Home Recipe Roundup 30 Polenta Recipes That Are Sinfully Easy

30 Polenta Recipes That Are Sinfully Easy

It’s no secret that we all love comfort food.

And these polenta recipes are ideal for when you want something indulgent, satisfying, and healthy.

30 Easy Polenta Recipes featuring Corn Porridge with Polenta and Blueberries
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From hearty casseroles to baked goods, countless recipes use this classic grain.

So, I’ve rounded up a mix of polenta recipes that are absolutely brimming with flavor.

They make terrific sides to a family dinner, or some are so good, you won’t want anything else.

If you haven’t jumped on the polenta bandwagon yet, it’s time you give it a try!

Smooth and Creamy Polenta Recipes

1. Creamy Vegan Polenta with Mushrooms and Spinach

If you like mushrooms and spinach as much as I do (and who doesn’t?), you’ll love this dish.

It’s got everything you could want in an easy-to-make dinner, and it’s ready fast!

With just 15 minutes and a few simple ingredients, you can make this creamy, hearty dish.

Comforting and filling, this is a meal that’s sure to please.

2. Polenta Plum Upside Down Cake

If you’re a big polenta fan and need a creative way to serve it, you have to make this polenta plum upside-down cake.

The sweet, tart, fruity topping pairs perfectly with the cake and adds great texture. 

The cornmeal provides some much-needed flavor, and when you add orange zest and vanilla to it all? It’s like heaven in your mouth.

3. Polenta Pizza (with Various Toppings)

This polenta pizza is a slice of heaven. And with its savory, tender base, it’s perfect for any pizza toppings you can think of.

I know polenta is not typically the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “pizza crust.” But trust me, it makes a great alternative!

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It’ll leave you so satisfied; you’ll want to make this every day.

4. Chicken and Polenta with Broccoli

Impress your guests with this creamy bowl of perfection that’s practically brimming with delectable flavors.

Green broccoli and orange chicken, with creamy yellow polenta–it’s sure to brighten up your day.

This dish tastes like you’ve been slaving in the kitchen for hours, but it’s effortless to make!

5. Instant Pot Chicken Marinara With Polenta

Save yourself from the weekday stress with this quick dinner that tastes gourmet.

The rich marinara sauce paired with the sweet polenta will leave you wanting more.

If you love decadent, indulgent dinners that you can make in one pot, this is the perfect recipe for you!

6. Saucy Chicken and Sausage over Creamy Parmesan Polenta

Are you in the mood for something creamy and cheesy but also warm and spicy?

This one checks all those boxes – and then some!

The saucy chicken and sausage over silky-smooth parmesan polenta just scream home-cooked comfort food.

It’s super luxurious, oh-so-smooth, and has the perfect level of spice.

7. Creamy Polenta

As much as I love these tube polenta recipes, you just can’t beat a bowl of creamy polenta.

This wonderfully flavorful dish is an Italian classic that’s sure to top your gluten-free meal list!

The sweet, buttery taste of polenta makes for a perfect base for an array of flavors, from spicy sausages to herby roast chicken. 

Pair it with veggies, top it with cheese and herbs, or eat it by itself.

8. Creamy Polenta with Parmesan Cheese

This recipe is perfect if you prefer the melt-in-your-mouth buttery, cheesy flavors in a dish.

The Parmesan cheese and herbs transform traditional polenta into an irresistible dinner that you can’t get enough of.

9. Creamy Polenta with Roasted Mushroom

When the weather gets cooler, all I want is cozy food that’s filling and warm. 

Cold season calls for warm blankets, fuzzy socks, and a bowl of velvety polenta.

And with this recipe, you’ll add a dash of magic with the rich, earthy flavors of roasted mushrooms.

Go ahead, take an extra spoonful – I know you want to!

10. Oven-Baked Polenta

In a pinch and need something quick, tasty, and easy for dinner? How about this oven-baked polenta?

It’s so fast and sure to brighten up your day!

Polenta isn’t traditionally baked, but the oven makes this recipe so much easier. And the finished product is soft but not mushy, and creamy but not heavy.

It’s a lovely texture that will complement any main dish, from chicken and pork to fish and prime rib.

11. Paprika Manchego Polenta

If you like polenta but don’t always enjoy eating a bowl of mush, this manchego paprika polenta is for you!

The manchego cheese gives excellent flavor minus the gooey texture.

Then, the paprika offers a fantastic depth of flavor that doesn’t overpower the rest of the dish.

12. Jumbo Shrimp with Chorizo, Manchego Polenta & Salsa Verde

Craving a fancy meal that’s a breeze to make? Then you have to try this sensational shrimp and chorizo recipe!

It’s an elegant dish that’s easy to make, and you can wow your friends and family with your mad cooking skills. Win-win!

This recipe is as good as it sounds, too. It combines bold, savory flavors with slightly sweet polenta for something that’s perfectly balanced and impossible to resist.

13. Instant Pot Polenta

There’s no need for constant stirring and babysitting the stove because this cheesy polenta is a breeze to make when you have a pressure cooker.

This Instant Pot recipe is crazy-easy. Just put all the ingredients in the pot, give it a couple of stirs, then set it and forget it.

In about 40 minutes, you’ve got yourself a generous helping of thick polenta, minus the tired arms!

14. Polenta Fries

If you’re looking for the perfect appetizer or a movie night snack, these baked polenta fries are a must-try.

Bite into their crispy goodness and delight your tastebuds with every mouthful.

Serve this with your favorite dipping sauce, top with cheese, and enjoy!

15. Roasted Tomatoes with Goat Cheese Polenta

Nothing compares to the burst of flavors you get when you bite into this fresh dish.

Goat cheese polenta is velvety smooth and wonderfully savory, and it’s paired with freshly roasted tomatoes to contrast the creaminess.

These flavors are so good together that you’ll be smiling every time you think about eating them.

 16. Easy Vegan Polenta (Super Creamy!)

Looking for a vegan polenta recipe that’s just as flavorful and luscious as the rest? This recipe has you covered!

Using only four ingredients, a couple of minutes, and lots of love – you’ll be able to make this delightfully creamy dish.

17. Easy Fried Polenta Recipe

The best thing about polenta is that you can cook it in many ways!

I love it with lots of cheese and a spicy tomato sauce, but it’s also fantastic with meaty chicken or earthy mushrooms.

This simple fried polenta recipe makes for a fantastic side dish that can go with any saucy entree.

It has a firm outer crust and soft creamy inside, so it’s sure to please even the pickiest of palates.

18. The Best Ratatouille With Creamy Polenta

Have you been craving the fresh, flavorful taste of ratatouille?

Pair the perfect balance of herbs and vegetables in this ratatouille recipe with creamy polenta.

Better still, you’ll cut the long cooking time in half with this fantastic recipe that yields unbelievably delicious results.

19. Garlic Parmesan Herb Butter Polenta Fries with Lemon Aioli

Want fries that are healthy, flavorful, and fancy? Just grab the polenta!

Polenta is a fun alternative to French fries because it’s a little bit easier to make and more healthy, but just as good.

Everyone will go crazy over these tasty polenta fries with their crispy exterior and creamy, cheesy interior.

It’s the perfect light yet satisfying snack or side dish to any meal!

20. Cheesy Mushroom Polenta with Bacon

Take your regular dinner rotation up a notch with this easy-to-make polenta recipe.

When we say comfort food, this is what we mean! Rich creaminess balanced with hearty bites of mushrooms and bacon. Yum!

This dish is loaded with goodness, and it’ll be ready in less than 40 minutes!

21. Polenta Cakes

Got a fridge-full of polenta but need something different to try? I bet these polenta cakes will get your juices flowing!

They’re crisp, buttery, and loaded with cheese and herbs to boot. After one bite, you’ll definitely want more.

22. Creamy Polenta with Zucchini and Tomatoes

This dish is creamy without being heavy, thanks to the added freshness of the roasted zucchini and tomato.

It’s a simple recipe that manages to be stunning and satisfying, and it feels like summer to boot!

You can serve this recipe in under an hour for a hearty gourmet experience that’s sure to satisfy.

23. Mamaliga Recipe (Romanian Polenta)

Capture some authentic Romanian flavors with this traditional savory dish made from polenta!

Mamaliga is a staple in every Romanian feast, and it’s known for its filling, indulgent flavors. It’s a humble dish yet a stunning one that’s perfect for all occasions!

24. Italian Polenta Skillet with Turkey and Vegetables 

You can always count on a quick skillet dinner if you want to serve up something tasty for the family.

This recipe cooks in a snap and comes together just as easily!

It’s loaded with good stuff, too, from lean ground turkey meat to hearty veggies, classic Italian seasonings, and of course, creamy polenta.

25. Baked Polenta Recipe with Mushrooms & Tomatoes

If you’re on the lookout for seasonal recipes that are both delicious and healthy, this baked polenta recipe won’t disappoint.

Stack your casserole with layers of fresh veggies, creamy polenta, and tomato sauce.

Once it’s cooked, you’ll have all the comfort of lasagna without the worries of carbs!

26. Cheese and Almond Stuffed Polenta Cubes 

Are you searching for something fancy to serve on date night?

This recipe blends the elegant flavors of taleggio, gorgonzola, and ricotta cheese in one bite of baked polenta cubes.

Serve it with a big juicy steak for a scrumptious meal your beau will love.

27. Polenta with Wild Mushrooms, Garlic and Sage

Between the creamy polenta and earthy mushrooms, this is one fall dish you’ll come back to again and again.

Don’t forget the zing of spice that garlic and sage add once you taste a spoonful of this recipe.

It’s warm and comforting, and it’s oh-so-indulgent!

28. Herb-Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Creamy Polenta

On the hunt for something delicious, that’s also easy on the ol’ wallet?

This meal is not only impressive and fancy-looking, but it’s also simple and minimal in terms of the cooking process.

The pork is marinated in an array of spices and herbs, then seared to perfection. Adding creamy polenta and roasted garlicky cherry tomatoes will feel like magic in your mouth!

29. Spicy Shrimp Over Creamy Polenta

We’re all about easy dinners in my house, and this spicy shrimp recipe is no exception.

All you need to do is season the shrimp, toss it in the skillet, add a fresh tomato mixture, and it’s ready!

Serve it over a bed of creamy, cheesy polenta and indulge in the burst of flavors of this heaven-made combination.

30. Ricotta and Almond Polenta Cake

This dessert is the perfect sweet ending to any meal. It’s a light and airy cake that you can whip up in no time!

The creamy, mild taste of ricotta and polenta paired with the rich, nutty flavor of almonds is sure to please your sweet tooth.

It’s got the right amount of sweetness and the right amount of lemon zing to it. What more could you ask?

30 Ways to Use Polenta That Are Sinfully Easy

It’s no secret that we all love comfort food, and these polenta recipes are ideal for when you want something indulgent, satisfying, and healthy.


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Polenta Recipes

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