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25 Homemade Salsa Recipes That Are Fresh and Delicious

Bring the salsa bar to your home with these spectacular salsa recipes.

No Mexican meal is complete without salsa. Neither is any gathering that needs a dip for chips. And if you haven’t been making salsa at home, you’re truly missing out.

Homemade salsa is superior to anything you can buy in a jar, and it’s guaranteed to be fresh.

Pico De Gallo with Cilantro in a Bowl
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Classics like pico de gallo and fire roasted salsa are easier to make than you might think. And they taste great with just about everything.

Better yet, there are a ton of recipes to make with salsa, so you’ll it’ll never go to waste!

Grab a bag of chips because it’s salsa time!

1. Classic Pico de Gallo

You can never go wrong with classic pico de gallo. This is a staple in my household for all my Mexican meals. 

I use it in all my fish tacos, burritos, fajitas, and more.

The trick to pico de gallo is using ripe tomatoes and salting them before combining. This helps bring out their juices. 

Oh, and you’ll want to slice all your ingredients into the same size pieces.

2. Roasted Tomatillo Salsa (Salsa Verde)

When I hit the salsa bar at my local taco shop, I always reach for verde.

I love it so much that even when I make Mexican food at home, it’s not the same without it.

That’s why I am so ecstatic about this recipe! I can douse all my recipes in salsa verde without leaving the house.

Roasting the tomatillos and peppers along with the onions gives the salsa more depth and sweetness. 

Just be sure to de-seed the jalapenos before blending. Otherwise, you might get more fire than you like.

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3. Easy Roasted Corn Salsa

If you like your salsa more tomatoey, this one won’t disappoint. 

Canned tomatoes make up the base so it’s very rich. It’s also got a generous handful of frozen corn for a sweet surprise. 

It’s more akin to a jarred salsa, except fresh. And it’s as easy as chopping and blending. 

4. Roasted Mango-Habanero Salsa

The best habanero recipes showcase this might pepper while balancing out the fiery heat. And this salsa does it best!

Mango and habanero are a match made in heaven.

The combination of sweet and spicy come together for a harmonious contrast of flavors with a tropical twist. 

There are so many things to put this on I can’t even count. I recommend starting with grilled fish or chicken, then branching out from there.

5. Roasted Red Pepper Salsa

Another exceptional roasted salsa that’s less fiery is this red pepper salsa. 

Roasting the bell peppers makes them sweeter and more savory. You’ll want to remove the skins after roasting. 

So what I do is place them in a brown bag to facilitate skin peeling. They’ll steam inside and make them easier to peel.

6. Spicy Pineapple Avocado Salsa

Vacations may be few and far between, but you can have this tropical paradise anytime you please. 

Juicy pineapples and fresh avocado are a summery treat to pair with all your fresh dishes. 

If you can get your hands on a ripe pineapple, I highly recommend going that route.

You can even use the hollowed-out rind to serve up a beach-worthy pineapple cocktail

Otherwise, I think you can still get away with using canned pineapple as long as it’s fully drained.

7. Fresh Mango Salsa

Mango salsa is like a Mexican fiesta in a bowl. It’s a gorgeous, eye-catching salsa with an even better flavor to match.

Unlike most salsas, this one doesn’t have tomatoes. It calls for the crunchy sweetness of red peppers instead.

It’s very limey, which I’m all about! But you can tailor that to your taste as needed.

8. Watermelon Salsa

Juicy watermelon is a fun summer take on fresh salsa. 

It’s spruced up with cilantro, red onion, and jalapenos. If you want to give it a pop of freshness, toss in the mint. 

This is a great replacement for a fruit salad and is even good just with a side of chips.

9. Easy Blender Fire Roasted Salsa 

The blender is your trick to getting semi-chunky restaurant-style salsa. 

You’ll roast the jalapenos and alliums, then toss them in the blender with canned tomatoes, lime, and spices. 

Be careful not to blend too long, unless you want a pureed salsa instead of chunky.

10. Grilled Pineapple Salsa

You know, pineapple salsa is phenomenal when you roast it too. It gives this juicy salsa a whole other layer of depth. 

It’s sweet, caramelized, and soaked in rum before roasting for even more flavor.

11. Bloody Mary Salsa

At your next Sunday brunch, delight your friends with this Bloody Mary. 

Ok, so there’s no vodka in this salsa. But the ingredients come together to taste just like one. 

You’ve got your tomatoes, Worcestershire, hot sauce, black pepper, and lime. There’s even a dash of celery salt in the mix for the full effect. 

12. Strawberry Salsa

I have a reputation for gorging on fresh strawberries and I feel the same about this salsa.

It’s sweet, spicy, fruity, fresh, and citrusy. So basically, it’s everything all in one bowl. 

For serving, you can get very creative. Savory meals or desserts, this fresh salsa will wow your guests. 

13. Chile de Arbol Salsa

Spicy food lovers, you’ll want to start dipping immediately. 

This five-ingredient salsa is all about potent peppers and garlic, with a couple of tomatoes for more substance.

If it’s a bit too hot, you can toss in more plum tomatoes to dial it down.

14. Lacto Fermented Salsa

Have you tried fermented salsa yet? This stuff is incredible.

Fermented food has probiotics that are very healthy for your gut. It also preserves food so you can make the salsa now, and eat it later.

The tomatoes will need to ferment in the brine for a couple of days. So I recommend whipping up one of the quicker salsas while you wait.

15. Salsa Guille

Salsa Guille is a four-generation recipe that’s a true gem. It’s far different from anything else on this list, which means you’ve got to try it. 

At the base, it’s a creamy peanut butter salsa with more garlic than you can imagine. 

It’s excellent with chicken skewers, but you can’t go wrong with tortilla chips.

16. Citrus Salsa

Citrus salsa is one of those dips I can eat with a spoon. It’s a juicy blend of grapefruit and blood oranges with a squeeze of lime. 

It’s smashing on tacos and salmon filets. You can even add it to tacos salads. 

But don’t stop there, let your imagination run wild!

17. Guacamole

What does guacamole have to do with salsa? Everything!

Guacamole is essentially pico de gallo with mashed avocados. Mash the avocados first, then add in the rest.

Once you start making it a home, you can never go back.

18. Charred Tomato Salsa 

If you prefer roasted salsas to fresh, this is one of my favorites I can’t rave enough about. 

The pan-charred tomatoes are sweet, smoky, and meaty.

While you’re at it, char the rest of the ingredients until they start to blacken, but are not completely burnt to a crisp.

If you want it more garlicky, toss in an extra clove or two.

19. Black Bean Salsa

Having Tex-Mex for dinner? Here’s the salsa you’ll want to add to your meal.

It’s very close to cowboy caviar and super simple to make. 

I love adding it to Tex-Mex recipes like Texas nachos and a side for steak fajitas.

20. Extra-Hot Yucatán-Style Roasted-Habanero Salsa (Chile Tamulado)

This is how they make super fiery salsa in the Yucatan. It’s smoky, full of citrus, and packed to the brim with habaneros. 

This is not for amateurs. This is for well-seasoned salsa pros who get happier the higher they get up on the Scoville scale.

21. Guajillo Chile Salsa

Guajillo is a popular dried chili commonly used in Mexican salsas. They’re a little sweet and milder than other peppers, just like this salsa.

If you’re looking for a salsa to pair with savory pork, this is a great one to pull together. It’s smoky and tomato-flavored without too much spice.

22. Roasted Tomato Salsa with Cashews

If you’re looking to try something different, this is a great place to start. 

This salsa combines garden-fresh veggies with cashews for a buttery effect. It’s smoky, a little garlicky, and not too spicy.

It will taste great with pretty much anything you throw on the grill, whether it be tofu or pork.

23. Ancho-Arbol Chile Pepper Salsa

If you reach for red salsa at the taco shop, this one’s for you. 

This four-ingredient salsa is spicy, smoky, and pairs well with meat. Careful not to burn the peppers. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with an unpleasant bitter salsa.

24. Garden Fresh Zucchini Salsa

I am all for healthy, garden-fresh dishes and that includes this summer dip. It has a fresh harvest of veggies and four jalapenos, so it packs some heat. 

It does take longer than some of the other salsas. But it has many uses, so it’s worth the work. 

You can add it to pasta, enchiladas, quesadillas, and so much more.

25. 5-Minute Pomegranate Salsa

Just because the summer is gone doesn’t mean salsa has to go with it! 

This cold weather salsa is the fresh and bright condiment that will liven up any meal.

It has most of your fresh salsa ingredients, with pomegranate seeds in place of tomatoes. 

Aside from de-seeding the pomegranates, it takes no time at all and you can prepare it a day in advance.

25 Homemade Salsas to Try


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