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30 Best Bruschetta Toppings (+ Easy Recipes)

If you’re looking to jazz up your appetizer game, these quick and easy bruschetta toppings are just the thing to make your next party one to remember.

(It’s ‘brew-sket-ta,’ by the way 😉)

Tomato Bruschetta with Cheese on a Wooden Board

Toasted bread rubbed with garlic and topped off with seasoned tomatoes. Sounds like yummy bruschetta to me!

But what if I told you there were so many other ways to enjoy this tasty Italian antipasto?

From flank steak and figs to cambozola cheese, there are a ton of versatile recipes to love. 

So, head to your local bakery and pick out a fresh, crusty loaf of bread because these delicious bruschetta toppings need to be shared.

30 Easy Bruschetta Recipe Ideas for Your Next Party

1. Fresh Tomato Bruschetta

We have to start with a classic; fresh tomatoes. This simple recipe is wholesome, uses only a handful of ingredients, and is bursting with freshness.

Grilling the bread adds a lovely, smoky flavor to the bruschetta. Plus, it helps prevent it from going all soggy under the tomato juices. 

Crunchy, crisp, and oh-so-juicy, that first bite of bruschetta is truly heaven.

2. Tomato Basil Bruschetta

There’s something so irresistible about grilled bread topped with fresh tomatoes.

In fact, bruschetta is one of my favorite appetizers of all time. But I also love it as a tasty snack.

Perfect for that summer tomato haul, this topping is juicy, lightly sweet, and full of fresh, herby goodness from the basil.

Add a drizzle of thick balsamic vinegar for an irresistible tang.

3. Balsamic Bruschetta

Speaking of balsamic…why limit yourself to just a drizzle? Instead, make balsamic vinegar the star of your decadent bruschetta bites!

Toss tomatoes, basil, Parmesan cheese, and garlic in a bowl. Then, mix in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, and pepper. 

Add that scrummy topping to a thick slice of grilled bread and dig in. There’s no time for waiting when bruschetta tastes this good.

4. Classic Italian Bruschetta

One bite of this, and you’ll feel like you’re at an Italian cafe on the streets of Naples. 

It’s amazing how food can transport us. Better yet, with recipes like this, we can do it from our own kitchens.

That’s a whole lot easier and a whole lot cheaper than a flight!

5. Vegan Bruschetta

Skip the cheese and highlight fresh, juicy veggies with this vegan bruschetta recipe.

As the title suggests, this antipasto is entirely meat and dairy-free.

It’s a beautiful start to a plant-based meal or terrific as a quick summertime snack.

It’s light, healthy, and super colorful. It truly looks just as good as it tastes!

Even better than that: this recipe offers four different themes, from Greek and Italian to Mexican and Asian. Talk about versatility.

6. Bruschetta with Pesto

Nothing screams summertime quite like the vibrance of fresh pesto. Add crispy bread and fresh tomatoes, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Plus, pesto is packed full of nutrients. So, you can think of these as healthy little summertime bites. 

If you like a stronger taste, swap classic basil pesto for an arugula version. Or make a vegan pesto with pine nuts, basil, and nutritional yeast.

7. Balsamic Thyme Mushroom Bruschetta

No tomatoes on hand? No problem. You can still serve up delicious bruschetta the whole family will love.

The meaty texture of button mushrooms makes this bruschetta a little more hearty. Plus, thyme and mushrooms are just meant to be together. 

Serve this dish with a final drizzle of balsamic vinegar, and enjoy!

8. Whipped Ricotta Bruschetta

This rich, creamy ricotta cheese bruschetta sings to my cheese-loving heart. And it’ll sing to yours too!

Seriously, if you’ve never tried whipped ricotta, you’re missing out.

Whipped with fresh herbs and topped with a mixture of tomatoes and basil, this ricotta recipe is borderline addictive.

Be sure to use both yellow and red tomatoes to make these as colorful as possible.

Fresh, flavorful, and oh-so-creamy, your dinner guests will fight over the last piece.  

9. Feta Bruschetta

More cheese? Yes, please!

Tangy feta adds a rich creaminess that pairs great with fresh tomatoes. Plus, it provides a layer of saltiness that’s sometimes lacking in bruschetta.

Toss basil, feta, tomatoes, onion, and oil in a bowl, then cover toasted ciabatta with as much as you can handle.

Top-tip: blitz the feta with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice for a dreamy spread you’ll want to put on everything.

10. French Onion Bruschetta

I love French onion soup. But sometimes, I want something a little lighter (and quicker).

That’s when I turn to these bite-sized goodies.

Pile caramelized onions onto crispy bread slices along with Swiss cheese and mozzarella.

Broil until brown and gooey, then get stuck in. Yum!

11. Steak Bruschetta with French Onion Marmalade

Steak, cheese, and French onion marmalade on a crispy baguette? How could anyone resist that?

It may look fancy, but this steak appetizer is actually effortless to whip up.

The fantastic, sweet onion marmalade and juicy steak will have your dinner guests convinced you spent hours in the kitchen.

But really, if you work efficiently, it’ll be ready in under an hour.

I won’t tell if you don’t!

12. Fig Bruschetta with Cambozola and Sage Honey

Need a decadent appetizer that looks as good as it tastes? This fig and blue cheese bruschetta hits the spot every time. 

Salty, creamy cambozola is the perfect pairing for sweet figs. And the infused honey brings it all together in perfect harmony.

Served hot or cold, they’re delicious and beautiful. 

13. Whipped Goat Cheese Bruschetta

I can’t get enough of creamy, tangy goat cheese, especially when it’s whipped onto freshly grilled bread.

And depending on your toppings, you can make this sweet or savory.

The triple berry dessert is to die for, and the Caprese version is colorful and filling.

They’re both colorful, creamy, and so good you won’t want to share.

This is my all-time favorite goat cheese appetizer, so try it and let me know what you think!

14. Fresh Arugula Bruschetta

On hot summer days, this arugula bruschetta is cooling and crisp – just what you need when you’re baking in the sun.

Tangy goat cheese, lemon zest, and peppery arugula come together in this chic dish. Plus, the crusty baguette adds excellent texture. 

Enjoy this bruschetta as a light and refreshing summer lunch or bright and zesty appetizer. Delish!

15. Shrimp and Cherry Tomato Bruschetta

This one’s for the seafood lovers out there. Because you can never have too much shrimp, right? 

Cooked in a mix of garlic, cherry tomatoes, basil, and chives, the pretty pink shrimp is juicy, meaty, and packed with flavor.

A small squeeze of lemon brightens the topping, which needs a hearty piece of grilled bread underneath.

16. Shrimp Scampi Bruschetta

I’m already obsessed with shrimp scampi.

But shrimp scampi on top of juicy tomatoes and crispy bread? That sounds like pure seafood heaven to me.

This dish would make an excellent appetizer for a seafood-inspired dinner. Or even for a little something to snack on before the BBQ heats up.

17. Lobster Bruschetta

I love a little sophistication and luxury. And lobster is the ultimate indulgence.

Toss fresh lobster in a zesty dressing with bell peppers and sweetcorn. Then, lay it atop a crusty baguette.

Temptation never looked so good.

Trust me; these bite-sized bruschettas are guaranteed to become your favorite savory treat.

18. Garlic Crab Bruschetta

If lobster is a little out of your wheelhouse, try this crab dish instead!

Buttery, garlicky, and crazy-fresh, this garlic crab bruschetta is mind-blowingly good. Seriously, one bite, and you’ll be hooked.

It’s super important to use real butter and top-quality Parmesan cheese in this recipe.

This ensures you get the creamiest and richest flavors possible. You won’t regret it.

19. Brie Bruschetta Crostini Appetizer

Here’s another cheesy (and creamy) bruschetta to excite your taste buds.

One bite of these bad boys, and you’ll never throw a party without them again. Yeah, they’re that scrummy.

Not only are they delicious, but they also look gorgeous.

That’s all thanks to the ruby-red pomegranate seeds and green sprigs of rosemary atop creamy white brie.

Even your eyes will eat them up!

20. Pulled Pork Bruschetta 

The best part about summer is the food for BBQs, cookouts, beach picnics, and more. It’s a time for fresh recipes, cool drinks, and plenty of snacks!

But, before you dig into the burgers and brisket, try this meaty starter.

Pulled pork with sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, caramelized onions, and melted cheese on thick slices of toasted bread…who needs burgers?

21. Bacon Bruschetta

Everything’s better with bacon, right? That sure is the case in this smoky bacon bruschetta.

Now bruschetta can be eaten as a whole meal! Bread, tomatoes, and bacon – that’s a grain, a veggie, and a protein.

What more could you want?

22. Smoked Salmon Bruschetta

Smoky salmon and fresh tomatoes on toasted bread may sound simple, but just try it and see if you can stop at one bite.

I’m betting you can’t!

Not only are they super colorful and delicious, but they’re also super simple to make.

Because the topping is cold, you can easily make this yummy appetizer ahead of time. 

Just remember to keep the topping separate until you’re ready to serve.

23. Steak Bruschetta

I love a great steak. And I love it even more when it’s topped with a delicious medley of fresh tomatoes and herbs.

If you want to enjoy a steak in the summer, this recipe is a terrific way to add a little lightness to a typically hearty dish. 

24. Gorgonzola and Honey Bruschetta

This dish is fancy enough to serve on formal occasions but quick enough to whip up as a weekend snack.

Melted, tangy gorgonzola pairs wonderfully with a sweet drizzle of honey. And that crispy toasted baguette is to die for.

All you have to do is bake the cheese-covered baguettes and then serve them with a drizzle of honey.

Who said fancy had to be complicated?

25. Bruschetta with Brussel Sprouts, Burrata, and Pancetta

Do you know what’s so great about bruschetta?

It’s a solid way to use up leftovers, including stale bread, almost-overripe tomatoes, and even roasted veggies from last night’s dinner.

This bruschetta with Brussel sprouts, burrata, and pancetta is full of complex flavors. Plus, they’re sure to impress all those who take a nibble.

26. Goat’s Cheese and Grilled Asparagus Bruschetta

Grilled veggies work so harmoniously with toasted bread and cheese. Honestly, there’s not much that doesn’t. 

Toasted bread, tender asparagus, and creamy goat cheese are already yummy. But that’s not all!

You’ll add a touch of lemon for a zesty kick and a sprinkling of walnuts for a buttery, nutty bite.

27. Breakfast Bruschetta 

Bruschetta is too good not to eat at every meal. And this recipe is ideal for breakfast.

After all, who doesn’t love crunchy toast and toppings to start the day?

You’ll layer creamy goat cheese, fluffy scrambled eggs, fresh tomatoes, and basil on some crusty French bread.

It’s creamy, crunchy, and crazy-good. That’s all there is to it. 

28. Grilled Tomato Bruschetta

Smoky, grilled, crusty bread topped with juicy, fresh tomatoes is something I just can’t get enough of.

The freshness really shines in this recipe. Plus, fresh rosemary and parsley add an extra depth of flavor. 

Serve it warm, and get ready to swoon.

29. Dill Vegetable Bruschetta

Dill is having a moment, and chances are you’ve already hopped on the bandwagon.

Its subtle, fresh taste adds remarkable liveliness to every dish. And it definitely screams summertime.

Between the Marzetti dill veggie dip and fresh dill sprigs, this topping is creamy and oh-so-dreamy.

Even better, crunchy cucumbers, tomatoes, and onion bring even more freshness to this scrummy bruschetta.

30. Peach and Strawberry Fruit Bruschetta

Here’s one for your sweet tooth!

This peach and strawberry bruschetta may sound a little strange at first. But trust me, the combination of savory and sweet flavors never worked so well. 

This fruity appetizer features a mix of sweet fruit, creamy goat cheese, and tangy balsamic vinegar. 

Your summertime get-togethers need this dish. The eye-catching, vibrant colors of the peach and strawberry will brighten any table. 

30 Best Bruschetta Toppings (+ Easy Recipe Collection)

If you’re looking to jazz up your appetizer game, these quick and easy bruschetta toppings are just the thing to make your next party one to remember.


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Bruschetta Toppings (+ Easy Recipes)

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