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15 Best Indian Recipes with Garam Masala

If you’re looking for a flavorful meal to spice up a dreary week, try one of these easy and scrumptious Indian recipes with garam masala

They’re bright, fresh, packed with goodness, and aromatic to the max! 

Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice and Bread
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Garam masala is a widely used spice in Indian cuisine.

While blends can vary, it usually consists of cloves, cumin, coriander, cardamom, and black pepper. 

So, it’s very warm and spicy, but not in a burn-your-mouth sort of way. Although, you can certainly make these dishes fiery hot!

Either way, you’ll love these Indian recipes with garam masala.

15 Flavorful Indian Recipes Using Garam Masala

1. Garam Masala Chicken Curry

Spruce up your chicken dinner with this garam masala curry. 

Boneless chicken thighs smothered in a creamy coconut curry sauce sounds delish, right?

But when you add garam masala, turmeric, ginger (and more) to the mix, it’s downright irresistible. 

If you love heating things up with cayenne, kick up the spice level with just a pinch.

2. Slow Cooker Indian Butter Chicken

Want to try making Indian food at home but not sure where to start? Go with a slow cooker curry like this butter chicken. 

Butter chicken is a popular Indian dish you can easily with minimal work. 

Just turn on the slow cooker, add the chicken with some aromatics, then dump in chicken stock along with a blend of spices.

It will need to cook for a few hours, so time your rice accordingly. 

3. Tawa Paneer

Paneer is a soft Indian cheese you can prepare in a variety of ways. I like this one because of its deep, tangy flavor.

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When making the garam masala spiced tomato gravy, you’ll need to build your flavors. 

That entails frying the spices, onions, and chili peppers before adding the tomato puree. 

Do that, and you’ll not only have an aromatic dish but also a complex one full of flavor. 

4. Grilled Tandoori Chicken

Have I ever mentioned how much I love tandoori chicken? It’s an exquisite way to change up your grilled chicken game. 

The chicken soaks in a bath of lemon, Greek yogurt, garam masala, and more. Then it gets tossed on the grill until it has a nice char. 

Seriously, it’s too good to miss.

So, give it a try the next time you have a few pals over for a cookout. Everyone will rave about it!

5. Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka masala is another classic Indian dish that lets the garam masala shine. It’s also one you can whip in 30 minutes. 

You’ll smother juicy chunks of chicken in a rich, creamy tomato sauce. It’s got an outstanding spice profile that’s warm but not spicy.

Serve it with white rice or naan to soak up every last drop.

6. Aloo Gobi – Potatoes & Cauliflower

This aloo gobi recipe is proof that plant-powered dishes can offer up a world of flavor. 

There’s no meat or dairy, but it’s full of tender potatoes and cauliflower in a glowing blend of spices.

I’m talking garam masala, mango powder, red chili, turmeric, and more. 

It’s excellent as a main course but makes for a killer side dish, too. 

7. Indian Red Lentil Dahl

The first time I had this dish, I was blown away.

The humble lentil sucks in a crazy amount of flavor, and it’s a hearty ingredient that’ll keep you full, too.

This dish is tomatoey, creamy, and garlicky. Plus, the warming spices in garam masala guarantee it’s spicy but not fiery.

I like to top mine with a dollop of Greek yogurt, a squeeze of lime, and a pinch of cilantro. Yum!

8. Keema

Keema is a type of Indian minced meat dish. You can make it with different types of meat, but this one uses lamb.

There are a lot of spices that go into this dish, but it wouldn’t be the same without garam masala.

It’s got that oomph to complement the meat and make it more savory. 

For serving, I recommend piling it onto paratha, a delicious flatbread. 

9. Matar Paneer

If you’re looking for a warming vegetarian dish, try matar paneer

Thick cubes of soft cheese and green peas swimming in a creamy tomato gravy spiced with garam masala, turmeric, coriander, and red chili. 

Sounds pretty incredible, don’t you think?

For a vegan version, swap out paneer with tofu and use full-fat coconut milk instead of heavy cream.

It will certainly change things a bit, but it’s equally great.

10. Easy Palak Paneer

While I have paneer on my mind, I’ve got to tell you about palak paneer. 

Unlike the other paneer dishes, palak calls for a garam masala and spinach paste. So it’s fresh, fragrant, and not as heavy as some of the other dishes. 

Also, the recipe doesn’t call for any unusual spices. That means you don’t have to worry about hunting down all the ingredients. 

11. Healthy Garam Masala Popcorn 

Next movie night, bust out this garam masala popcorn!

It’s action-packed with flavor and probably one of my all-time favorite Indian snacks!

Making popcorn on the stovetop takes almost no time at all. And it’s a terrific way to add herbs and spices.

One trick to testing whether the oil is hot enough is to toss a couple of kernels in. Once they pop, pour in the rest.

Speaking of cooking oil, you can coat the popcorn with melted butter, ghee, coconut oil, or olive oil. Then toss it in garam masala. 

You may want to portion it out into individual bowls. That way, everyone gets a decent portion.

12. Butter Chicken Meatballs

Looking to try a new meatball recipe? These butter chicken meatballs are a great place to start. 

You’ll need some ground chicken, curry powder, and eggs, along with breadcrumbs for binding. 

Once those are in the oven, you can tackle the savory sauce. It’s got just the right amount of garam masala and heat to complement the meatballs.

Serve them in a naan with Greek yogurt, red onion, and a bit of chutney. Delish!

13. Chana Masala

When cold weather strikes, all I want to do is throw on a big sweater and cozy up with a bowl of this vegan chana masala

Chana refers to chickpeas, and this bowl is full of them! 

It’s also brimming with a melody of flavors, including ginger, garlic, fresh green chilies, tomatoes, and a hint of coconut sugar. 

Of course, all that wouldn’t be the same without a good pinch of garam masala. 

Warming, comforting, and packed with protein, this is one garam masala recipe you’ll want to bookmark for winter.

14. Rajma Masala

Do you have a can of kidney beans lying around? Here’s a fun way to use it.

If you couldn’t tell by now, masala is a term for an Indian dish featuring an array of spices. 

Garam masala is one of the favorites, adding a warming component. Meaning it’s perfect for a cold day!

But that’s not the only thing going on in this bowl. It’s also got a gorgeous red hue from the Kashmiri red chili.

Don’t worry, it’s more for color than heat. 

Add all the other spices into the tomato base, and you have the most delicious kidney bean curry.

15. Roasted Potatoes with East Indian Spices

Ideal for weeknight dinners or holiday tables, these roasted potatoes will be your new favorite side dish. 

Dare I say, it may even become your new favorite main course! 

Toss the potatoes in olive oil, then coat them in spices. Garam masala will give them a ton of depth, while turmeric gives them a sweet, peppery kick. 

Although it’s optional, I highly recommend the cilantro and lime garnish. It completes the dish beautifully!

15 Best Indian Garam Masala Recipe Collection

If you’re looking for a flavorful meal to spice up a dreary week, try one of these easy and scrumptious Indian recipes with garam masala. 


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