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10 Best Antipasto Recipes + Appetizer Ideas

Take your dinner party game to the next level with these antipasto recipes.

Loaded with meats, cheeses, spreads, and more, they’re sure to hit the spot.

Antipasto Platter with Ham, Prosciutto, Olives, Bread, Tomatoes,  and Cheese
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In Italian, ‘anti’ means ‘before’, and ‘pastus’ means ‘meal’. So it’s literally a ‘before meal’ dish, aka, an Italian appetizer.

Featuring bite-sized portions that excite your tastebuds, expect lots of varieties of cheese, meat, olives, and dips, as well as crusty bread, to tie it all together.

That said, some of these antipasto recipes are fun twists on the classic dish.

Either way, they’re colorful, bright, fresh, and great for sharing.

Easy Antipasto Salad and More!

1. Antipasto Platter 

This antipasto platter is like walking into an Italian dream.

It includes all kinds of cured, salty, smokey meats and cheeses with plenty of olives and crunchy veggies. 

And they can all be customized to your liking. Anything works, from salami and Prosciutto to manchego and Brie. 

It’s not an exact science, but this recipe helps ensure you have the perfect ratio of rich meats and cheeses to pickled bites to nibble on. 

And yes, it tastes just as delicious as it looks!

2. Antipasto Salad 

With so many cured meats, cheeses, and crunchy vegetables, no one will miss the pasta in this tasty salad! 

And while salads are usually pretty light, this one is much more filling, thanks to all those extras.

Serve up small portions as an appetizer, or serve it in a big dish, family-style. It’ll pair so well with roasted chicken or grilled fish.

It’s super simple to whip together and doesn’t require firing up the oven. Talk about a win-win!

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3. Tuna Crostini with Italian Antipasto 

If cured meat makes you feel bloated, give this tuna crostini with Italian antipasto a try. 

It’s a vegetable-forward antipasto platter that’s lighter on calories but doesn’t skimp on flavor. 

While roasted and pickled veggies bring bright colors, the creamy, herbed tuna spread is the start of this show. 

With a decedent herby mascarpone cheese infused with tuna, it’s overflowing with rich Italian flavors. 

Just make sure you have enough veggies and bread for this creamy and addictive dip!

4. Antipasto Polenta Tart 

If you want to impress at your next potluck or fancy brunch, this antipasto polenta tart is just as delicious as it is beautiful. 

It looks like something out of a magazine, but it’s surprisingly easy to throw together (in under an hour). 

That polenta tart crust is light and fluffy, like a rich cornbread but with a milder flavor. 

With a rustic antipasto blend of veggies, cheese, and olives, the flavors are out of this world.

The bright and salty notes from the antipasto pair perfectly with the mild flavor of the polenta tart. 

It’s great for holiday parties and makes a fantastic weeknight dinner when you crave something fancy. 

5. Antipasto Squares 

Where are all my salty, cured meat fans? You’ll love these antipasto squares if you can’t get enough salami.

They taste like an Italian sub served up in bite-sized pieces for easy mingling.

And they’re so easy to make, too.

You’ll use a can of Pillsbury crescent rolls for a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth bread layer. Throw on some salty meats, and you’re all set.

If you can make a sandwich, you have all the skills needed for these antipasto squares. 

6. Rainbow Antipasto Pasta Salad 

This rainbow antipasto salad lives up to its name.

It’s incredibly vibrant, making it a welcome addition to any summer BBQ or backyard bash.

It pairs tri-colored pasta with cured meat, cheese, olives, and colorful veggies tossed in a bright Italian vinaigrette

The tri-colored pasta helps dial up the colors in this dish. But if you don’t have it in hand, regular pasta works well, too. 

While this recipe is a great place to start, feel free to load up on even more of your favorite veggies and cheese. 

7. Marinated Cheese & Olive Antipasto 

Is there anything more beautiful than a platter of salty marinated cheese? 

This decadent cheese and olive platter is perfect for your next holiday party. And it’s 100% vegetarian. 

With all these rich flavors, even the meat lovers in the family will reach for more.

Paired with a host of salty olives and pepperoncini peppers, it’s insanely flavorful. 

8. Antipasto Appetizer Cheese Board 

Who can resist the siren call of a perfectly crafted cheese board?

While some antipasto spreads are heavy on the cured meats, this recipe allows the cheese to take center stage. 

It incorporates various types for a beautiful array of tastes and textures.

Classics like Parmesan, Asiago, and Provolone deliver intense salty flavors that pair so well with the meats, olives, and more.

9. Warm Antipasto Platter Pasta 

In a world of salty and cold antipasto salads, this recipe does things a bit differently. 

Sure, it pairs all the classics you’d expect, including meat, veggies, pasta, and cheese.

But the sauce sets it apart from the rest. 

Instead of a tart, herbaceous Italian vinaigrette, you’ll make a sweet balsamic and basil sauce. 

It’s herbal and bright, and the sweetness from honey and balsamic vinegar pair perfectly with smokey, salty meats and cheese. 

10. Cheese Ball Antipasto  

No party is complete without a cheeseball, and this recipe takes things to a new level. 

Exploding with flavors and texture, it’s smokey, salty, rich, creamy, and loaded with tangy goodness.

For a show-stopping finish, garnish the outside with colorful olives and roasted red peppers. 

10 Best Antipasto Recipes + Appetizer Ideas

Take your dinner party game to the next level with these antipasto recipes. Loaded with meats, cheeses, spreads, and more, they’re sure to hit the spot.


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Antipasto Recipes

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