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20 Authentic Indian Bread Recipes to Try

I know you’ve tried naan and probably roti, but did you know there are so many more incredible Indian bread recipes out there?

I’ve got a soft spot for flatbreads in general because I’m a little bit impatient, and they’re so much faster to make than yeast-based doughs. 

Homemade Choti Rapati Flatbread
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And once you get the hang of it, you can use them for quick pizzas and wraps, too.

That said, I really enjoy a fresh batch of warm ladi pav. 

All of these would be the perfect side to one of these vibrant and tasty Indian recipes.

Best Homemade Indian Naan Bread and More!

1. Homemade Naan

Though they look similar, there are a few key differences between naan and pita.

Primarily, the use of yogurt and eggs in naan, making it a little fluffier and more tender. 

I suggest trying this recipe out as is until you get it perfect, then start to experiment.

Of course, you can never go wrong with garlic and sea salt!

If you need something quicker, try a no-yeast recipe instead.

They’ll only need about 10 minutes to rest once the dough is made, and then they’ll need just over 1 minute in the hot pan.

2. Bhatura Recipe

Bhatura is another type of fried bread, but it’s pretty different from naan.

For one thing, this dough is less bread-like, meaning it shouldn’t spring back when you roll it out. That makes it a little bit easier to shape.

The most significant difference is that this is deep-fried, making it puff up and turn golden. 

You don’t need to get out the deep fat fryer; just add a little extra oil in the pan, like you would with chicken tenders.

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3. Poori Recipe

Don’t worry; I haven’t gone mad! This isn’t the same recipe as the one above. 

Yes, they look alike, but again, there are a few things that set these two recipes apart. For starters, poori is a lot smaller than bhatura.

Also, this recipe uses whole wheat flour and requires no fermentation.

4. Aloo Paratha

Since ‘aloo’ means ‘potato’ in Hindi and ‘paratha’ is the word given to an ‘unleavened and stuffed flatbread,’ it’s easy to figure out what goes in this recipe.

You’ll make a lovely spiced mashed potato filling that gets sandwiched between two flat pieces of dough. Then, it’s fried just like naan.

That soft middle keeps these super tender, which I prefer. I’ve even used the leftovers to make paratha pizza!

5. Khasta Paratha/Parotta

I like to describe this as a sort of savory faux-puff pastry.

It’s a laminated dough that uses oil rather than butter, and it’s folded over quite a few times to achieve its signature flaky texture.

Like puff pastry or croissant dough, this needs to chill between turns (each time you brush over the oil and fold the pastry), so be sure to start early!

I like to use garlic butter for added flavor, and sometimes I add in scallions, too. I honestly prefer this to naan and think it’s worth every extra step.

6. Chapati

No matter how hard I try, I can never seem to get these to puff up quite like the picture in the instructions. 

Still, this recipe is so easy to make, and since there are no raising agents, it comes together in a matter of minutes. 

Be sure to sift the flour to help adds some air, and remember that you don’t want the stove on too high when cooking.

It needs enough heat to cook, but not so much that it burns.

7. Ladi Pav

These are, more or less, Indian dinner rolls. There’s no spice in the mix, which means you can eat them with curry or your Sunday roast. 

These babies need around 15 minutes of kneading (by hand) and then about an hour to rest.

From there, you’ll portion them out and leave them to rest again before baking. 

Don’t forget to brush them with milk before they hit the oven!

8. Kulcha Recipe

Kulcha is a little like paratha, but it includes maida flour and curd (or yogurt). That bit of dairy makes this dough more tender.

Plus, you’ll also use baking powder, making it thicker and fluffier once cooked. 

Once you see how easy these are, I’m sure you’ll want to play around with the recipe.

For example, sesame seeds work great here, and so does everything bagel seasoning. 

9. Mangalore Buns (Sweet Banana Buns)

Given my love for both bread and bananas, you know I had to make this recipe immediately!

When you see the ingredient list and instructions, you’ll see that these are very similar to poori, only they include mashed bananas. 

You can eat this as a simple snack or maybe try them with some Nutella. Or, they’ll also pair well with curry and help to cut down on the heat.

10. Pudina Paratha Recipe

If you tried the paratha recipe above and thought it needed something else, this mint version is for you!

Along with adding mint leaves to the dough, you’ll sprinkle ground spices over the oil, which then get laminated into the final flaky bread.

11. Bajra Roti Recipe

Roti is a thinner type of flatbread that doesn’t have leavening like naan. This bajra version is gluten-free and uses millet flour or bajra flour.

Luckily, it’s made in the same way. Just blend the ingredients, knead the dough, then proton, roll, and cook.

12. Masala Paratha

Remember the aloo paratha we talked about before? This is the same dough; only it’s made using lots of warm masala spices. 

Rather than adding the spice to the dough, you’ll roll it out and sprinkle the flavor in the middle.

Then, fold the dough and roll it out again to trap the taste inside. 

13. Kai Pathiri/ Orotti (Malabar Rice Pancakes)

Since this dough uses rice flour, it may turn out rubbery if you’re not careful. The reason is, rice flour is more absorbent.

With that in mind, only add the water a little at a time, and then don’t knead the dough. Instead, just bring it together, then gently press it into pancakes.

14. Lauki Ka Paratha (Bottle Gourd Flatbread)

Lauki or bottle gourd has quite a mild taste that’s similar to cucumber but is more firm. Although it can sometimes be bitter, so you’ll want to taste it first. 

If you can’t find lauki, you can use zucchini instead.

Either way, it needs to be grated, which will add a nice amount of moisture, which means these should last a good few days.

15. Gajar Ka Paratha Recipe (Carrot Paratha)

From zucchini to carrot, here’s another yummy and bright flatbread that will be welcome on any dinner table. 

Feel free to use more or fewer green chilies depending on how you like it, but don’t skimp on the ginger. It’s ideal with the sweeter carrots. 

16. Lachha Paratha Recipe

If the idea of brushing the dough and folding it over and over (and over!) seems like too much, you’ll have to try this short-cut version. 

Instead of turning, rolling, then chilling the dough, this version has you fold the round into pleats as you’d see on a dress or hand-held fan. 

It’s then rolled up to look like a cinnamon roll and flattened again. Though it’s not as flaky, it’s a close second. 

17. Makki ki Roti

Here’s another lovely light gluten-free Indian bread. Instead of millet flour, this version calls for corn flour. 

Though the makki atta (maize flour) should be easy enough to find, like corn tortillas, they’re easier to break than standard flour-based roti.

That just means you need to be careful when handling them. Hot water will help you there, and then it’s best to oil your hands before rolling the portions. 

18. Beetroot Poori

I think these are my favorite kind of fried Indian bread, and it’s all down to that color. 

It always elicits smiles and gasps when the platter comes out, and you can’t really taste the beetroot. So any haters shouldn’t have problems eating these.

If you want to boost that earthy taste, try roasting the beetroot before pureeing it. 

19. Ragi Roti Recipe

Ragi flour is finger millet powder, and again, it’s gluten-free. You’ll notice that it has a lovely pink hue, making the roti deep and dark. 

Between the diced onion, chopped chilis, and curry leaves, these have more texture than some of the others.

I like that added crunch and flavor, but skip this one if you don’t. 

When mixed, this will feel a lot like meatball mix. It will be sticky and soft and definitely won’t roll without oodles of oil. 

It’s cooked in a hot pan after being pressed into an oiled banana leaf. 

20. Spinach Puri (Palak Puri)

Not a fan of beetroot? How about these bright green spinach puri instead? 

It’s loaded with goodness and doesn’t add too much flavor. So, it’s ideal for eating with eggs for breakfast or curry for dinner. 

If you choose to use frozen spinach, make sure to thaw and drain it thoroughly. If you don’t, the puri will be soggy and sad. 

20 Authentic Indian Breads to Try

You won’t be able to get enough of these Indian bread recipes! From naan to poori to paratha, bringing a taste of India into your home couldn’t be easier.


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Indian Bread Recipes

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