! It’s always served with a side of pav. 

Pav are delicious, butter-toasted Indian bread rolls. They’re perfect for dipping.

And the whole meal is ideal for a hearty, healthy lunch. 

15. Kathi Roll

Move aside burritos! Kathi rolls are in town. Kathi is an Indian-style wrap that I know you’ll love. 

Instead of tortillas, these tasty creations are made with roti wraps.

Roti are even more like Indian tortillas than parathas. If you love the chewiness you get in tortillas, you’ll love this.

These kathi are filled with seasoned potatoes, onions, peas, and peppers. They’re absolutely fantastic! 

16. Bombay Sandwich

A sandwich made with only veggies? Yes, and it’s delicious!

Each bite is loaded with mint cilantro chutney, fabulously fresh veggies, and loads of seasonings. 

It’s the freshest sandwich you’ll ever encounter. 

17. Seekh Kebabs

Seekh kebabs are spiced, meaty, juicy, and a meat lover’s dream.

When most people think of kebabs, they probably don’t imagine these guys. 

Seekh kebabs are kind of like an oblong meatball.

They’re grilled and served with coriander and mint yogurt. And they’re intensely flavorful. 

These are made with lamb, which already has a delicious strong taste.

But then you add the spices, and they’re even more mouthwatering.

18. Kanji Vada

This unique dish will take your tastebuds on a ride to flavor town.

Kanji vada is a soupy, dumpling-esque dish that you need to try!

It’s made with lentil fritters that swim in fermented mustard water.

This dish is super tangy and full of yumminess. It’s also extremely healthy.

19. Kulfi

Your sweet tooth will sing when you taste kulfi for the first time. It’s cool, creamy, and beautifully spiced.

You taste pistachio, cardamom, sugar, and cream. 

It’s light, delicate, and fragrant. If kulfi can beat the heat of Indian summers, you know it’s refreshing.

This might just become your new favorite way to cool off on a hot day. 

20. Pahadi Aloo Ke Gutke (Aloo Gutuk)

Say hello to the perfect side dish. Everything about this dish screams delicious.

It features soft potatoes with crispy edges that are seasoned with bold spices.

Honestly, it’s good enough to be a meal on its own, which is great news for our vegan friends!

21. Kachori

Deep fried bread? Say no more. 

Deep fried bread stuffed with seasoned lentils? Even better!

22. Daulat Ki Chaat

Indian cuisine is well-known for its subtly sweet desserts. And this dreamy creation is the perfect example.

It’s milky, creamy, and just the right amount of sweet. 

This recipe features whole milk, heavy cream, cream of tartar, saffron, and bura.

Bura is demerara sugar, but you can also use turbinado sugar or light brown sugar. 

Some chopped and ground pistachios add lovely color and texture! It’s absolutely delicious. 

Now, you need to start this recipe the day before you serve it. The milk mixture needs to chill overnight. 

23. Paan

Paan comes in all kinds, but this one is totally sweet and very refreshing.

This recipe is for sweet paan, and it’s the perfect after-dinner treat. 

Paan is made from betel leaves, a type of chewing leaf often consumed with tobacco.

There’s no tobacco in this recipe, however. So no worries about serving it to children. 

Instead, this recipe uses gulkand (a rose petal preserve/jam), desiccated coconut, and lime juice.

For freshness, add your favorite kind of mint. It also has tutti frutti candy and a cherry. 

It’s sweet, it’s fresh, and it’s perfect for fighting halitosis. 

24. Murukku 

Why are fried snacks so darn good? They’re just irresistible, and these delicious murukkus totally fit the bill. 

They’re buttery and unbelievably crispy. Just be careful, these things are highly addicting. 

Now, you will need a special extruder to make these traditionally.

I think you could probably substitute the murukku maker for any other extruder. A piping bag might work, too. 

25. Stir-Fry Silkworm

Don’t knock it until you try it! Although I will admit, this recipe is best suited for more adventurous eaters.

Because, yes, it’s made with real silkworms.

Don’t worry, they don’t taste particularly “buggy.” Rather, I think they taste like salty, fried air.

They’re very puffy and crunchy, and only the big guys have anything juicy going on. 

Simply clean them by rinsing them in warm water until the water runs clear.

Then, you want to scald them with boiling water. It helps reduce splattering when you get them into the oil. 

Then, dry them with paper towels. 

In a deep pan, heat enough oil to barely cover the silkworms. Let the oil get hot and then deep fry the little guys.

They’re done when they turn a pale brownish-yellow color. 

Remove them from the oil and season them with salt. You can also add your favorite seasonings, like cumin, garlic, or both!

26. Veg Momos

Momos are a type of Indian dumpling that hails from Nepal originally.

They actually look pretty similar to Chinese dumplings, just a bit rounder. 

These momos are filled with cabbage, carrots, and onions. They’re as healthy as they are delicious.

27. Jhal Muri

This spicy puffed rice dish is simply to die for!

It’s loaded with flavor and texture. You’ll love it. 

28. Ghungi

This Indian yellow pea curry is the definition of comfort food.

Every bite tastes like a walk through the spice market. It’s warm, fragrant, earthy, and wonderfully savory. 

29. Masala Akki Roti

If you remember the kathi rolls from earlier, you’ll remember reading about roti. Roti is a type of Indian flatbread.

Commonly, it’s reminiscent of a tortilla, but this recipe is a bit different. 

Akki roti is actually a rice flour flatbread that is seasoned with masala.

It also has carrots, dill, cilantro, curry leaves, chilis, cumin, coconut, and onion. 

Talk about delicious food! 

30. Mirchi Bajji

Because deep-fried peppers are so delicious, I simply had to add another recipe!

It doesn’t have any spices or anything fancy in the batter. 

The chilis speak for themselves. 

31. Thukpa (Vegetable Noodle Soup)

I know that some people think vegetarian food is boring rabbit food.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth if you do it right.

Take thukpa for example. It’s savory, spicy, and incredibly hearty. Nothing is boring about this recipe! 

Typically it features veggies like radishes, spring onions, spinach, and tomatoes.

But you can add any veggies you prefer, as it’s totally customizable.  

This recipe also features bold, warm, delicious spices, and hand-rolled noodles.

Every spoonful is fragrant and totally slurpable.

32. Instant Rava Paddu

Want a light yet filling, and healthy breakfast to start your day off right?

Well, look no further. Rava paddus are semolina, veggie-filled, pancake-muffin-type things and they’re delicious!

They’re made with semolina, yogurt, carrots, cilantro (coriander leaves), and plenty of spices.

You make a wet batter, like with pancakes. These are just incredibly savory.

Traditionally, this requires a special type of frying pan.

It’s kind of like an ebelskiver pan, so you can use that if you have one. 

If not, a frying pan will work, but the result won’t be as round.

33. Kathi Rolls

I know, a second recipe for kathi rolls seems to be a typo.

But I promise it’s not. Because like burritos and wraps, kathi rolls come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors!

This delicious wrap is made with yogurt-marinated chicken, veggies, eggs, and onion relish.

It’s like the perfect mix of a breakfast burrito and chicken shawarma. 

Remember the paratha from before? Well, this is the perfect way to use them.  

33 Popular Indian Street Foods Everyone Should Try

Get a taste of Indian with these popular Indian street foods! From aloo tikki to samosas to lassi, there are so many tasty delicacies to try.


  • Aloo Tikki

  • Pani Puri

  • The Best Indian Punjabi Samosa

  • Masala Soda

  • Masala Chai

  • Lassi

  • Aloo Chana Chaat

  • Bhel Puri

  • Kolkata Street-Style Jhal Muri (Spicy Puffed Rice)

  • Poha

  • Mirchi Pakoda

  • Jini Dosa

  • Paratha

  • Pav Bhaji

  • Kathi Roll

  • Bombay Sandwich

  • Seekh Kebabs

  • Kanji Vada

  • Kulfi

  • Pahadi Aloo Ke Gutke (Aloo Gutuk)

  • Kachori

  • Daulat Ki Chaat

  • Paan

  • Murukku

  • Stir-Fry Silkworm

  • Veg Momos

  • Jhal Muri

  • Ghungi

  • Masala Akki Roti


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep an Indian street food in 30 minutes or less!
Indian Street Foods

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