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17 Best Mochiko Flour Recipes (Butter Mochi and More)

Have a bag of mochiko flour and have no idea what to do with it? These mochiko flour recipes are here to help.

Mochiko flour is the main ingredient in mochi, the famous Japanese dessert

That said, expect tons of mochi and mochi-adjacent goodies for today’s roundup of recipes.

You’ll have a blast here if you enjoy sweet and sticky treats. 

Sweet Pink Mochi with Butter Cream
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Also, mochiko flour isn’t only good for making mochi. You can also use it to make baked goods, such as muffins and brownies. 

As long as you measure it correctly, you won’t have to worry about the goods being gummy.

It’s gluten-free, to boot! If you’re looking for gluten-free desserts and breakfast dishes, you’ll have tons of options here. 

Without further ado, here’s a selection of recipes you’ll love very mochi!

1. Gorgeous Hawaiian Butter Mochi

Let’s kick things off with a Hawaiian version of mochi.

Flavored with coconut milk, butter, and vanilla, it has a mild sweetness and nuttiness.

Traditional Japanese mochi is spherical with a sweet filling This mochi variation is sliced into thick bars and doesn’t have any filling.

It’s a crossover between a cake and a mochi, if you will.

2. Mochi Brownies

Traditional brownies are made even extra ooey-gooey, chewy, and fudgy! 

Crackly crust, crisp edges, and a chewy center are exactly the things I’m looking for in a brownie. These brownies fit the job description to a T.

Turns out, if you use mochiko flour instead of the usual all-purpose, you’ll make brownies that are 10 times better than ever before. 

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3. Mochi Pancakes

This recipe combines mochi with the viral TikTok food trend to create mouthwatering pancakes.

These bite-sized pancakes are made with mochiko flour, making them soft and chewy on the inside.

Together with their slightly crisp exterior, it makes a wonderful texture combination. 

Serve these mochi pancakes in a bowl of milk for a scrumptious breakfast. 

4. Brown Butter Espresso Mochi Brownies

Here’s another mochi brownie recipe, this time flavored with browned butter and espresso.

If you’ve never used browned butter in a dessert before, take this as the sign to do so.

It’s butter that you melt in a saucepan until it turns golden brown.

Its exquisite nutty aroma will waft through the air and into your nostrils. It’s a heavenly experience on its own.

It’s baked into the brownies along with a shot of espresso. I’m not exaggerating when I say this dessert is ridiculously good. 

5. Matcha Mochi Muffins

If you’re looking for a new muffin flavor to try, today’s your lucky day.

These muffins combine the goodness of two phenomenal Japanese staples: matcha and mochi.

Mochiko flour makes these muffins soft and chewy. The matcha gives them a mildly bitter and grassy yet oddly satisfying flavor.

Brown sugar, condensed milk, and coconut milk are mixed into the batter to cut down matcha’s slight vegetal taste.

6. Gluten-Free Mochi Infused Muffins

These muffins are light, fluffy, and not too sweet.

Sweetened with brown sugar and flavored with lemon juice, they have a very simple yet satisfying taste.

It’s not the flavor that’ll make you come back for seconds, but the textures. They’re pleasantly soft and chewy, as if you’re biting into a cloud. 

They also get an extra layer of melt-in-your-mouth goodness as they’re dusted with powdered sugar on top.

7. Bear-Shaped Chocolate Mochiko Muffins (Gluten-Free) 

These chocolate muffins are almost too cute not to eat! They’re so good, you’ll regret it if you don’t, though. 

These muffins are flavored with 2 kinds of cocoa powder: regular and black.

They’re also infused with espresso and packed with chocolate chips.

That said, expect nothing short of an intense explosion of chocolatey flavor when you bite into these muffins.

As for the texture, imagine a combination of a fluffy and springy cake and a soft and chewy mochi. Yum.

8. Vegan Mochi Muffins

They look like regular chocolate muffins from the outside, but wait until you sink your teeth into one.

You’ll first be greeted with a slightly crisp and crunchy outer crust with morsels of melty chocolate.

Then comes the fun part: a filling of soft, sweet, and ooey-gooey mochi!

The playful combination of tastes and textures will surely delight your tastebuds.

9. Butter Mochi

It’s a sweet and sticky bite-sized dessert made by combining mochiko flour, sugar, milk, and butter.

Just like its Hawaiian counterpart, this butter mochi has no filling.

You don’t need any, as the butter-infused mochi itself is already such a glorious treat.

With its wonderfully unique texture, you’d think mochi is difficult to make.

On the contrary, this dessert doesn’t even require any baking at all! You can even make it in the microwave.

10. Mochi Cake

Inspired by the Hawaiian mochi, this mochi cake has a delicately sweet and buttery flavor. 

It’s crispy and chewy on the outside and springy and bouncy on the inside. Every bite is pure perfection.

You can even bake the cake in different pans to suit your taste.

Use a round pan to make classic cake slices, a baking pan to make mochi bars, or a muffin pan to make, well, muffins.

11. Homemade Mochi Waffles

Just when you think waffles couldn’t get any better, this recipe takes them to another level of deliciousness.

These waffles are golden brown and crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.

Such contrasting textures will give your taste buds a fun gastronomic experience. 

Treat these just like any traditional waffles and top them with any of your favorite breakfast items. 

12. Vegan Mochi Waffles

Thes waffles are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Texture-wise, they won’t disappoint.

As for the flavor, it’s totally up to you. This recipe makes for a great blank canvas that you can customize with whatever flavor or topping you like!

You can stick to the original recipe or add to the batter flavorings like cocoa powder, matcha, jalapenos, or cheese. 

13. Mochiko Chicken

As I said, mochiko flour isn’t just good for making mochi. Mochiko chicken is a golden crispy fried treat you’ll get hooked on at the first bite.

This Hawaiian dish is made of bite-sized morsels of chicken covered in mochiko batter and deep-fried until golden. 

The coating is crunchy on the outside with a slight sticky chewy texture.

You can snack on Hawaiian chicken on its own or serve it over rice or noodles. 

14. Red Bean Mochi

A collection of mochiko flour recipes is useless without a recipe for red bean mochi.

It’s the quintessential mochiko-based wagashi (Japanese dessert)!

This mochi is wonderfully smooth, sticky, and chewy.

Once you bite into it, your tastebuds will get a luscious burst of sweet and earthy red bean paste filling.

15. Shiratama Dango

Shiratama dango is another classic wagashi you’ll absolutely enjoy. It’s just like mochi, but without the filling.

Dango usually comes in a set of three and is served in wooden skewers. 

Fun fact: there’s an emoji for dango. Look it up on your phone! 🍡 

16. Chinese Sesame Balls

Mochiko flour isn’t just commonly used in Japan, but in other Asian countries as well. 

Chinese sesame balls are a scrumptious dim sum with a crunchy sesame crust, a thick black sesame filling, and a gummy-chewy mochi in between. 

17. Banana Butter Mochi 

If you’re looking for a new way to use up over-ripe bananas, look no further than banana butter mochi!

Its textures are just like the traditional Hawaiian butter mochi.

As you can imagine, the flavor is slightly different as sweet bananas are added to the batter.

17 Ways to Use Mochiko Flour

You’ll flip for these tasty mochiko flour recipes! From butter mochi to brownies to pancakes, mochiko flour will be your new go-to ingredient.


  • Gorgeous Hawaiian Butter Mochi

  • Mochi Brownies

  • Mochi Pancakes

  • Brown Butter Espresso Mochi Brownies

  • Matcha Mochi Muffins

  • Gluten-Free Mochi Infused Muffins

  • Bear-Shaped Chocolate Mochiko Muffins (Gluten-Free)

  • Vegan Mochi Muffins

  • Butter Mochi

  • Mochi Cake

  • Homemade Mochi Waffles

  • Vegan Mochi Waffles

  • Mochiko Chicken

  • Red Bean Mochi

  • Shiratama Dango

  • Chinese Sesame Balls

  • Banana Butter Mochi


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a mochiko flour recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Mochiko Flour Recipes

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