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17 Steak and Shrimp Recipes (+ Easy Dinner Ideas)

Make the most mouthwatering surf and turf you’ve ever had with these steak and shrimp recipes!

Steak and shrimp are the ultimate surf and turf duo. The combo is savory, succulent, and irresistible!

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Surf and Turf with Shrimp and Strip Steak

Together, they’ll leave you feeling like you’re floating on cloud nine.

You won’t have to spend a fortune at a steakhouse to enjoy them either.

All you need are quality ingredients and a little help from this drool-worthy collection of recipes. 

From a classy whiskey garlic shrimp steak topper to sheet pan fajitas, there’s a steak and shrimp recipe here for every occasion.

1. Steak with Creamy Garlic Shrimp

Meat and seafood lovers, feast your eyes on this tantalizing dish!

A big, meaty porterhouse steak topped with creamy garlic shrimp is too good to resist. 

The steak cooks in minutes, and the shrimp don’t take too long either. 

It’s a restaurant-quality dish that you can throw together any night of the week.

2. Skillet Garlic Butter Steak and Shrimp

Garlic butter shrimp is already a winner. Toss steak into the mix and it gets even better!

You whip up a quick compound butter with garlic and dried herbs. Then, slap that on top of the steak. 

And the shrimp? I would never forget about those succulent shellfish. 

They also saute in butter and garlic, then get plopped on the side.

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I like to give it all a good squeeze of lemon before I dive in. 

3. Steak and Shrimp Scampi for Two

How does one make shrimp scampi better? Serve it up with New York strip steak!

The tender linguine, jumbo shrimp, and garlic butter steak have everything you could ask for in a classy high-protein pasta dish. 

Even the pasta gets all dressed up for dinner with white wine, lemon juice, and parsley. 

Bust out a bottle of wine and pour a couple of glasses. Tonight is date night!

4. Ultimate Surf and Turf

If you want the ultimate surf and turf to impress your guests, you won’t find anything more spectacular than this!

First, let’s talk steak. Fork-tender filet mignon gets a quick sear with rosemary and olive oil.

Then, it’s finished off in the oven with butter. 

Meanwhile, the shrimp pan-sears in pinot grigio, garlic, shallots, butter, parsley, and pepper flakes

After about 45 minutes, they come together for a surf and turf you’ll never forget.

5. One-Pot Cajun Butter Steak and Shrimp

A great surf and turf dinner doesn’t have to be a big fuss.

As long as you have quality steak, fresh shrimp, and a pot, the rest is elementary. 

This scrumptious meal uses minimal ingredients and it’s ready in just 20 minutes. 

All you have to do is season the steak with cajun seasoning, then cook it with bell peppers, garlic, shallots, and shrimp.

It’s foolproof and cleanup is easy, too.

6. Hibachi-Style Garlic Steak and Shrimp

When I miss the hibachi grill but don’t feel like going out, I make this dish at home instead. 

Hibachi is a Japanese method of cooking that uses high heat.

And this nifty recipe shows you how to do a version of it on the stove. 

Once it’s done, you have a savory medley of thinly sliced beef, juicy shrimp, bell peppers, and snow peas coated in herb garlic butter. 

7. Whiskey Garlic Shrimp Steak Topper

Who needs a pricey steakhouse when you’ve got this scrumptious dish?

Sear a juicy filet mignon steak to perfection on a fiery hot grill, then let it rest.

While you’re waiting, grab your pan of creamy whiskey garlic shrimp to top it off. 

Savory, creamy, and complex, nothing spruces up surf and turf like adding bourbon to it.

While it may not be the cheapest dish around, it’s well worth the money.

8. Moroccan Surf and Turf

You can really get to know a culture by the way they do their stew.

And I must say, I’m a big fan of Moroccan food because of this!

Thick cubes of beef, plump shrimp, root veggies, and chickpeas stew for hours in a bold broth. 

The list might be long, but it’s about crafting all those complex layers right.

After a spoonful, you’ll realize it was well worth the wait. 

9. Steak and Shrimp Stir-Fry

There are a lot of good homemade stir-fry recipes out there. That said, this one easily makes my top 10. 

It has a whole mess of sirloin steak, fresh shrimp, bell peppers, and broccoli in a sweet and tangy umami sauce. 

Serve it with a side of brown rice or go low-carb with cauliflower rice.

10. Steak and Shrimp Sheet-Pan Fajitas

Here’s an easy surf and turf meal you can put together no matter your level of expertise. 

You marinate the steak, coat the shrimp in spices, and take turns baking them on a sheet pan with onions and peppers. 

When it’s ready, serve it with warm tortillas and your fixings of choice.

Salsa, guac, and sour cream are all great options. 

11. Steak and Shrimp Fajita Tacos

Stuck in a dilemma between steak or shrimp tacos? Don’t bother deciding, have them both in one!

These flour tortillas are overflowing with steak, shrimp, onions, and bell peppers smothered in cheese sauce.

You can use a store-bought fajita seasoning or make it from scratch. It’s simple to do and will save you a trip to the store.

12. Applebee’s Steak and Shrimp Parmesan

I know it’s not a steakhouse, but Applebee’s makes some killer surf and turf. 

Don’t believe me? Give this copycat steak recipe a try. 

A creamy Parmesan sauce smothers a thick cut of quality ribeye and grilled shrimp

The ingredients are pretty straightforward and the dish isn’t overly complicated or anything like that. 

But those three components combined create a luxurious culinary experience. 

13. Cajun Shrimp and Steak Alfredo Pasta

Do you ever get a hankering for multiple things and decide to throw them all together into one dish?

That’s how I feel about this recipe.

And guess what? It totally works!

It melds Alfredo sauce with pasta and three different types of meat.

You get not only Cajun-seasoned steak and shrimp, but there’s chicken breast in there, too!

14. Yakamein

Imagine the best Asian noodle soup you’ve ever had. Now think of the best surf and turf you’ve eaten. 

Merge the two with Creole seasonings and you have yakamein. 

Yakamein is a popular New Orleans dish that will make you weak in the knees.

Give it a try and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

15. Jerk Steak and Shrimp Over Yellow Rice

This lip-smacking dish will have you humming happily to your food until the last bite. 

It doctors up Angus steak and a whole pound of shrimp with a jerk and Creole seasoning. That right there is an explosion of flavor!

There’s only one way to serve this, and that’s with yellow rice.

16. Ultimate Steak and Shrimp Cheesesteak

If you like Philly cheesesteak, just wait until you try this recipe.

Old Bay seasoned shrimp, succulent shaved beef, bell pepper, and onion are crammed into a hot dog bun.

Then, it’s all coated with melted provolone and white American cheese.  

All hat goodness then gets finished off with a homemade cheese sauce featuring none other than Velveeta cheese. 

If you can fit it in, add tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles.

17. Surf and Turf Nachos

Make game days, movie nights, or game nights more memorable with these fully loaded nachos!

You prepare sheet pan nachos as usual, except you add cajun shrimp and slices of New York strip steak at the end. 

Savory, cheesy, and addicting, there won’t be a bite left in sight. 

17 Steak and Shrimp Recipes (+ Easy Dinner Ideas)

Try these steak and shrimp recipes for dinners the family will flip for! From surf and turf to stir-fry to fajitas, you’ll adore each one of these dishes.


  • Steak with Creamy Garlic Shrimp

  • Skillet Garlic Butter Steak and Shrimp

  • Steak and Shrimp Scampi for Two

  • Ultimate Surf and Turf

  • One One -Pot Cajun Butter Steak and Shrimp

  • Hibachi-Style Garlic Steak and Shrimp

  • Whiskey Garlic Shrimp Steak Topper

  • Moroccan Surf and Turf

  • Steak and Shrimp Stir-Fry

  • Steak and Shrimp Sheet-Pan Fajitas

  • Steak and Shrimp Fajita Tacos

  • Applebee’s Steak and Shrimp Parmesan

  • Cajun Shrimp and Steak Alfredo Pasta

  • Yakamein

  • Jerk Steak and Shrimp Over Yellow Rice

  • Ultimate Steak and Shrimp Cheesesteak

  • Surf and Turf Nachos


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a steak and shrimp dinner in 30 minutes or less!
Steak and Shrimp Recipes

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