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25 Easy Air Fryer Thanksgiving Recipes

Flip the switch on your traditional holiday feast with these easy Air Fryer Thanksgiving recipes.

From sides to dessert, I’ve got your meal covered.

Sliced turkey breast with cranberries and herbs served on a white huge plate.
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25 Best Air Fryer Thanksgiving Recipes for The Holidays

Unless you have a dozen Air Fryers, you can’t make a whole Thanksgiving meal with this trendy tabletop appliance.

But you can make a few sides, or even the turkey if you’re only feeding a few.

It’ll save you on oven space, and it cooks things pretty fast – ideal for busy holidays!

So check out these Air Fryer Thanksgiving recipes because they’re sure to help you get through the rush.

1. Air Fryer Turkey Breast

Crispy on the outside yet tender and succulent on the inside, this turkey is really something special! 

If that hasn’t convinced you to try out the recipe, what if I said you could make it in just under an hour?! 

That’s right – no marinating or waiting hours for it to cook. Instead, just pop it in the Air Fryer, and it’ll be ready to go before the cornbread is even baked.

2. Air Fryer Southern Dressing

Air Fryer southern dressing is a delightful recipe that makes a family fave in a flash.

Dressing is kind of like stuffing; only it’s typically cooked in a dish on its own. In contrast, stuffing is usually “stuffed” into the bird.

That said, the words are often confused and used interchangeably. But whether you call this stuffing or dressing, it’s still delicious.

3. Air Fryer Stuffing

Okay, I had to include a stuffing recipe too! And this one is a beauty!

Loaded with ground sausage, onions, herbs, and bread cubes, it’s as traditional as it gets.

Of course, the big difference is it’s baked in the Air Fryer.

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4. Air Fryer Creamy Mashed Potatoes 

Mashed potatoes may seem like an odd choice for the Air Fryer, but there’s a trick to keeping them tender.

Foil! You’ll wrap the spuds to keep them from crisping up. Then, mash with butter, cream cheese, and chives.

This is a terrific recipe for anyone short on stovetop space.

5. Soft Air Fryer Dinner Rolls

When it comes to sweet and fluffy dinner rolls, this recipe is one of the best.

Crispy on the outside and light as a feather on the inside, these delicious little pillows of wonder are just what you need on your plate.

They’ll soak up that gravy like you won’t believe. And they come together in a snap.

6. Air Fryer Sweet Potato Casserole

It’s just not Thanksgiving without sweet potato casserole.

That blend of tender orange spuds, crunchy pecans, vanilla extract, and heavy cream is just a dream come true.

You’ll use canned sweet yams, sugar, cinnamon, eggs, and butter for the base. Then top it with a nutty crumble. Yum!

7. Air Fryer Green Bean Casserole

Every bite of this green bean casserole bursts with flavor, thanks to the creamy mushroom soup, freshly cut green beans, and crunchy fried onions. 

The Air Fryer seals in those flavors while giving it a crispy outer layer. Under that, you’ll find tender beans and plenty of creamy goodness.

8. Air Fryer Mac and Cheese

Air Fryer mac and cheese is not only delicious, it’s also effortless to prepare. 

All you need is a few simple, pantry-staple ingredients, and you’ll get an ooey-gooey delight in under 25 minutes.

You’ll love the tangy Velveeta and tender pasta. And so will the kids!

9. Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts

Air Fryer Brussels sprouts are my go-to for the holidays.

The flavors are out of this world, and the texture is perfection. Slightly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, they’re addictive!

Between the maple syrup, olive oil, salt, and pepper, they’re sure to please. In fact, you don’t even need the mayo sauce (though it’s super tasty!).

10. Air Fryer Okra

If you think you don’t like okra, try this recipe. It’ll totally change your mind about this underrated vegetable!

Dipped in egg and tossed in a mix of cornmeal, flour, and salt, it’s deliciously crunchy.

Just be sure you don’t overload the basket, and you’re all set.

11. Air Fryer Biscuits

You’ve got the turkey, the sides, and the pies fighting for space in the oven. So why not make the biscuits in the Air Fryer?

This recipe couldn’t be more straightforward, and it gives you fluffy biscuits will the most heavenly crust.

Serve them with your feast, and they’ll be the first to vanish!

12. Air Fryer Butternut Squash

This simple and flavorful recipe is perfect for the holidays.

It takes classic winter-squash flavors and kicks them up a notch with garlic, sweet paprika, and spicy cayenne pepper. 

Even if you aren’t a fan of butternut squash, you should still try it. The edges are crisp, and the middle is tender – just what you need with turkey!

13. Air Fryer Creamed Corn Casserole

Creamed corn is always a hit. And corn casserole is one of the most popular holiday sides ever!

But did you know you can make it in the Air Fryer?

The middle is very pudding-like, with plenty of sweet corn in every bite. And the top is nicely brown and lightly crisp. Wow!

14. Roasted Air Fryer Carrots

Carrots are best when they’re roasted. It enhances the sweetness and gives them the most delightful texture.

And the Air Fryer is the perfect vessel!

This recipe features two different versions – sweet and savory. So, there’s something for everyone!

And trust me on this one, a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese at the end takes this dish over the top.

15. Air Fryer Potatoes au Gratin

Craving something savory and utterly decadent? Look no further than this Air Fryer concoction of potato deliciousness!

Yummy creamy potatoes and generous layers of cheese come together perfectly when Air Fried. 

I dare say this is better than oven-baked.

16. Easy Air-Fryer Pumpkin Cinnamon Crumb Cake

Tender, lightly spiced, and covered in a pleasant crumbly streusel, this pumpkin cake is the only dessert you’ll need this Thanksgiving.

Just mix everything by hand, pop it in a greased baking dish, then bake for 40 minutes.

Serve it warm with ice cream or cooled with a drizzle of caramel. Delish!

17. Air Fryer Cornbread

Believe it or not, this Air Fryer cornbread takes 15 minutes to bake. And there’s no Jiffy mix in sight!

Made with flour, cornmeal, sugar, and more, it’s soft, sweet, and just what the holidays need.

18. Air Fryer Pumpkin Pie

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I was skeptical too.

But it really works! And it’s so, so good.

The main concern here is the size of your Air Fryer basket. So, you may need to cut the recipe down if you have a smaller appliance.

But with store-bought pastry and a simple pumpkin pie filling, it comes together like any other pie.

19. Air Fryer Pecan Pie

This delicious dessert has just the right balance of sugary sweetness with crunchy pecans and a hint of cinnamon. 

The Air Fryer keeps it crisp on the outside while remaining gooey in the center. 

Believe me when I say it will top your list of favorite recipes!

20. Air Fryer Whole Chicken

Feeding a small crowd this year? Try this whole chicken recipe!

It’s a delicious rotisserie-style dish with minimal mess and fuss. The skin is crispy, and the meat is loaded with savory, herby goodness.

Seriously, this will be a weekly fave way beyond Thanksgiving.

21. Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes

With just a few ingredients and minutes of assembly, you can have potatoes that are golden brown and perfectly cooked. 

The ingredients require nothing more than some potatoes cut into cubes and aromatic spices that take it to the next level.

But the Air Fryer does all the heavy lifting. Sounds great, right?

22. Air Fryer Roasted Sweet Potatoes

If you prefer sweet potatoes, I’ve got a recipe here you’ll like.

They’re not as crispy as the ones above, but they have nice edges and fluffy centers. 

Infused with garlic and pepper, this simple yet fragrant dish will please the whole table.

23. Air Fryer Cranberry Glazed Ham

This delectable dish will tantalize your tastebuds with its sweet and tangy flavors.

The combination of melted cranberry sauce and brown sugar makes for a stunning glaze.

And the ham is insanely juicy and tender. So much so, you’ll hope there are leftovers for tomorrow!

24. Air Fryer Stuffed Acorn Squash

Perfect for a vegan entrée, this stuffed squash might just take the shine away from your bird.

It’s loaded with quinoa, onions, apples, cranberries, nuts, and plenty of spices. And it’s cooked until delightfully tender.

Plus, you can serve it right in the skin. How fun!

25. Air Fryer Apple Crisp

Forget the pastry and pies and make this crumbly, buttery apple crisp this holiday.

It’s got plenty of fall flavor and a ton of fresh fruity apple chunks.

But it’s way easier to make than a pie! And that’s what I’m thankful for this year.

25 Easy Air Fryer Thanksgiving Recipes

Flip the switch on your traditional holiday feast with these easy Air Fryer Thanksgiving recipes. From sides to dessert, I’ve got your meal covered.


  • Air Fryer Turkey Breast

  • Air Fryer Southern Dressing

  • Air Fryer Stuffing

  • Air Fryer Creamy Mashed Potatoes

  • Soft Air Fryer Dinner Rolls

  • Air Fryer Sweet Potato Casserole

  • Air Fryer Green Bean Casserole

  • Air Fryer Mac and Cheese

  • Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts

  • Air Fryer Okra

  • Air Fryer Biscuits

  • Air Fryer Butternut Squash

  • Air Fryer Creamed Corn Casserole

  • Roasted Air Fryer Carrots

  • Air Fryer Potatoes au Gratin

  • Air-Fryer Pumpkin Cinnamon Crumb Cake

  • Air Fryer Cornbread

  • Air Fryer Pumpkin Pie

  • Air Fryer Pecan Pie

  • Air Fryer Whole Chicken

  • Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes

  • Air Fryer Roasted Sweet Potatoes

  • Air Fryer Cranberry Glazed Ham

  • Air Fryer Stuffed Acorn Squash

  • Air Fryer Apple Crisp


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious Air Fryer Thanksgiving recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Air Fryer Thanksgiving Recipes

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