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25 Best St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

Forget the green beer – give me some St. Patrick’s Day desserts

It won’t be a surprise to hear that I mostly go to BBQs and parties for the food, and St. Patrick’s Day is always such a fun day to celebrate!

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It’s a great excuse to pull out the food coloring and go for something loud and proud.

Green Clover Cookies

Needless to say, you’ll see some green treats on this list of 25 St. Patrick’s Day desserts, but I also have some sweet Irish recipes that you’ll love, too. 

Whether you’re just celebrating at home or planning on having people over, why not try out a batch of Irish shortbread?

Or are you brave enough to try some potato candy?

Let’s find out!

1. Shamrock Cookies

Nothing is easier – or more popular – than some tender sugar cookies dipped in chocolate.

They’re so simple but super effective, and the green sprinkles really pop against the dark chocolate.

Of course, they’ll look extra festive if you have a shamrock cookie cutter, but the green sprinkles will cover you if all you have are round.

2. St. Patrick’s Day Truffles with Bailey’s Irish Cream

Yes, these are as good as they sound!

These are made with vanilla wafers, making them moist and buttery.

But it’s the Bailey’s in the mix that will leave you reaching for seconds (and thirds!).

The trick is to freeze them before you dip them in chocolate, so they keep their shape while you move them in the chocolate.

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3. Shamrock Shake

I adore mint choc chip ice cream, so I make these year-round. But they’re extra special on St. Paddy’s Day.

Needless to say, mine always contain a generous glug of Baileys, which you can leave it out if you’re serving kids. 

I find the pale color you get from the ice cream to be enough, but if you like it bright, add in some extra food coloring until it’s a color you like. 

4. Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats Recipe

These aren’t just for the kids, but there’s no doubt they will devour them in no time. 

Unlike Rice Krispie treats, these are much more crunchy than chewy, though you still get great texture from the marshmallows. 

I just love the pops of color you get from the charms – did you know you can buy the mini-marshmallows in a bag on their own?! 

If you prefer them chewy, just add some of the colored charms to your regular Rice Krispie mix.

5. St. Paddy’s Day Brownies

These are actually cheesecake swirled brownies, meaning they’re rich and creamy all in one bite. 

They get their fun from a bit of food coloring in the cheesecake mix, turning the whole thing green and bright. 

It looks so great against the dark chocolate of the brownies, and I know they’ll be a massive hit.

6. Best Irish Coffee

Maybe you’ll be at home this St. Patrick’s Day – like so many of us – but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate.

This coffee is to die for, and I drink it all year long.

Unlike most Irish coffee recipes, this one has some maple syrup for sweetness and lots of whipped cream for a lighter finish. 

I’ve also been known to just add Baileys to my coffee, but the whipped cream is a must!

7. Old-Fashioned Potato Candy

You didn’t believe me before, did you? Well, I was totally serious!

This candy is made with potato, powdered sugar, vanilla, and some kind of spread, like cookie butter or nut butter. 

These candies are sweet, smooth, and full of flavor. Nobody will believe you when you tell them the main ingredient!

8. Leprechaun Balls

The name might not be the most appropriate, but doesn’t that just make these more fun?

These are adult-only, so it’s ok to be a little naughty, right?

When making these little cake truffles, it’s essential you have some green candy melts.

Without that coloring, they’re just boring cake balls!

9. Pistachio St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

If you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate color and flavor, these pistachio cupcakes will be perfect for you!

I like my pistachios with some chili powder dusted over the top, but they’re extra fabulous in a cupcake!

Using pudding mix will give you the color and taste of the nuts, along with fantastic moisture.

10. Irish Yellowman Candy

You’ll need a candy thermometer for this recipe, as you need to ensure the sugar reaches the “hard crack stage,” which is 149 °C/300 °F.

I’m sure you’ve enjoyed honeycomb candy before, and this Irish version is super similar.

The biggest difference being it includes white vinegar, which gives it extra rise and an extra thick crust.

11. Easy Irish Shortbread Cookies

Unlike American sugar cookies that are usually quite soft and contain at least half a dozen ingredients, shortbread is usually very “short” – in both texture and the ingredient list.

The short texture refers to its buttery crumble that’s both crunchy and melts in your mouth.

As for the ingredients, classic shortbread is a simple mix of flour, sugar, and butter. 

The key to keeping it short is to handle it as little as possible!

12. Irish Oat Cookies

I love that these are brown sugar cookies, making them wonderfully chewy and full of caramel notes. 

These are pretty perfect as is, but a few chocolate chips will really bring them to life.

13. Pot of Gold Cookie Cups Recipe

As far as cookie cups go, if they’re not filled with Rolos and gold frosting and topped with mini-rainbows, then I’m not interested!

Though they look complicated, these are pretty straightforward to make.

A quick chocolate cookie recipe, candies, and gold sprinkles give the illusion that the rainbow ends at the pot of gold. Super clever!

14. Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake

If you liked the Baileys recipes from above, then you’ll love this!

Between the chocolate crust, creamy spiked filling, and silky-smooth Baileys-infused chocolate ganache, this is a restaurant-worthy dessert that your guests will drool over.

You’ll make your cheesecake in a water bath, which should prevent any cracking on the top.

But the great part of this recipe is that you’ll cover the whole top with rich ganache, so any cracks will disappear in seconds!

15. Potato Apple Bread

It might be called bread, but this is more of a pie if you ask me. The only difference is that your pie crust is made with potatoes!

Much like the candy recipe from above, you’ll make your crust with mashed potato, butter, flour, baking powder, and salt.

This gets rolled out so you can fill it with your apples. 

16. St. Patrick’s Day Popcorn

Who doesn’t love popcorn? Especially when it’s coated in marshmallows and tossed with M&Ms!

If you have any leftover Lucky Charms, they will make an awesome addition here.

But any cute St. Paddy’s Day sprinkles will look great.

Baileys French toast

17. Baileys French Toast

St. Paddy’s Day isn’t just about the day drinking and green beers.

It all starts with breakfast, and what could be better than some spiked French toast?

This recipe includes creamy Irish cream in the custard and the whipped topping, leaving no doubt about the flavor. 

The only thing missing is a drizzle of whiskey caramel sauce.

18. Shamrock Shake Cupcakes

Wondering how you make a milkshake into a cupcake? It’s all in the frosting!

These tender little cupcakes have a lovely mint flavor in the crumb, and they’re topped with a light cream cheese and whipped cream frosting. 

This mix of cream cheese frosting and whipped cream gives you all the tangy flavors you love along with a lightness, much like you get from the whipped cream on your shake. Win-win!

19. S’mores Cookies – Leprechaun Hats

If you want something fun to make with the kids, this one’s for you!

This recipe is simple but looks so adorable, and there’s no need to turn the oven on.

You’ll start by gently melting some chocolate, into which you’ll dip the marshmallows and cookies.

Then it’s just a matter of sitting the marshmallow right on top.

If you can’t find the sparkly gel icing, try using green licorice or even green taffy.

20. Pot-O-Gold Popcorn Bites

You need to know that this recipe is just a little addictive, and you’ll probably end up eating half before you get it to your guests. 

Rather than making caramel, this recipe calls for honey. This gives such a unique sweetness and will set beautifully. 

21. Green Fruit Salad

Your dessert table will look amazing with all these green treats on display, so why not keep the theme going?

You can easily serve up something healthy like a fruit salad and stick to the color scheme.

Be sure to go for green apples and grapes, along with green melon and maybe a drizzle of honey-lime syrup. 

22. Lucky Green Oreos

I’m a huge fan of decorating Oreos. They’re already beloved treats, so why try to break the mold?

Instead, coat them in some chocolate and use a few nifty tricks to make them extra fun.

I prefer to use quality white chocolate and color it green. I think it tastes better, but feel free to use green candy melts if it’s easier. 

If you do opt for white chocolate, get the good stuff, so it melts properly.

You can add in a touch of coconut oil if you want to help smooth it out. And when looking at food colorings, always go for the gel kind!

23. Shamrock Pretzel Pops

Salty pretzels covered in chocolate and sprinkles? How does it get better?

They’re salty and sweet and perfectly crunchy, not to mention, fast!

These would look fantastic sticking out of those Shamrock cupcakes!

24. Leprechaun Cookies

Much like the Oreos above, these are an effortless but super cute way to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day.

Nutter Butter cookies are the perfect shape to make the hat and beard for your Leprechaun, and if you can find some candy eyes, they’ll be just perfect.

25. St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Bark

I know you’ve made, or been gifted, bark for the holidays.

It’s usually a layer of dark chocolate with white on top and crushed candy canes for color and a peppermint flavor. 

This recipe uses layers, but they’re more subtle. I love the swirl design here, and the M&Ms on top are just what you need. That being said, Lucky Charms would also work wonders! 

25 Best St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Collection


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St. Patrick's Day Desserts

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