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30 Best Keto Breakfast Recipes

If you’re on the keto diet bandwagon, you’ll love these tasty keto breakfast recipes!

All low-carb and all delicious, these easy breakfasts will give you the stamina you need for the day ahead.

And from bacon egg muffins to “breakfast fat bombs” there are so many to choose from!

Egg Muffins with Bacon, Spinach and Cheese
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Try a bacon bake, or get your day started with a bubbly sausage and cheese casserole.

Or maybe you want something meat-free? I have you covered there, too!

Trust me, all of these keto breakfast recipes are winners. The hardest part is figuring out which to make first.

1. Strawberry Avocado Smoothie

If you’re one of those people who hates eating breakfast, drink it instead!

This thick and creamy smoothie is the ideal morning milkshake for anyone in a rush to get up and out. 

Made with fresh strawberries, avocado, and almond milk, it’s sweet and satisfying.

2. Keto Pancakes

There’s a myth that you can’t eat baked goods on keto. Time to put that one to bed right now.

These keto pancakes show you how it’s done. Made with almond flour, they’re just as light and fluffy as the conventional kind. 

Load them up with bacon and eggs for a big brunch or just fry up a stack, eat, and go!

3. Bacon Egg Muffins

Savory muffins are a great on-the-go breakfast, especially when they’re low-carb and stuffed with eggs, onion, and bacon.

Whip them up the weekend before, and all you’ll need to do on busy weekdays is pull one from the fridge and heat it up.

This recipe makes sticking to keto both easy and enjoyable.

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4. Keto Chaffle Breakfast Sandwich

Chaffle is a keto twist on waffles.

You’ll mix egg and shredded cheese together and pour the batter into a waffle maker to make crispy sheets of yum.

Then it’s up to you! Pile those chaffles with sausage and bacon.

Load them up with scrambled eggs and avocado. This is a delicious DIY low-carb breakfast sandwich. 

5. Keto Oatmeal

Keto doesn’t mean giving up your favorite breakfast foods.

Porridge-lovers can still get their fix with this inventive recipe that swaps out oats for healthy seeds.

One comforting bowl is just 4g of carbs, but a whole load of satisfying taste. 

6. Keto Hash

Woke up grumpy? This skillet hash will put a smile on your face and spring in your step.

With crispy pan-fried veggies and over-easy eggs, it’s full of healthy fare. And there are no potatoes in sight.

Turnips make a great keto alternative, giving you the taste and texture of root veg without the carbs.

7. Keto Blueberry Muffins

High in protein and low in sugar, these muffins are full of healthy goodness.

They’re made with almond flour, making them gluten-free as well as keto. They’re also very versatile.

You can use pretty much any berries in place of blueberries. Add in nuts or spices like cinnamon to customize to taste.

Grab one as you rush out the door or, if you have time, toast and coat with butter.

8. Keto Hard Boiled Egg Breakfast Bites

If someone served me these quirky breakfast bites, I’d laugh and then clear my plate.

They’re a work of genius. Simply hard boil some eggs, slice them in two, and stuff bacon and cheese in the middle. 

If these tiny, adorable, breakfast sandwiches don’t put you in a good mood, nothing will.

9. Keto Breakfast Fat Bombs

If you’re doing keto, you know that some fat is good. 

Healthy fats are a readily available source of energy.

They’ll keep you full until lunch and ensure you don’t reach for a mid-morning snack.

The fat here comes from cheese, eggs, and bacon, which are the cornerstones of an amazing breakfast.

Cooked egg is blended with cream cheese and rolled into balls. The bites are then rolled in crispy bacon bits and chilled.

They’re crispy on the outside, soft and creamy inside. Fat never tasted so good!

10. Keto Scrambled Eggs with Avocado and Bacon

Who doesn’t love scrambled eggs? They’re really easy, cook quickly, and taste amazing.

Combine them with salty, crunchy bacon and creamy avocado to make this hearty, mouth-watering, breakfast plate.

11. Baked Avocado Egg Boats

Scoop out avocado seeds and you’re left with a little pocket that is just begging to be filled by yummy ingredients.

Here, egg is baked right into an avocado and sprinkled with cheese.

It only takes 7 minutes, but it’ll give you that happy belly feeling all day long.

12. Keto Avocado Toast

Heart-healthy avocado is a great way to start the day. 

The fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) is loaded with potassium, folate, and vitamin K.

It’s also high in creamy, yummy, fats. Eat one for breakfast and you’ll be fueled until lunch.

Enjoy avocado four different ways with this avocado toast recipe that (spoiler alert!) uses cheese in place of bread.

13. Cauliflower Bacon Breakfast Bake

Cauliflower provides bulk, without carbs, in this comforting casserole.

Perfect for cold, grey, drizzly mornings, there’s a touch of spice in there for an extra kick.

If there’s an early riser in your house, get them to pop this in the oven, and you’ll wake up to the smell of savory, spicy deliciousness.

14. Keto Spinach Frittata

Spinach, eggs, sausage, and bacon come together in this fresh and filling frittata.

If you can, throw some chorizo in there for extra flavor.

It’s ideal for a lazy weekend brunch, especially if you’re expecting guests. (Friends don’t let friends eat boring breakfasts.)

15. Keto Sausage, Cheese and Egg Breakfast Casserole

The beauty of casseroles is that you can make them ahead on the weekends, and have breakfast wrapped up for the week.

Only six ingredients stand between you and this gluten-free, low-carb, breakfast bake.

It’s kind of like a quiche, a bit like a frittata, and all types of yum.

16. Keto Peanut Butter Smoothie

This easy smoothie is just the thing on slow mornings when you can’t keep your eyes open long enough to turn on the stove.

Nutty, creamy, and thick, it’s packed with protein and fats to get you going.

One glass is just 4.7 grams of carbs, keeping things keto-friendly. 

Just be sure to read your labels. Lots of peanut butters contain vegetable oils and/or sweeteners that are not considered keto.

17. Keto Parfaits

If you have a friend who wants to go keto but is still unsure, give them this recipe.

Who doesn’t love a diet that lets you eat cheesecake for breakfast?

You won’t need to turn on the oven either. These are no-bake cakes made from cream cheese, keto cookies, and fresh berries.

Eat them for breakfast, but save a bit for later in the day when you can eat them again for dessert.

18. Spinach, Mushroom and Cheese Breakfast Casserole

This is one for the vegetarians or anyone who wants a cheesy, melty, bubbly breakfast (i.e humanity in general).

Like all good breakfast bakes, it starts with a base of fluffy eggs.

Then things get interesting as the eggs are joined by fresh spinach, earthy mushrooms, and sharp cheddar.

You can make individual portions by baking it in muffin cups and adding a few chilies to really power up your day.

19. Keto Breakfast Salads

I can almost see you shaking your head over the idea of salad for breakfast, but bear with me.

This is the recipe that will get you thinking about your morning meal in a new way. It has everything but the carbs – proteins, fats, and healthy greens.

The wonderful thing about salads is their versatility.

This recipe walks you through all the different ways you can mix up the dish.

It’s basically breakfast salad 101 for the unconverted.

20. Keto Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a hearty dish made from eggs poached in a spicy, tangy, tomato sauce.

A staple breakfast in North Africa, it’s a warming one-skillet meal that hits the spot.  

21. Keto Waffles

With only 2g of carbs per waffle, this is one keto recipe you’ll want to make again and again.

Made with almond flour, these tasty waffles are crispy on the outside but perfectly light and fluffy on the inside.

Top them with your favorite protein or just enjoy with some fresh fruit. 

22. Keto Breakfast Pockets

These savory pockets are basically fast food, keto-style.

A low-carb mozzarella-based dough is stuffed with bacon, eggs, and more cheese (this is my kind of recipe), before being baked until golden brown.

With lots of suggestions for fillings, there are plenty of ways to mix up your mornings.

Sausage on Monday, and turkey and brie on Friday… keep the goodness going all week long!

23. Keto Chia Pudding

Is it pudding? Is it porridge? Either way, this recipe is a delicious sweet breakfast, ideal for younger members of the family.

It’s ready in 5 minutes, and contains just 6 ingredients, so you won’t even have to get up early to make it.

Just tumble out of bed and whip up a bowl!

24. Keto Crepes

These coconut flour crepes are low carb and sugar-free, but still delightfully sweet and tasty.

They’re not too sweet either. This recipe can be either sweet or savory, depending on your taste.

Serve with bacon and eggs or fresh fruit and whipped cream. You do you!

25. Smoked Salmon Frittata

If you’re hosting a fancy brunch, this smoked salmon frittata will firmly cement your reputation as the consummate host.

Fluffy eggs, salty salmon, and fresh herbs. Need I say more?!

26. Crispy Bacon

Crispy bacon doesn’t need dressing up. It doesn’t need fancy sauces, or creative sides. It’s perfectly tasty all by itself.

And that’s the beauty of this recipe – no fuss, minimal prep. Just crispy bacon, hanging out on your plate, being delicious.

27. Keto Egg and Sausage Bowl

Breakfast in a bowl usually means porridge or cereal, but those boring meals have nothing on this hearty dish.

The base is crumbled sausage, fluffy eggs, fresh spinach, mushrooms and melty cheese.

You can go for broke from there, adding your favorite toppings and/or sauces. 

One bowl means less washing up, too. That’s a very good thing if, like me, you’re extra lazy in the mornings.

28. Mixed Berry Crumble

Some people like breakfast savory, some like it sweet. It takes all sorts.

Sweet-toothed diners will love this dessert-for-breakfast option.

It’s a juicy mix of plump blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries topped with a streusel-like crumb.

If berries aren’t in season, you can use frozen. If it’s fall, use crisp apples, and in spring, try ripe rhubarb.

This is seasonal eating at its finest!     

29. Keto Cinnamon Rolls

Yes, you read that right. And yes, they’re just as fluffy and indulgent as they look!

How’s it possible? With Carbquick, brown Swerve, and powdered Erythritol, of course.

The Carbquick makes the rolls, and the brown Swerve gives the filling just the right amount of deep sweetness.

Finally, you’ll use powdered Erythritol and cream cheese to make the glaze.

30. Keto Green Smoothie with Avocado

If the notion of green smoothies conjures up visions of disgusting, grassy juices that only health nuts enjoy, check out this recipe.

Yes, there’s kale and cucumber in there. But it’s so luxuriously thick and creamy thanks to avocado that you’ll barely notice.

It’s about time the green smoothie got a makeover.

With peanut butter and almond milk also in the mix, this is the best thing to happen to diet drinks in a long time.

30 Best Keto Breakfast Recipes

If you’re on the keto diet bandwagon, you’ll love these tasty keto breakfast recipes! Find keto pancakes, egg muffins, avocado toast, and more on this list!


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  • Prep a keto breakfast in 30 minutes or less!
Keto Breakfast Recipes

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