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17 Indian Cabbage Recipes to Make at Home

Cabbage may seem like a lackluster ingredient, but just wait until you try these Indian cabbage recipes!  

It’s astounding what Indian cuisine can do to a humble ingredient like cabbage. It takes this basic brassica and turns it into a dazzling dish.

Spicy Indian Cabbage Bhaji
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Cabbage is full of nutrients and health benefits, and these Indian recipes sure know how to sneak more of this amazing veggie into your diet.

From crunchy fritters to spectacular sides, these Indian cabbage recipes will have you craving cabbage like you never have before. 

1. Cabbage Pakoda (Indian Cabbage Fritters) 

To kick off your Indian cabbage adventure, try an easy Indian appetizer like pakoda. 

These crispy fritters are a type of pakora. They feature cabbage, chickpea flour, and a bunch of spices.

I like to dip mine in chutney, but they’re certainly flavorful enough on their own.

2. Cabbage Paratha

Cabbage paratha is a real gem. It involves making wheat flatbread and stuffing the inside full of spiced cabbage. 

Like many Indian recipes, you’ll need an array of spices to get the flavors right. Garam masala, dry mango, and ginger paste are key. 

Although mild in heat, the spices pack a pungent punch.

3. Cabbage Vatana Nu Shaak

Peas and cabbage may not sound all that enticing. But when you make them Gujarati-style, the duo is beyond alluring. 

This vegan side dish is glowing with goodness!

Mustard seed adds some bite and there’s a pinch of chili powder for a tiny bit of heat. Of course, the gorgeous golden color is none other than turmeric. 

It not only adds a nice earthy, slightly sweet flavor, but it is full of anti-inflammatory properties, too.

4. Pickled Cabbage (Indian Style Spicy & Sour Pickle)

If you’ve avoided pickling because it sounds too laborious, you’ll be happy to hear this comes together in a snap.

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These tangy, sour, and spicy pickled veggies take about 10 minutes to prep. Then they sit for a few hours. 

Okay, they need to sit for a couple of days, but the hands-on time is short, so it’s more than worth the wait!

5. Cabbage, Carrot, and Paneer Grilled Sandwich 

These Indian sandwiches are a clever way to take a break from the usual sandwich routine. 

The inside is oozing with paneer, green chilies, grated carrots, and crunchy cabbage.

When buttering the bread, I recommend swapping out the butter for ghee. It makes these grilled sandwiches even more rich and indulgent.

6. Cabbage Vada 

Cabbage vada is great for a vegan snack or appetizer. 

In a nutshell, these crunchy fried nibbles feature lentils, cabbage, and green chili. 

This recipe calls for both chana dal and urad dal, which need to soak overnight. So it will require some mindful prepping on your part. 

However, the final result will make it well worth remembering. 

7. Cabbage Thoran (Cabbage Fry)

Need a veggie component to go with your dinner? This 30-minute cabbage fry won’t disappoint. 

You’ll turn an entire head of green cabbage into a tender, pungent vegetarian side dish. The process is rather easy, but you’ll need a good amount of spice to add complexity.

I love how this pairs with some tandoori chicken and white rice. Although, it goes well with practically any protein. 

8. Cabbage Soup

Even cabbage soup tastes better when you fix it up Indian-style!

Whether you’re looking for an easy Indian soup or trying to manage your weight, this recipe is a keeper.

Cabbage and carrots are swimming in a clear broth seasoned with coriander, vinegar, and aromatics. To thicken the soup, a spoonful of cornflour does the trick. 

9. Cabbage Rice

You’ve probably tried cauliflower rice before, but have you had the pleasure of trying cabbage rice?

This is a phenomenal choice for those looking to reduce their carb intake and up their veggies. 

The trick is achieving the right rice effect. So you’ll need to finely chop your cabbage to mimic grain.

10. Cabbage Pachadi

Cabbage pachadi is a spicy vegan chutney that is packed with spice. 

You might need to do some online shopping or swing by your local ethnic store to gather all the ingredients. But don’t worry, the recipe doesn’t take long to pull together. 

This will taste fabulous with those cabbage fritters and you can even spread some on that grilled paneer sandwich. 

It will store in the refrigerator for about a week, so you’ll be able to try it with all sorts of yummy things. 

11. Cabbage Poriyal (Cabbage with Coconut)

Grated coconut adds a sweet and tropical twist to this cabbage dish. 

It’s fresh and fragrant with the help of a few minimal ingredients. 

Aside from the coconut and cabbage, there are two types of dal to add in some plant protein. Curry leaves also add a nice pungent aroma. 

12. Veg Chilli Milii

This is not your run-of-the-mill gravy. Quite the contrary, this is a creamy curry that’s popping with flavor. 

Cabbage, carrots, and bell peppers are swimming in a rich base of spices, ginger paste, garlic paste, and bay leaf. There’s also a hefty amount of tomato paste to make it even richer. 

I think a recipe like this calls for some warm homemade flatbread. You can even pair it with cabbage paratha if you have some extra time on your hands. 

13. South Indian Cabbage Dal (Cabbage Kootu)

A warm bowl of this dal is a fine way to hunker down on a cold day.

You’ll need to pressure cook the cabbage with the pigeon peas, making this a great use of your Instant Pot. In the meantime, you can make your masala spice blend.

This cozy bowl is so full of flavor and very satiating. It’s hard to believe it’s vegan and gluten-free.

14. Cabbage Sabzi 

You can never go wrong with cabbage and potatoes in the form of sabzi. 

Like many of the recipes here, this one takes two simple ingredients and packs them with Indian spices for an explosion of flavor. 

The timing of this recipe depends on how tender you like your cabbage. I don’t like mine mushy, so I like to cook it until it’s slightly soft with a little crunch.

15. Cabbage Upkari (Cabbage Chana Dal)

Cabbage and dal are two primary staples in Indian cuisine. Both store well and are full of nutrients. 

Upkari is a prime use of these ingredients that don’t skimp on taste. I love the sweetness of the grated coconut and the pungent pop of curry leaves. 

If you’re not big on heat, you might want to leave out the green chili and chili powder. 

16. Cabbage Bhaji 

This cabbage bhaji is a great accompaniment to a full Indian spread. 

Grated coconut makes it a little sweet while there’s just enough spice to enhance the cabbage.

The cabbage won’t take long to cook, so keep your eye on it.

17. Cabbage Stir-Fry (Kerala Thoran)

Another incredible way to feature cabbage and coconut is this healthy stir fry. 

You can use either green or red cabbage depending on your preference. While cabbage by itself isn’t very filling, the spices in this dish have a fullness effect. 

If you need more sustenance, pair this with Indian dinner recipes like lamb vindaloo or Goan fish.

17 Indian Cabbage Recipe Collection

If you haven’t tried these Indian cabbage recipes, you’re missing out! From fritters to sandwiches to soup, skip ordering Indian takeout and try these yummy dishes instead.


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