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30 Easy Keto Indian Food Recipes That Go Beyond Curry

Eating low-carb, delicious meals has never been easier than with these keto Indian food recipes. They’re healthy, filling, and super easy to make at home.

Between the creamy curries and crispy sides, you’ll never feel hangry again.

Homemade Butter Chicken with Rice
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And the best part is, these recipes are loaded with protein – but it’s not all about chicken and beef on this list. Instead, I’ve found some truly scrumptious vegetarian keto dishes you just have to try! 

So when hunger strikes, indulge in these spicy, savory keto Indian food recipes.

1. Keto Butter Chicken

There is a bounty of amazing Indian chicken recipes to choose from. However, butter chicken is a classic everyone has to try at least once. 

And guess what? You can because it’s totally keto!

The velvety cream sauce is a top-notch pairing for lush chicken breast. If you like your plates super spicy, add some fresh jalapeños on top.

2. Keto Chicken Curry

Another chicken dish you can’t go wrong with is this curry. It’s full of protein, fats, and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

The spiciness is toned down in comparison to other Indian dishes. But if you still find it’s too spicy, leave out the green chili or go heavier on the cream.

3. Keto Upma

Low-carb breakfasts that don’t have eggs can be hard to come by, making this tasty keto Upma a phenomenal find.

You’ll rice cauliflower and season it with a simple blend of spices. Also, toss in some peanuts for extra crunch. 

This keto breakfast is vegetarian-friendly, but you could easily make it vegan by using oil instead of ghee. 

4. Vegetarian Keto Tikka Masala

Graham masala and aromatics are the keys to getting this veggie masala just right. 

That’s why it’s important to slowly saute the onions, garlic, and ginger until fragrant. The same thing goes for the spices.

While this dish features cauliflower, you can add in other vegetables you like, such as carrots, peas, or bell peppers.

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5. Low-Carb Indian Samosas

I am a fool for samosas, which aren’t exactly known to be low-carb. However, these samosas are. 

They use almond flour for the dough and cauliflower for the filling. And while they certainly aren’t traditional, I think they’re just as delicious as the real thing. 

These also make a great, light keto lunch recipe. Use some leftover sauce from one of the curries, or make a quick dip with Greek yogurt and warm spices.

6. Keto Pav Bhaji

Indian street food is where the real gems lie. Take pav bhaji for instance. This comforting meal features mashed veggies in an Indian-style gravy. 

Although it’s traditionally eaten with rolls, you can serve this with riced cauliflower or keto-friendly bread.

7. Keto Chicken Biryani

Biryani is a popular Indian rice dish. While there are several variations, they all involve a blend of spices and herbs that develop complex flavors.

For this keto-friendly version, you’ll use riced cauliflower paired with juicy chicken that takes on a luscious flavor, thanks to a handful of spices and ghee.

8. Keto Chicken Tikka Masala

If you want to add a bit more sustenance to your tikka masala, go with this recipe. 

This meal only takes 25-minutes to cook and it’s totally irresistible. The best part, though, is the tangy, creamy, perfectly seasoned sauce. 

9. Keto Paneer Makhanwala

Speaking of irresistible, who can say no to cubes of cheese cooked in a fragrant tomato sauce? Certainly not me!

You’ll want to start by making the sauce, then add the paneer so it can simmer.

10. Saag Paneer

Now that my mind is on paneer, let’s talk about this scrumptious Indian dish.

Saag paneer is an Indian favorite that’s already low-carb – without the naan, of course. 

It’s different from the paneer dish above because it features greens instead of tomato sauce. This makes it a great choice if you need to eat more greens, but also want more cheese. 

11. Keto Prawn Curry

Treat yourself to a delectable dinner with this 20-minute keto shrimp recipe. I know it technically says prawn in the title, but if you prefer shrimp to prawns, those work just as well.

Either way, try to find medium-sized prawns or shrimp so they’ll cook perfectly in the spiced coconut cream sauce. 

12. Coconut Curry Chicken

This coconut curry is always filling and you can have it on the dinner table in 30-minutes. Better still, it’s got fewer than 10 net carbs and is high in protein.

To get the right texture, be sure you’re using coconut cream and not coconut milk. The higher the fat content, the creamier the dish.

13. Curry Roasted Cauliflower

You can eat curry roasted cauliflower as a side or gorge on it as an entree. It’s that good!

Unlike some other Indian dishes, this one has a compact spice list. It’s also got a squeeze of lemon for a bright twist. 

As for a pairing, this would make a terrific side to the Indian spiced flank steak we’ll talk about below.

14. Tofu Tikka Masala

If you’re tired of chicken, but veggies aren’t enough, try tofu in your tikka masala. The tofu gives this dish substance while melding perfectly with the sauce. 

I’m also a big fan of the medley of veggies this recipe uses. It’s got mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and even fresh spinach, packing it full of nutrients.

Plus, it’s dairy-free so even vegans on the keto diet can indulge.

15. Keto Tandoori Chicken

My love for tandoori chicken goes back to my childhood. The combination of the pungent spice blend and Greek yogurt is out of this world. 

Now that I’m all grown up, this is how I like to make it.

Pay careful attention to the spices and be sure to let the chicken sit in the marinade for a good few hours. That’s how to guarantee the maximum amount of flavor. 

16. Keto Chicken Korma

What sets this chicken korma apart from other Indian dishes is the almond butter. It gives this such a light nutty flavor that even the kids will love it.

That said, I bet peanut butter and cashew butter will work great too. 

You also have the option of using Greek or coconut yogurt for this. I usually go for coconut as I prefer the more mild flavor, but either way, remember that it needs to be plain.

17. Indian Spiced Flank Steak

Don’t worry red meat lovers, I thought about you too! After all, the keto diet is very meat-friendly, which makes this delectable flank steak one of the best of the bunch.

A slab of flank steak gets massaged in a potent spice rub, then grilled to perfection. Once it’s cooked, spoon on the fresh cilantro and pistachio pesto. 

This dish is so impressive, I like to serve it up for special occasions and feasts with friends. 

18. Khoto Kheema

Kheema is a type of minced meat dish that often has some variation of spice and tomato.

This version calls for mutton or lamb, but I think you could also try it with ground beef.

Regardless of the meat, the sauce is on point. Heavy whipping cream and cheddar cheese meld magically with tomatoes and garam masala. 

I like to serve this with some keto naan, but cauliflower rice works too. Or if you want something lighter, try a simple keto salad instead.

19. Keto Red Curry Shrimp

Can’t decide between Thai curry or Indian? While not have both? 

You’ll use coconut milk for the base, and saute garlic and onions in ghee. Then use both garam masala and red curry for a cultural fusion that will blow you away. 

Aside from the sauce, I love this curry with shrimp. However, it pairs well with chicken and tofu too.

20. Keto Lamb Curry

There is no shortage of curry when it comes to Indian food. This one, however, I save for special occasions.

The lamb is extra flavorful thanks to the garlicky ginger marinade. 

Kashmiri chili is also a key ingredient. It’s not very spicy but does add a fiery red color. 

This curry is by no means quick, so keep that in mind. To speed up the process, you can marinate the lamb overnight.

21. Instant Pot Chicken Curry

Skip the expensive takeout and let the Instant Pot do all the work with this yummy curry. 

Most of the incredible flavor comes from the spice blend that includes garam masala, curry, garlic, ginger, and cinnamon. If you want this dish hotter, add in some chili pepper too.

Aside from keto, it’s also paleo, gluten-free, and Whole30-approved.

22. Keto Salmon Coconut Curry

I love salmon so much, but I’m always torn on how to make it. I find this dish is best for a low-carb meal that’s filling and authentic.

The salmon gets a flavor boost from coconut aminos and fish sauce. While this may sound more Thai, the spice mixture is what gives it an Indian twist. 

This 30-minute meal will stay good in the fridge for a couple of days. You could also make a big batch and freeze some for later.

23. Low-Carb Tandoori Chicken Kebabs

These kebabs are one of my favorite keto chicken recipes. They’re terrific for barbecues, outdoor gatherings, camping, and more.

The chicken is marinated in a delightful tandoori mixture. It does call for saffron, which is expensive and harder to find, so you can use turmeric, safflower, or marigold as a substitute.

When it comes time for grilling, build your skewers by alternating chicken, zucchini, and red onion. 

These kabobs are so good, you won’t even think about them being keto!

24. Keto Naan Bread

The one Indian food I’d miss the most by going keto is naan. How can you really enjoy all these rich dishes without soaking up the leftover sauces with some pillowy bread?

That’s why I like to make a large batch of this keto-friendly naan and store it in the freezer. Then when I want Indian food, all I have to do is warm it up.

To make this, you’ll want quality almond flour along with some eggs, Greek yogurt, and mozzarella cheese. I like mine with garlic so I add that in too.

Oh, and if you want these fluffy delights to be even richer, use ghee instead of butter.

25. Indian Roasted Vegetables

Another Indian dish that’s good as a side or a meal is this roasted veggie recipe. 

Between the spice and the tomato puree, these vegetables are anything but boring. And they’re so easy to keep keto-friendly, too. 

Simply spruce up cauliflower, mushrooms, and green beans with a homemade masala spice blend. After roasting, toss them with tomato puree. 

It’s easy, low-calorie, and only takes 30-minutes!

26. Cabbage Rice

If you’re tired of pairing your Indian dishes with cauliflower rice, try cabbage rice instead. You can pull this six-ingredient recipe together in about 20 minutes. 

It’s not as hearty as cauliflower rice, so I wouldn’t pair it with super saucy dishes. However, it goes great with Indian roasted veggies and tandoori chicken.

For ricing the cabbage, I recommend using a food processor. It’s much simpler than trying to grate it by hand. 

27. Crispy Low-Carb Indian Flatbread

This is another fabulous keto flatbread to pair with these Indian dishes. 

Unlike the other recipe, this flatbread consists of coconut flour, beef gelatin, and psyllium husk. 

If you want to keep it vegetarian-friendly, swap out the beef gelatin for agar-agar or arrowroot. 

28. Keto Curry Soup

Want a quick, cozy bowl of spiced goodness? Try my go-to curry-infused keto soup

The yellow curry spice is well-balanced with full-fat coconut milk, and the ghee also makes it even richer. 

Add in some meat or tofu for extra protein, or keep it simple with some keto flatbread. 

29. Creamy Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower Soup

This creamy soup is a winter dream. I find it to be as rich and creamy as potato soup, except cauliflower keeps it low-carb.

I also love that it has a good amount of turmeric which is an anti-inflammatory that can help your immune system during the cold months.  

Plus, it gives the soup a gorgeous golden hue.

30. Masala Baked Indian Eggs

While Indian food consists of a lot of excellent curries, they also know how to cook up a mean breakfast. 

This 15-minute dish features eggs baked in a spicy tomato sauce. It’s kind of like shakshuka except it’s more heavy on the spice.

30 Easy Keto Indian Foods That Go Beyond Curry

Eating low-carb, delicious meals has never been easier than with these keto Indian food recipes. They’re healthy, filling, and super easy to make at home.


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Keto Indian Food Recipes

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