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13 Best Thanksgiving Cornbread Recipes

No holiday meal is complete with one of these Thanksgiving cornbread recipes.

And whether you like it sweet, cheesy, or spiced, I’ve got you covered.

Soft and Fluffy Cornbread with Honey

Some cornbread is savory, crumbly, and 100 percent sugar-free, while other recipes are sweet and cake-like.

But no matter what you prefer, these Thanksgiving cornbread recipes are sure to be a big hit at the Turkey Day table.

I’ve got cornbread muffins, cornbread casserole, cornbread dressing, and more.

So make one or make them all – either way, they’re sure to wow your family and friends.

10+ Cornbread Recipe for Thanksgiving Dinner

1. White Lily Cornbread

Thanksgiving has so many flavorful dishes, and this subtle and humble cornbread recipe is a great side dish for all of them. 

It’s more savory than sweet because it uses White Lily cornbread mix made from white corn kernels.

The coloring isn’t as bright yellow, but it doesn’t skimp on flavors. 

With tender and fluffy insides and a nice crunch on the outside, it gives boring old dinner rolls a run for their money!

2. Paula Deen’s Cornbread Dressing

Oh, Paula. You wonderful human being. 

The Queen of the South gives traditional stuffing a southern twist with this insanely delicious and flavorful cornbread stuffing. 

Cornbread adds a sweetness that pairs perfectly with traditional stuffing ingredients. And don’t worry – there’s plenty of butter. 

It’s fluffy, savory, and sure to please the kids and adults alike.

3. Jiffy Cornbread Muffins

When it comes to commercial recipes, you really can’t beat the back of a box.

That includes Nestle chocolate chips, Hershey’s chocolate cake, and, yes, Jiffy cornbread muffins.

Jiffy’s recipe is fantastic, but a few tweaks here and there make it out of this world amazing. 

Using sour cream and honey ensures every bite is moist, tender, tart, and sweet.

So if you spent all your money on a fancy Thanksgiving turkey, these jiffy cornbread muffins are a great way to whip up a perfect side dish on a budget. 

4. Vidalia Onion Cornbread

Have you ever seen upside-down cornbread? It’s such a fun way to present this yellow cake!

Like an upside-down cake, you’ll add the flavoring – Vidalia onions, in this case – to the bottom of the skillet, over which you’ll pour the cornbread batter.

As it bakes, the onions caramelize a little, so when you turn it out, they’re soft and stunning.

I like to add a little sugar to the bottom of the pan to help them get extra sticky!

5. Herbed Brown Butter Cheddar Cornbread

What could be better than cornbread? Cornbread and cheese, of course!

But that’s not all this recipe has going for it.

You’ll make it with a dangerously addictive herbed brown butter that’s so tasty, you’ll want to eat it right out of the bowl.

Seriously, make extra! You’ll need it!

The herbal kick of garlic, parsley, and chives adds a fresh punch of flavors that marry beautifully with the nutty brown butter and cheddar cheese. 

It’s so flavorful, it could be an entire meal. 

6. Mexican Cornbread with Jiffy Mix

Thanksgiving foods are often unapologetically brown.

So, check out this Mexican cornbread with Jiffy mix recipe to infuse some color (and much-needed spice) to the dinner table. 

It incorporates bold Mexican flavors such as jalapeños, green chiles, and sour cream with a simple and affordable Jiffy mix. 

It boasts the perfect cornbread consistency with a yummy and spicy Mexican twist!

7. Cowboy Cornbread

If anyone knows how to make cornbread, it’s cowboys. 

And I like to think of cowboy cornbread as the American West’s take on Shepherd’s Pie.

From the meaty pie filling of ground beef and cheese to the sweet, crumbly cornbread, it’s an excellent side dish for those who are tired of turkey. 

It’s the kind of thing I see Rip and the crew eating in the Yellowstone bunkhouse. Just don’t forget a chilled Yellow Jacket, too!

8. Jiffy Cornbread Casserole

If you have a big family to feed, this Jiffy cornbread casserole is a fantastic way to ensure no one misses out. 

Like any good cornbread, it boasts a crispy exterior with light and tender insides that melt in your mouth.

But there’s extra flavor and texture from the corn kernels and creamed corn.

It’s simple, super easy, and especially beloved by kids.

9. Pumpkin Cornbread

When I first saw this recipe, I almost choked on my pumpkin spice latte.

I mean, pumpkin in cornbread? How have I not thought of that before?!

The ingredients look similar to the other recipes, with the addition of cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and pumpkin puree.

It’s extra sweet, extra moist, and deliciously spiced. Sorry Mom, but this is my new go-to cornbread recipe!

10. Sweet Buttermilk Cornbread

In general, southern cornbread is savory, while northerners like it sweet.

So, if you were born and bred south of the Mason-Dixon line, you might want to skip this recipe.

If you’re from the north, however, keep reading because this is one sweet and delicious. 

Buttermilk brings a bit of tang and plenty of moisture. In fact, it makes it downright cake-like.

But that’s not all. This one is very sweet, thanks to the honey and vanilla extract. 

11. Southern Fried Cornbread

Perfect for Turkey Day breakfast or as a unique side, fried cornbread is one of my favorite ways to serve the classic dish.

These babies are like a cross between pancakes and fritters (the latter is especially true if you add corn kernels and green onions to the batter).

Fry them in bacon grease for even more incredible flavor!

12. Cracker Barrel Cornbread

Do you prefer your cornbread sweet or savory? Well, with this Cracker Barrel cornbread recipe, you get the best of both worlds!

It earns a pop of sweetness from granulated sugar and honey and a tart kick from the buttermilk.

It’s a little crumbly, like any good cornbread, but still super tender and moist!

Cook the batter in muffin tins to make serving a crowd easier.

13. Best Vegan Cornbread

Every Thanksgiving day table has at least one vegan, and it’s important to make them feel special.

So, along with those bacon grease-fried pancakes above, why not make this yummy vegan cornbread recipe?

It’s just as bright and flavorful as non-vegan cornbread and yields a light and crumbly texture that melts in your mouth. 

13 Best Thanksgiving Cornbread Recipes

No holiday meal is complete with one of these Thanksgiving cornbread recipes. And whether you like it sweet, cheesy, or spiced, I’ve got you covered.


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Thanksgiving Cornbread Recipes

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