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What Is the Best Cut of Steak? (Top 10 List)

What is the best cut of steak, you may ask? Well, that kind of depends on what you’re doing with it.

After all, there are many different types of steak, and they all cook differently.

Homemade Roasted Prime Rib with Green Beans and Mashed Potato

10 Best Cuts of Steak

Steak is the king of meats. From juicy filets to cubed steak recipes, it’s juicy and decadent.

But when you’re trying to work out what is the best cut of steak, you need to look at the recipe first. Usually, the author knows the best choice.

One top tip is to learn how to tenderize steak. That way, it’ll turn out perfectly every time.

Because as yummy as ribeye is, you don’t want to ruin it in a stew!

Raw Filet Mignon with Herbs and Spices on a Wooden Table

1. Filet Mignon

Filet mignon is a cut of steak that definitely deserves its luxurious reputation. 

It’s a tender, juicy slice of beef at its fines.

Filet mignon has the perfect balance of leanness and marbling to satisfy even the most die-hard carnivore. 

Its delicate texture and mild flavor make it an easy favorite as a blank canvas for whatever seasonings you choose. 

It also goes great with sauces and gravies. Who doesn’t love dipping things in delicious sauces? 

Add a gourmet side dish and maybe a nice glass of red wine. It makes for an exquisite meal that will easily impress guests.

Filet mignon truly is one of the best types of steak. After all, if it’s good enough for royalty, it’s certainly good enough for me!

Two Raw New York Strip on a Wooden Pallet

2. New York Strip

When it comes to steaks, there’s nothing quite like the New York strip. 

This cut of beef is one of the most popular in the steak world, and for good reason! 

Not only is this steak full of tender, juicy flavor, but its beautiful marbling also adds a depth and richness that can’t be beaten. 

The strip steak has an unmistakable texture and complexity that will leave your tastebuds wanting more. 

But what really makes this cut special is its versatility.

You can prepare it in a variety of ways and always get a delicious result! 

Whether you’re grilling, searing, or broiling your New York strip steak, one thing’s for sure, you won’t regret it. 

To take your steak game up a notch, try brushing it with garlic butter or a savory herb rub for an extra layer of flavor.

With its hearty texture and robust taste, this steak will always be sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Raw Slice of Flank Steak on a Parchment Paper

3. Flank Steak

Flank steak is a great cut to satisfy your hankering for beef.

It’s perfect for people living on budgets because it’s a relatively inexpensive cut. But it still delivers big in the flavor department. 

Flank steak is leaner than other cuts of beef, so it has the added benefit of being healthier and lower in fat. 

As far as taste goes, it offers up notes of umami and sweetness with hints of garlic and onion thrown into the mix. 

The flavor comes from its marbling and robust texture.

It’s an excellent choice for those who want their steaks flavorful without having to break the bank. 

Grilling is by far the best way to cook a flank steak to bring out the most flavor.

It’s best not to cook flank steak beyond medium rare, as it can become dry and tough if overcooked. 

If you’re looking for a great cut of steak without breaking the bank, then look no further than flank steak.

Two Raw String Tied Tenderloin Steak

4. Tenderloin

The tenderloin is one of the most delicious, yet underrated cuts of steak out there. 

It’s a strip of meat that comes from the short loin section near the belly and spine area.

It’s prized for its succulent texture and delicate flavor.

Tenderloin has a buttery tenderness and mild flavor that makes it stand apart from other cuts of beef. 

This cut can be cooked with just a few simple ingredients, allowing the natural flavors to really shine through. 

Plus, since it lacks marbling, there’s very little fat, which means you get the maximum taste with minimum calories! 

Tenderloin is often the most expensive cut of steak because it’s so delicious and tender. 

But don’t let that intimidate you. With a few simple techniques, you can make a restaurant-quality steak at home. 

All you need to do is season it well, then sear it on each side to create a golden crust and lock in all the flavor.

After that, finish it off in the oven until your desired degree of doneness.

Raw Skirt Steak on Stone Background

5. Skirt Steak

Skirt steak is a great cut of steak that everyone should have in their meat repertoire. 

It’s a juicy, flavorful cut with a deep beefy flavor and makes for an amazing dinner dish. 

Not only is it packed with flavor, but its thinness means it cooks quicker than other cuts of beef.

It’s the perfect choice when you’re short on time. 

Skirt steak also has a nice melt-in-your-mouth texture, just like butter! 

When cooking skirt steak, I recommend marinating it first to bring out the full flavor. 

A simple combination of olive oil, garlic, and herbs will do the trick nicely. 

For an even tastier result, let the steak sit for 2 hours or longer before you cook it. 

When it comes time to grill, be sure you don’t overcook the steak. Just a few minutes per side will suffice! 

Juicy, flavorful, and quick-cooking, this cut of meat should be at the top of your to-try list!

Fresh Rib Eye Steak Slices

6. Rib Eye

A rib-eye steak is a cut that has the flavor of a king and the texture of silk. 

This cut is taken from the upper rib section, which makes it so juicy and flavorful.

It’ll make your mouth water just thinking about it! 

The marbling of fat in this cut adds to its tenderness.

It also gives it an unmistakable richness that you can’t get anywhere else. 

But what really sets a rib eye apart as one of the best cuts? 

Well, for starters, there’s not much waste when trimming this particular piece of meat, so there’s more bang for your buck. 

It also comes from such a heavily used muscle group on the cow.

So these steaks are always packed with flavor and tenderness that you won’t find in other cuts. 

The fat content of rib-eye steak can vary greatly, depending on the cut. 

Less marbled steaks are great if you prefer a leaner steak.

And those with more marbling will be juicier and offer a more intense flavor experience. 

Raw Chunks of Prime Rib Steak with Herbs and Spices on a Parchment Paper

7. Prime Rib

Prime rib is an excellent cut of steak that makes for a mouth-watering dinner. 

It has a rich, juicy flavor that’s sure to leave you wanting more. 

The marbling of fat throughout the meat ensures it stays succulent even when cooked to medium-rare perfection. 

Prime rib also tends to be one of the most tender cuts of beef, making for quite the melt-in-your-mouth experience! 

But what really sets prime rib apart from other steaks is the intense flavor profile. 

Using a combination of herbs, spices, and garlic creates a well-rounded taste without overpowering the natural flavors of the beef itself. 

This makes it an ideal choice if you want something flavorful but not overly complex.

Plus, it can be cooked any way you like: grilled, roasted, or even in a slow cooker. 

In conclusion, prime rib is an excellent cut of steak that’s certain to become your favorite.

Its intense flavor and tender juiciness make it the perfect choice for a delicious dinner.

Raw T-bone Steak with Herbs and Spices on a Wooden Cutting Board

8. T-Bone

A T-Bone steak is the quintessential cut of beef. 

Not only does it look like a classic piece of meat, but it also comes with a unique flavor.

With its marbling, fat content, and tenderness, a T-Bone steak is sure to make any meal special. 

For starters, T-bone steaks have a remarkable amount of flavor in them. 

They come from the section between the porterhouse and the tenderloin parts of the cow.

You get all the juicy goodness from both sections in one delicious package. 

Plus, the natural fat content helps bring out all those delicious flavors even more!

Furthermore, T-bone steaks are incredibly tender and juicy. 

This is in part due to their marbling, which helps keep the meat moist as it cooks. 

The fat content also contributes to its juiciness, making every bite melt in your mouth. 

As if that’s not enough, this cut of steak is also very versatile and can be cooked in many different ways.

Raw Porterhouse with Salt and Pepper on a Wooden Table

9. Porterhouse

The Porterhouse is a cut of steak that’s fit for a king, or at least it should be! 

This delicious cut of meat comes from the rear end of the short loin and contains both the New York strip steak and the tenderloin. 

With its combination of lean and well-marbled beef, this succulent steak has all kinds of flavors going on.

On top of that, its generous size also makes it perfect for sharing. 

It has a deep richness to its flavor, thanks to the extra fat marbling found throughout the meat. 

As such, it goes really well with heavy sauces like béarnaise or even some red wine au jus. 

But if you’re more of a purist, you can enjoy the Porterhouse just as is!

The juicy center and robust flavor make it perfect for steak lovers everywhere. 

No matter how you choose to prepare it, the Porterhouse is sure to be a hit. 

So don’t hesitate to treat yourself to this superior cut of beef. 

Once you’ve tasted its unique combination of tenderness and richness, there’s no going back!

Raw Sirloin on a Wooden Cutting Board

10. Sirloin

The sirloin steak is definitely a winner when it comes to deliciousness. 

It has a robust flavor that’ i’s ideal for someone who loves steak with an extra kick of flavor. 

Not only does it have great taste, but it’s also relatively lean and tender compared to some other cuts, making it a healthier choice.

One of the reasons why sirloin is such a popular cut of steak is because of its unique balance between fat and flavor. 

Unlike other steaks, which can be quite fatty or stringy, sirloin has just enough fat to give it tenderness and juiciness without being too heavy. 

The result? A perfectly balanced steak that’s packed with flavor and still healthy! 

Sirloin is also a great steak for grilling. 

It’s thick enough that it won’t dry out easily, and the marbling of fat ensures it will be juicy and tender. 

Grilling also brings out all the delicious flavors, making sirloin one of the best steak options for BBQs. 

Overall, sirloin steak is definitely worth trying if you’re looking for an indulgent yet healthy cut of beef. 

What Is the Best Cut of Steak? (Top 10 List)

What is the best cut of steak? While there are many popular cuts, 10 rank higher than the others. Find out what they are.


  • Filet Mignon

  • New York Strip

  • Flank Steak

  • Ten derloin

  • Skirt Steak

  • Rib Eye

  • Prime Rib

  • T -Bone

  • Porterhouse

  • Sirloin


  • Select your best cut of steak.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious steak in 30 minutes or less!
What Is the Best Cut of Steak?

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