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17 Indian Pork Recipes (+ Authentic Dishes)

These absolutely delicious Indian pork recipes embody those characteristics perfectly. 

Indian cuisine is known for fragrant spices, bold flavors, and just a little heat.

Indian Pork Curry with Rice and Naan Bread
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Instead of a diet that’s heavy in beef or other meats, Indian cuisine has perfected pork. All of these dishes are so succulent, too.

From curries to vindaloo to saag, I can’t get enough of these rich, flavorful meals. 

Bring some boldness to your table with these 17 drool-worthy Indian pork recipes. 

1. Pork Curry Recipe (Keralan Pandi)

This delicious Keralan pandi is the perfect weeknight meal.

It’s fast, easy, healthy, cozy, and customizable! It tastes amazing freshly made, but it makes even better leftovers. 

You’ll get a fabulous mix of sweet, spicy, and savory in every forkful.

But don’t worry, the spice levels are adjustable to your tastes. 

The end result is a creamy, spicy, well-flavored sauce, juicy pork, and tender green beans. It’s mouthwatering. 

Serve this over your favorite rice. Basmati is the best. Just trust me! 

2. Indian Pork Curry

It’s amazing how small changes make large differences, both in life and in cooking.

This pork curry is the perfect example. 

You’ll notice many similar ingredients in this dish as the last one.

Things like turmeric, red chilis, coriander, fennel, and coconut, to name a few.

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This version features garam masala and cinnamon.

Garam masala is a spice blend featuring many of the spices already in the dish. So, it makes the flavors so wonderfully potent.

The cinnamon adds a spicy sweetness and warmth that is truly divine. 

This curry is also a bit more stew-like. So, it’s perfect to have on a cold night. Serve it with warm naan and a drizzle of yogurt. 

3. The Best Ever Mangalorean Pork Curry

And here’s another delicious curry you have to try! This one is a bit spicier than the previous two.

It features multiple chilis, whole peppercorns, vinegar, and mustard seeds. 

It’s spicy, acidic, and delicious. 

My sensitive-palate friends, are you feeling brave enough to try to beat the spice?

Then, you’ll want to have some yogurt on hand just in case.

But if you’re a heat-seeking spice-lover, then this will be a walk in the park. 

4. Pork Vindaloo

If you’ve never had vindaloo, then you’ve missed out. This western Indian, tomato-based curry is so tasty!

And like all good Indian food, it has just a bit of heat.

It’s easy to make, though it takes a little bit of time.

However, every second is worth it. The meat is succulent, flavorful, and fabulous. 

5. Grilled Indian Pork Cutlets

Want an easy weeknight meal that your family will love?

These grilled Indian pork cutlets are it! In fact, I guarantee your family will rave about them for days. 

Seasoned in a mixture of Indian spices and cooling yogurt, the meat is fantastic.

It’s flavorful, juicy, and honestly, kind of addicting. 

Serve it with the recommended cilantro and mint sauce for the perfect bite.

6. Goan Pork Sorpotel Curry

Looking for a new holiday tradition? Well, give this traditional Goan Christmas dish a try. 

Now, it’s more of a traditional curry, than sorpotel. But that probably won’t bother you.

Traditional sorpotel is made with less-than-desirable animal products. 

However, this dish stays true to sorpotel’s rich, gravy-like texture and slightly sour flavors.

Honestly, it’s kind of like the Indian version of a Tex-Mex chili. 

7. Spicy East Indian Pork Tamriad

If vindaloo and sorpotel are regularly on your menu, you’ll love tamriad. It’s a cross between the two!

This tamriad is thick, saucy, and absolutely delectable. 

Just beware, this recipe is S-P-I-C-Y. The sauce is made with multiple chiles and plenty of other sharp aromatics, like ginger.

And garlic, onion, cumin, and clove play a role, too. 

But if you can handle the heat, you’ll want this dish simmering in your kitchen. 

8. Coorgi Pandi Curry (Coorg-Style Spicy Pork)

I know there are a lot of tomato-based curries on this list. So, let me introduce you to this Coorgi Pandi curry.

It’s a special curry made in the Coorg region of India. 

It’s special for a few reasons. It uses green chilies instead of red ones and two Coorg specialty ingredients.

The first is Kachampuli, a Coorg vinegar and Coorg black masala.

This dish is rich and incredibly flavorful, with an almost sweet and sour flavor. 

9. Kerala Pork Fry

There’s something so wonderfully tasty about stir-fried meat.

And this Kerala pork dish is definitely delicious. It’s loaded with spices, and the meat is tender, but it’s also a little crispy. 

Every bite is a showcase of flavor and texture. It’s fabulous!

10. Pork Masala Fry

Fried pork is very common in India around Christmas.

This delicious Masala pork is beautifully spiced and seasoned. Don’t worry, it’s not too hot. 

It also has a beautiful red color. If you’re feeling in the holiday spirit, mix this red dish with the green one above! 

11. Pork Momos

What do Lay’s potato chips and these pork momos have in common? You can’t have just one!

Momos are Indian dumplings. Actually, they come from the Nepalese tradition.], but they’ve migrated south.

And thank goodness because I can include them on this list! 

Pork momos are simple to make, though a bit time-consuming.

That’s because you have to fill each little piece of dumpling dough with pork filling. But it’s worth the effort! 

The flavors of lime, cilantro, pork, ginger, garlic, onion, and soy sauce permeate every bite. YUM!

12. Pepper Pork

Fatty pork, chilis, garlic, sauteed onions, and loads of seasonings, what could be better? Not much in my opinion. 

This dish might be simple, but its flavors are mighty! 

13. Indian Spiced Roast Pork with Yellow Curry Cucumber Raita

If you’re new to Indian cuisine, this is the perfect dish to start with.

It’s fresh and flavorful, and one of my favorite recipes on this list. 

This amazing roast is spiced, but not spicy.

So don’t worry, it will not burn your tongue or your tummy! But it will make your mouth water. 

The pork is well-seasoned with traditional Indian seasonings, like cumin, garlic, curry, and garam masala.

It’s served along with a light, creamy, and curry-spiced cucumber salad. 

Talk about delicious! 

14. Indian Pork Curry with Raisins

This flavorful curry is hot, hot, HOT! But fear not, it’s perfectly balanced, and you’ll love it. 

There’s definitely some spice in this dish, thanks to red-hot chili peppers. 

But coconut milk and raisins add a cooling sweetness to neutralize the heat.

(Not completely, of course. But enough to be gentler on the westerner’s palate.) 

15. Assamese-Style Pork Curry

Thick and comforting, this pork curry will be your winter go-to.

Maybe it’s the bold spices that warm you from the inside out. But it might be the tender chunks of meat and potatoes. 

Whatever it is, it’s fabulous.

16. Indian-Style Pulled Pork

No American potluck is complete without pulled meat on a bun.

It’s tender, juicy, and absolutely delectable. This Indian version is even better!

Like classic barbecue, this dish is meaty, sweet, and saucy, with a mild kick. Every bite is garlicky and filled with traditional Indian spices. 

Ghee adds a buttery richness, while honey adds a delicious sweetness. It’s a total umami bomb!

Obviously, you can serve this on a bun a la traditional barbecue sandwiches.

However, I like it on naan, with a bit of cheese (non-traditional) and yogurt. 

17. Pork and Spinach Saag

This pork and spinach saag is not your average curry.

Well, technically, it is because it is a traditional type of curry. But it’s above-average delicious!

So, saag is a type of leafy green dish. In this recipe, the saag is made with spinach. And in this recipe, it’s turned into a curry. 

It’s a delectable, creamy, meaty curry that is simply mouthwatering.

This dish is kind of like an Indian stew. So, it’s perfect for days when you need a bit of heartiness. 

P.S. This recipe is for the Instant Pot, so it’s super easy to make!

17 Authentic Indian Pork Recipe Collection

These Indian pork recipes are hearty, filling, and delicious! From curry to vindaloo to pulled pork, these authentic dishes are just too good.


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Indian Pork Recipes

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