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10 Best Compound Butter Recipes

These sweet and savory compound butter recipes add so much rich flavor to your usual meals.

Whether you put a dab on your steak or spread some over a warm biscuit, I know you’ll fall in love fast!

Slices of Herb Compound Butter

Compound, or just flavored butter, is as easy to make as blending good quality butter with something flavorful.

For example, I’ve been on a bit of a “chicken butter” kick these days.

You take crispy, flavor-packed chicken skin and blitz it with salted butter for something truly irresistible!

Or, if you’ve never made it before, try one of these easy compound butter recipes.

Garlic Herb Compound Butter and More!

1. Basil Butter

Fall is just around the corner, so it’s time to start using or saving your fresh herbs.

And this basil butter is the ideal recipe because it can be frozen all winter. 

Along with garlic, basil gives this butter a burst of fresh flavor that’s perfect for summer. 

Plus, you can even switch the basil with other herbs if you have enough.

2. Garlic Herb Compound Butter for Steak

Garlic and herbs are always a delicious combination.

Add them to some butter and spread it on your favorite steak or fluffy bread, and it’s guaranteed to be your new favorite recipe. 

Not only is this butter easy to make, but it looks super impressive.

Oh, and it’ll make your family and friends think you’re a pro when you serve them a juicy steak with this stuff melting over the top.

Feel free to tweak this recipe too. I almost always add red pepper flakes for a touch of heat.

3. Cilantro Ginger Garlic Compound Butter

Cilantro, ginger, and garlic butter is a terrific addition to any fish dish or vegetable side

Cilantro provides a nice herby flavor. Meanwhile, the garlic and ginger are bright, bold, and delicious. 

I think this butter tastes best with seafood, but you can also spread it on corn or mix it with some rice. 

4. Chipotle Lime Compound Butter

This chipotle and lime compound butter is creamy, tangy, and spicy.

It’s also divine on pretty much everything, from veggies and potatoes to your favorite protein. 

Chipotle peppers are smoky and fiery but not too overwhelming – especially when combined with the butter.

That alone would be delish. But to cut through the rich heat, you’ll add citrusy lime to ensure it’s balanced, bright, and refreshing.

5. Cinnamon Butter

Not in the mood for herbs and spice? Then try this simple yet delicious butter that’s guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth

For this one, you’ll add brown sugar or honey for the sweet element. Both will provide different flavors, but they will still sweeten the deal just right.

Of course, there’s also plenty of warming cinnamon.

Spread this on toast, waffles, pancakes, or a fresh biscuit. It’s incredible, no matter what.

6. Sun-Dried Tomato Butter

Did you know you can make sun-dried tomatoes at home?

This recipe will show you how so you never run out! But, of course, if you’re short on time, you can always use store-bought, and the flavor will be just as tasty. 

And if you like noodles with butter, you have to make this compound butter and add it to your pasta.

Full of tangy, herby flavors, it’s surprisingly versatile. Add it to your next seafood dish, mashed potatoes, or a simple baguette. 

7. Tarragon Butter

Tarragon butter will immediately turn your next seafood or chicken dish from drab to fab! 

Along with lemon and garlic, tarragon provides an excellent delicate flavor with hints of anise.

And as always, the lemon is bright and zesty, and the garlic has a nice bite. 

You’ll want to keep this in your fridge or freezer, so it’s ready whenever you need it.

I use this under the skin of a holiday turkey or roast chicken, and it’s always a hit!

8. Orange Honey Compound Butter

Orange honey butter is a lightly sweet and yummy recipe that’s terrific on all kinds of treats. 

Citrus and honey are very botanical with lovely floral notes. With that in mind, it’s best on pancakes, scones, or French toast

That said, I’ve used it over chicken, and it was divine! Just be sure to add a little extra salt or some Sriracha to mellow the sweetness.

9. Jalapeño Lime Butter

Jalapeño and lime butter is one of my favorites on the list. Seriously, you need this recipe for your next taco Tuesday

It’s spicy, tangy, and instantly adds incredible flavor to your homemade fajitas and tacos.

Whether you’re making chicken, shrimp, or steak, add a pat of this butter for extra flavor, and you won’t be disappointed. 

10. Maple Pecan Compound Butter

I had to end this list with a decadent and sweet compound butter for all your sweet tooth cravings.

The maple is sweet and rich, while the pecans add some nuttiness and a slight crunch. 

Using a really great natural syrup is key to getting lots of authentic maple flavor. And toasting the pecans will activate the oils to make them really shine.

This maple and pecan-flavored spread will turn any bland dish into a fabulous dessert. 

That being said, this one might be too fancy for toast. Instead, it deserves fluffy pancakes or crispy waffles.

10 Best Compound Butter Recipe Collection

These sweet and savory compound butter recipes add so much flavor to everything from steak to biscuits. So, get ready to swoon because they’re crazy good.


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Compound Butter Recipes

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