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15 Mochi Desserts You’ll Love Very Mochi

These mochi desserts will show you why this Japanese delight is famous worldwide! From classic to creative flavors, each mochi on this list is a must-try.

If you’ve never had a bite of mochi your whole life, you’re in for a treat!

15 Mochi Desserts You'll Love Very Mochi! Shown in picture: Sweet Strawberry Mochi
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With its soft and chewy exterior and sweet and creamy interior, there’s no wonder mochi is beloved all over the world.

Fortunately, you don’t have to buy a plane ticket to Japan to get the best-tasting mochi in the land.

Just drive to your nearest Asian grocery and get yourself a bag of glutinous rice flour. That’s basically all you’ll need to make it.

You take care of the ingredients; the recipes are on us.

In this roundup, you’ll learn to make mouthwatering mochi in the comfort of your home!

Whether you’re new to mochi or a connoisseur, these mochi desserts are a must-try.

1. Strawberry Mochi (Ichigo Daifuku) 

This strawberry mochi is a beautiful and tasty dessert popular in Japan during spring. 

I love the playfulness of this treat. It starts with a whole, fresh strawberry. It’s coated in a sweet red bean paste and then enveloped in soft, chewy mochi. 

The juicy and slightly tart strawberry combined with the sweetness of the red bean paste is delicious.

The fresh mochi on the outside is the perfect way to round out all of these flavors and textures. 

2. Sakura Mochi 

This Sakura mochi is another traditional Japanese dessert. It’s served all throughout spring when the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom.

It’s easy to make and the color is gorgeous.

It consists of a sticky rice ball filled with a sweet red bean paste.

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The rice cake is wrapped in a salty pickled cherry blossom leaf for a nice flavor contrast.

Sakura mochi isn’t very sweet but it does have a subtle richness.

3. Green Tea Mochi 

This chewy and sweet dessert is a classic. If you love the flavors of green tea and matcha, I definitely recommend this recipe. 

This recipe has two different versions of green tea mochi. One recipe is for white mochi with a green tea filling and the other is for green tea mochi with a white bean filling. 

Both recipes are a fantastic showcase of green tea flavors. Plus, the contrasting colors are beautiful. 

4. Matcha Mochi Cake 

I can’t get over the texture and flavors of these delicious mochi treats! 

The cake itself is sweet, savory, chewy, and buttery all at once. The coconut flakes on top add sweetness and a wonderful crisp topping. 

Sprinkle some flaky salt onto the coconut topping to make these cakes absolutely incredible. The earthiness of the matcha and the sweet coconut are an incredible flavor combination. 

5. Chi Chi Dango (Mochi) 

This is a recipe for a basic, yet delicious mochi. It’s simple but definitely hits the spot if you’re craving some soft, pillowy, and chewy treat. 

You’ll only need 4 basic ingredients for this recipe and it’s incredibly easy to make.

This recipe yields a slightly sweet mochi cake and as a bonus – it’s gluten free and vegan by  nature. 

This easy recipe will leave you with a sweet snack and a craving for more!

6. Gorgeous Hawaiian Butter Mochi 

These mochi cakes have a beautiful texture and the flavor is delicious. 

They’re soft and chewy with flavors that make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. Butter mochi cakes are sweet but not overly sugary. 

They also have hints of vanilla, butter, and coconut flavors. These Hawaiian butter mochi are heavenly. 

Although it will be difficult to wait, make sure these cakes are cooled before cutting. These delicious little cakes are great for parties but they won’t last long!

7. Homemade Mochi Waffles 

These fantastic mochi waffles are nice and golden brown on the outside and chewy on the inside. It’s a beautiful marriage of Japanese mochi and a Belgian waffle. 

These tasty breakfast waffles are nearly perfect. The mochiko flour gives these waffles a unique texture but they’re still very similar to a waffle. 

Top these with fruit, sprinkles, whipped cream, or tried and true maple syrup for a delicious breakfast. 

8. Mochi Cookie 

Who can resist a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie? These are just as delicious as your favorite cookie recipe, but with a twist!

These cookies are slightly crisp around the edges with a soft and chewy mochi center. Plus, they’re pretty simple to make. 

These cookies don’t just have mochi flour in them for a chewy texture. These are stuffed with wonderful mochi dough.

It’s a pleasant surprise and a nice addition to a chocolate chip cookie.

9. Pumpkin Butter Mochi 

This mochi recipe is a gourd-geous way to put a Japanese spin on a holiday classic. These mochi cakes are just like a cross between pumpkin pie and butter mochi. 

This dessert has a wonderful pumpkin flavor and hints of warm and inviting spices. 

While pumpkin pie is pretty creamy, these mochi cakes are more of a chewy texture. I love this unique version of a pumpkin dessert for the holidays. 

10. Mochi Ice Cream 

The first time I ordered mochi ice cream at a Japanese restaurant, I had no idea what I was ordering.

When it came to the table I was even more confused because it didn’t look anything like ice cream. 

Biting into it was an insane journey of surprise, delight, and pure joy. They’re incredible!

Sweet, cold ice cream wrapped in soft, chewy mochi makes the most delicious hand-held ice cream. 

This recipe is easier than you would think and it’s a great way to get the kids involved to help. 

11. Mochi Brownies 

This recipe is for all of the chocolate lovers out there.

These brownies have the same familiar flavor of a rich, chocolatey brownie but the texture is chewy like mochi.

This is a chocolate version of Hawaiian butter mochi. The best part? These still have crispy edge pieces.

These brownies are perfect to take to any party. The guests will love them and they’re a fantastic gluten-free brownie too!

12. Lemon Mochi Chicks 

These mochi treats are absolutely adorable. They’re perfect for any spring or Easter gathering. 

The lemon flavor and bright yellow color is stunning. Kids and adults will love these and they’re so fun to decorate. 

The cupcake liners keep them from sticking to each other so they’re easy to serve. 

13. Mango Cream Mochi 

The tropical mango flavor in this recipe is fantastic and the chewy mochi is fabulous. 

I just love the contrast between the chewy mochi and creamy mango center. Mango has such an aromatic and fruity flavor that goes perfectly with the subtly sweet mochi. 

These mango cream mochi delights will send your taste buds on a delicious trip around the world. 

14. Warabi Mochi 

This mochi dessert is soft and chewy. 

These little pillows are covered in rich and nutty soybean powder. Then they’re drizzled with a sauce called kuromitsu syrup. 

The syrup is made from brown sugar and gives the mochi a wonderful sweetness. This chilled dessert is pretty refreshing too so it’s often served in the warm summer months. 

15. Red Bean Mochi 

This red bean mochi is super sweet on the inside and deliciously soft on the outside.

The white mochi and red bean paste filling create not just a perfect flavor combination, but a beautiful visual contrast, as well.

It truly is a unique and tasty delight!

15 Mochi You’ll Love Very Mochi


  • Strawberry Mochi (Ichigo Daifuku)

  • Sakura Mochi

  • Green Tea Mochi

  • Matcha Mochi Cake

  • Chi Chi Dango (Mochi)

  • Gorgeous Hawaiian Butter Mochi

  • Homemade Mochi Waffles

  • Mochi Cookie

  • Pumpkin Butter Mochi

  • Mochi Ice Cream

  • Mochi Brownies

  • Lemon Mochi Chicks

  • Mango Cream Mochi

  • Warabi Mochi

  • Red Bean Mochi


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious recipe in 30 minutes or less!
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