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15 Best Nacho Recipes (+ Nacho Topping Ideas)

These tasty nacho recipes are jam-packed with cheesy, meaty, crunchy goodness.

In fact, they’re so good; you won’t want to wait for your next party to make them.

Loaded Nachos with Avocados, Guacamole and Tomatoes
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Each one features crispy chips and gooey cheese, and beyond that, there’s a nice variety of ingredients.

Whether you need something loaded with extras, vegan, or even keto-friendly, you’re in the right place.

So if you’re in the mood for something totally indulgent, slightly greasy, and unbelievably tasty, you’ve got to check out these sensational nacho recipes.

Ultimate Nacho Recipes and Toppings

1. Quick and Easy Nachos

It’s hard not to appreciate a filling, delicious meal that takes only 15 minutes to make.

These quick and easy nachos have it all – chips, meat, cheese, and more.

The “more” in this case includes jalapeños, beans, onions, and anything else you want to add. That’s the great thing about nachos; they’re customizable. 

This recipe is perfect if you want something similar to what you’d get at Taco Bell. Of course, I always add tomatoes and guacamole too.

2. Ultimate Nachos

Just looking at this picture is enough to make me drool.

I know I just said that quick and easy nachos have it all. But they pale in comparison to this ultimate nacho recipe.

This dish features seasoned beef, beans, gooey cheese, salsa, olives…seriously, the list of ingredients goes on and on.

Fortunately, it takes just 25 minutes to prepare and cook. Plus, every bite is an absolute flavor explosion.

3. Nachos Deluxe

These five-ingredient nachos take it back to basics. You’d never know it by the phenomenal taste, though. 

All you’ll need for these are chips, ground beef, salsa, sour cream, and nacho cheese.

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The melted cheese is smooth and gooey, the beef is hearty and succulent, and the chips are salty and crunchy.

Then the salsa adds a dash of garden-fresh flavor that cuts through the richness just right.

Add sour cream for a bit of tanginess, or leave it off if you prefer. Either way, these are super yummy.

4. Epic Beef Nachos Supreme

“Epic” is more than just a name in these nachos. They are genuinely epic and have such an intense flavor.

I love the juicy freshness of the tomatoes and green onions. 

But it’s got to be the mountain of cheese that makes them a hit. Use whatever varieties you like, or stick with cheddar and Monterey Jack. 

I prefer a Mexican cheese blend and shredded pepper jack for a bold and spicy cheesy topping you just can’t beat.

5. Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos

These sheet pan nachos require a bit more time to make – but they’re still pretty effortless.

Between the crispy chips, tender chicken, and gooey cheese, these nachos are on point. 

That said, all the other toppings are phenomenal. In fact, they’re my favorite part!

You just can’t beat the blend of tastes and textures.

The fresh, cold ingredients against the warm are delightful. Plus, there’s the crispy chips with creamy cheese and sour cream. 

Everything about these nachos is a study in contrasts, and you will love it. 

6. Sheet Pan Shrimp Nachos

Here’s another delightful sheet pan nachos recipe.

This one uses shrimp instead of shredded chicken, which makes such a nice change! I mean, when do you ever see shrimp on nachos?

Luckily, along with the juicy, meaty shrimp, these babies feature many of the same great flavors and textures you’d expect from this classic appetizer

Having said that, you’ll notice that this one has a lot more umami flavor, and it’s a bit more garlicky, too. 

7. Cheesy Nachos

These baked nachos go heavy on the beef and cheese. Of course, you can add your preferred toppings, but even the plain recipe tastes fantastic.

Plus, it takes 30 minutes to make and serves eight people. That makes it the ideal appetizer for any party or get-together.

8. Greek Nachos With Hummus

Now let’s switch gears for a second and check out something fresher.

Greek nachos still feature chips and cheese, but they look somewhat different.

For one thing, you’ll use pita chips instead of tortillas. As for cheese, skip the cheddar and go for the feta instead.

Then, load them down with olives, hummus, and other fresh ingredients.

This dish is cool, tangy, bright, and refreshing. It’s also colorful, full of veggies, and relatively healthy.

9. Monster Chorizo Nachos

Monster chorizo nachos are spicy, cheesy, and loaded with Mexican flavors. 

They have plenty of creamy, cool ingredients, but the chorizo and hot veggies add a delicious warm base.

This recipe takes 40 minutes to prepare and make, and it’s worth every minute. 

You’ll have enough to feed a crowd…but I won’t tell if you decide not to share.

10. Philly Cheesesteak Nachos

Philly cheesesteak nachos are a great option if you’re in the mood for something different.

You’ll load them down with a pound of steak and other typical Philly cheesesteak ingredients. 

The sauteed onions and peppers give this dish a phenomenal taste. And the combo of mozzarella and provolone cheese isn’t half bad, either.

(I’m speaking modestly. That combo is heavenly.)

11. Irish Potato Nachos

Skip the tortillas for this recipe and make homemade potato crisps instead.

Have you ever made homemade potato chips? You know, thinly sliced potatoes covered in herbs and baked to perfection?

Yeah, those. That’ll be the base for these scrumptious nachos.

You’ll also add tons of cheese, salty bacon, and more. 

These are halfway between cheesy scalloped potatoes and nachos. And they are hellaciously good.

12. Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos

Forget ground beef and shredded chicken. Instead, you’ll top these tortillas with succulent pulled pork.

Finish it with cheese, green onions, jalapeños, and anything else you like. It’s a fun, slightly messy way to enjoy a summer barbecue. 

13. Ultimate Steak Nachos

These loaded nachos look like a giant mess and heartburn waiting to happen. After just one bite, though, none of that will matter.

These steak-heavy nachos are de-lectable.

Furthermore, if you use pre-cooked or leftover steak, you can have them ready in no time.

Of course, making them with uncooked steak doesn’t take much longer!

The steak is well-seasoned, juicy, and entirely succulent. The cheese is warm, melted, and divine.

Spritz it with a little lime juice and add sour cream for a zesty finish. 

14. Fully Loaded Vegan Nachos

You can leave the meat off any of the recipes above if you need a vegetarian option. In fact, that’s one of the easiest ways to do it. 

Unfortunately, that won’t work for the vegans in the crowd.

Luckily, this recipe is 100% vegan.

Everything about this flavorful dish is vegan-friendly, including the cheese and TVP beef. 

The “meat” is smoky, spicy, and well-seasoned. And while the texture isn’t precisely like ground beef, the taste is almost spot-on. 

Just wait until you add in all the other toppings. I guarantee most people won’t even know the difference.

15. Keto Nachos

And last but not least, as promised – keto nachos!

And no, it’s not just a plate of meat, cheese, and veggies – though that would be pretty tasty!

You’ll still have the crunchy, salty chips as a base. The difference is that you’ll make those chips yourself.

Use the provided recipe for Legit Keto Chips, and you’re good to go.

Making the chips and cooking the beef are the most challenging parts of this recipe. After that, it’s just a matter of loading them down with all your favorite low-carb ingredients. 

Luckily, most people’s nacho “favorites” are naturally low-carb.

15 Best Nacho Recipe Collection

These tasty nacho recipes are jam-packed with cheesy, meaty, crunchy goodness. They’re so good; you won’t want to wait for your next party to make them.


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Nacho Recipes

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