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12 Best Philly Cheesesteak Sides

Looking for the best Philly cheesesteak sides to serve with your sandwich?

From crispy fries to a creamy milkshake, these 12 side dishes couldn’t be more perfect.

Philly cheesesteaks are a regular in my household.

How can you say no to tender bread filled with meaty steak, caramelized onions, sweet bell peppers, and salty cheese?

It’s so scrumptious and hearty, it’s a meal on its own.

Baked Potato Wedges with Herbs and Tomato Sauce
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But I do admit, it can get a bit boring if you serve the same dish over and again. The solution is to serve it with a simple yet flavorful side dish!

If you feel like your weeknight meals are getting stuck in a rut, these recipes are here to come to the rescue.

With these sides, a Philly cheesesteak has never tasted better.

Popeyes French Fries Recipe

1. French Fries 

This one’s a no-brainer. French fries, no matter the entree, are always a great idea for a side dish. Philly cheesesteaks are no exception.

The crispy, salty goodness of French fries is straight-up delicious with any sandwich. It’s the same reason burger and fries are a classic pair.

Another great thing about French fries is that they’re super easy to prepare. You have many cooking methods to choose from, as well!

Whether it’s the deep fryer, the oven, or the air fryer, you’ll always end up with crisp and crunchy golden fries.

This recipe, in particular, uses the oven method, which means you won’t need to worry about excess grease. 

It’s also flavored beautifully with a spicy Cajun seasoning. The extra kick adds a nice contrast to the umami-rich sandwich.

2. Avocado Fries 

If you’re looking for a fun twist to the classic French fries, use avocados instead of potatoes. Yup, avocado fries are a thing, and you’ll love them. 

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The idea of deep-frying avocados seemed odd to me. Avocados are already rich as they are, so I was worried they’d be too overpowering.

Boy, was I wrong! The breading counterbalances the richness of the fruit, giving you just the right balance of flavors.

The crisp coating also adds a nice contrast to the creamy avocado.

Pro-tip: pick firm avocados for this recipe. They hold up better during breading and frying. 

3. Onion Rings 

Here’s another classic for ya! Sure, a Philly cheesesteak already has onions in it, but onion rings offer a lovely crunch.

It’s a wonderful contrast to the soft bread and tender meat. 

Besides, there really is no such thing as too many onions, especially when cooked right.

In this recipe, onion rings are made even more addictive by coating them with beer-infused batter. 

Say goodbye to soggy onion rings! With this simple technique, you’ll get a light, airy, crispy batter.

I suggest you double the recipe, as these guys are dangerously addictive.

Creamy Coleslaw

4. Coleslaw 

You can’t go wrong with pairing a heavy entree with something light and refreshing. When it comes to such sides, coleslaw is always the first that comes to mind. 

There’s nothing like cold, crisp, and creamy coleslaw. A combination of shredded cabbage, carrots, and mayonnaise, it’s such a simple recipe, but it’s also a work of art.

Coleslaw and Philly cheesesteaks make a beautiful pair. Its sweetness and crispness complement the sandwiches so well. 

But I think what makes this combo extra special is that the hot and cold contrast.

The difference in temperatures is such a wonderful taste bud-tingling experience!

Best of all, coleslaw couldn’t be easier to make. With just three ingredients, you’ll be able to whip up coleslaw so amazing, it will give KFC a run for its money!  

5. Potato Chips 

If you’re feeling a little too lazy, you can always rely on a good old-fashioned bag of chips. These crisp and salty treats complement Philly cheesesteaks beautifully.

There is a wide array of brands and flavors to choose from, but you want to stick with ones that pair well with Philly cheesesteak.

Cheese, BBQ, and sea salt and vinegar all make fantastic options.

You can simply open your favorite bag of chips, but if you can also make your meal even more interesting by making them yourself.

That way, you’ll also get to control the things that go into your chips.

With homemade chips, you won’t need to worry about difficult-to-pronounce ingredients entering your system. 

In this recipe, for instance, all you’ll need are three ingredients: potatoes, salt, and oil.

You’ll get to enjoy as many crisp and crunchy chips as you want, minus the guilt.

6. Potato Wedges 

Potato wedges are just like fries, but thicker! More potatoes = more fun.

Thicker slices also mean that they are softer and fluffier on the inside.

They’re still just as crisp and crunchy on the outside, giving you that beautiful texture contrast.

The flavor is also just as addictive. These wedges are seasoned with paprika, pepper, as well as garlic and onion powders.

I love powdered seasonings since they add so much flavor without the extra effort.

The wedges are also baked, not fried, so at least you can take comfort in knowing they’re not that bad for you! They’re also worth every calorie, if you ask me.

Homemade Fried Okra

7. Fried Okra 

I used to despise okra. Ever since I came across this recipe, I have become a convert.

If you, like me, hate that slimy, slippery consistency, you need not worry about that with this dish.

If you’re not familiar with fried okra, let me introduce you to this insanely tasty southern side dish.

Trust me, it’s so good, you won’t even recognize it’s made from okra.

Just like any other deep-fried dish, fried okra is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. The cornmeal batter also adds an interesting texture to the side dish. 

It’s also wonderfully salty, which is all you really need to make anything addictive. All it takes is one bite to get you hooked.

8. Cookies and Cream Milkshake 

Philly cheesesteaks and milkshake: could there be a more decadent combo? This duo is the epitome of comfort food!

A regular vanilla milkshake is already indulgent, so you can just imagine how phenomenal a cookies and cream milkshake will be!

Warning: this drink is super sinful, especially when paired with Philly cheesesteaks, so you’ll want to reserve this for a special occasion.

This recipe is a copycat of the Chick-fil-A cookies and cream milkshake, and it is seriously good. 

It also calls for only four ingredients: Oreo cookies, ice cream, milk, and vanilla. Just pulse them in a blender, and voila. It couldn’t get any easier than that.

Root Beer Float with Vanilla Ice Cream

9. Root Beer Float 

Just like a milkshake, a root beer float is another decadent thirst-quencher.

This drink and dessert in one is a sweet compliment to a Philly cheesesteak. It’s the perfect way to wash down such a rich and savory sandwich!

There’s also something about the combination of root beer and ice cream that’s truly special. The ice cream makes the soda so wonderfully creamy.

It’s a soda shake, if you will. 

The best part is, it only takes seconds to make.

You can pour root beer over ice cream and call it a day, or take it up a notch by topping it with whipped cream and cherries. It will be amazing either way.

10. Fried Pickles 

I really can’t say no to anything deep-fried – potatoes, onions, okra, and yes, pickles! Don’t frown on the idea just yet! 

You’ll be amazed at how delicious fried pickles are. Just like okra, fried pickles are a classic southern side dish that goes well with basically any entree. 

From the crispy golden batter to the sweet, tangy, and crunchy pickles, there’s nothing to love about this dish. 

You might be surprised at how addictive they are. They’re a hit at parties and are always one of the first ones to disappear.

And yes, they are absolutely perfect with a Philly cheesesteak. They provide a fantastic contrast both in flavor and texture.

11. Blooming Onion 

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with the classic onion rings, but a blooming onion is quite something else.

This side dish has become quite a trend recently, and I’m not surprised why. 

First of all, how gorgeous is it, right? It looks so intricate it seems like it takes a certain level of artistry to pull it off.

This is why I was surprised to learn that it’s actually pretty easy to make. 

Flavor and texture-wise, this blooming onion does not disappoint. It’s crispy-fried on the outside, and tender and sweet on the inside.

It’s everything you like about a classic onion ring, but is a thousand times more stunning!

Above all, as I’ve mentioned, it’s a breeze to make. All you’ll really need is a giant onion and a knife!

Just a few slices here and there, and your onion will turn into a captivating flower. 

12. Nachos 

The best way to feed a crowd? Serve them Philly cheesesteaks and nachos! This hearty combination is sure to leave your guests full and happy.

With a combination of chips, cheese, and your choice of toppings, you’ll have great-tasting nachos that will knock your socks off. 

You’re free to choose whatever ingredient you want. You don’t even need to go grocery shopping. Just raid your fridge and you’ll be fine. 

12 Best Philly Cheese Steak Sides

Looking for the best Philly cheesesteak sides to serve with your sandwich? From crispy fries to a creamy milkshake, you can’t go wrong with these perfect pairs.


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Best Philly Cheesesteak Sides

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