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10 Best Skirt Steak Recipes

Make restaurant-quality dishes at home with these surprisingly easy skirt steak recipes!

With its robust flavor and tender texture, this cut of steak is sure to become a fan favorite in your kitchen. 

Cooked Skirt Steak with Chimchurri Sauce
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Plus, skirt steak cooks up in a flash, making it perfect for mid-week dinners with the family. 

While it’s true that cooking it can be a little bit tricky, you’ll be immensely rewarded if you do it right.

From stir-fry to tacos, there are countless ways you can use this delicious cut in different recipes. 

Get creative with these skirt steak recipes and enjoy flavorful meals for days on end!

1. Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Grill the perfect skirt steak with homemade chimichurri sauce for a superb summer dish! 

The succulent skirt steak is full of savory taste.

The chimichurri sauce brings out even more flavor in this delicious combination. 

This dish is not only exceptional and ideal for outdoor barbecues, but it’s also healthy and simple to make. 

Beef skirt steak is leaner than other cuts of beef, making it a healthier option. 

But don’t worry, grilling it produces surprisingly juicy results if it’s done correctly. 

2. Grilled Skirt Steak

This grilled skirt steak is a simple dish that surely hits the spot.

While the steak is definitely the star of this dish, it’s the marinade that takes it to the next level.

This recipe is one of my favorite ways to use soy sauce. The mix with honey, dry sherry, olive oil, and garlic is so insanely mouthwatering.

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I suggest you make more of it because trust me, you’ll want to use it on everything.

Another crucial factor here is to ensure the meat doesn’t get overcooked. This can make it dry, tough, and rubbery. 

To achieve the perfect texture, place the steak on a preheated grill over medium-high heat.

Then, cook until it reaches your desired level of doneness. 

3. Marinated Skirt Steak

When it comes to steaks, this next recipe is king. 

Marinated skirt steak is juicy, tender, and oozing with glorious flavors.

There’s truly nothing like skirt steak that’s had a chance to soak up a tasty marinade.

For this recipe, you’ll mix brown sugar with Worcestershire sauce, balsamic, lemon juice, and more.

Together, they create the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and umami flavors.

Whether you’re having a special dinner or just a casual night with friends, this dish will surely be a hit.

4. Stuffed Skirt Steak

This stuffed skirt steak is a flavorful way to enjoy steak like never before. 

Butterflied steaks stuffed with melted cheese, bacon, and jalapenos…wow! Talk about a spicy surprise in every bite. 

It doesn’t end there, though!

This recipe also includes directions for making potato wedges and a phenomenal garlic butter sauce.

With the butter and cheese melting together, the juicy steak will be even more savory and succulent.

I’m not drooling, you are.

5. Skirt Steak Crostini

Looking for a show-stopping steak appetizer for your next party? Try this skirt steak crostini. 

Crisp baguette slices topped with Florette cheese and a succulent, marinated skirt steak. It’s just as yummy as it sounds.

The layers then come together with a heavenly balsamic grape reduction. It brings such a nice amount of sweetness and tang. 

Whether you serve them as an appetizer or as an after-dinner snack, these crostinis will definitely impress!

6. Grilled Skirt Steak Skewers

A tantalizing mix of sweet and savory, these succulent skirt steak skewers are to die for.

They’re first marinated in honey, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic. Then you’ll quickly grill to melt-in-your-mouth perfection. 

They have a delicious marinade, a tender texture, and a hint of smokiness from the grill.

These marinated steak skewers will absolutely delight even the pickiest eaters. 

Whether you serve them as BBQ appetizers or a main dish, you can count on them being a crowd-pleaser. 

7. Skirt Steak Tacos with Cilantro Lime Sour Cream

These skirt steak tacos with cilantro lime sour cream are a fun, delicious, and easy way to upgrade Taco Tuesday

The skirt steak is coated with a zesty rub. It’s then cooked with just a little bit of salt in a hot skillet for a few minutes.

It results in perfectly cooked meat bursting with tremendous flavor. 

Add a creamy and tangy cilantro lime sauce for wonderful balance of flavors and textures. 

Enjoy them at home for a bright family dinner.

8. Easy Beef Stir-Fry with Skirt Steak and Veggies

Who said that great food has to be complicated? 

Making a delicious and nutritious beef stir-fry is so easy.

All you need is some skirt steak, vegetables of your choice, and your favorite seasonings. 

For this recipe, you only need sugar, soy sauce, and sesame oil to flavor the steak. Isn’t that simple?!

This meal comes together in a snap.

It’s also incredibly versatile and accommodating to whatever ingredients you have on hand. 

Whether you prefer mushrooms, carrots, or peppers, building the perfect stir-fry for any night of the week couldn’t be easier.

9. Grilled Skirt Steak Sandwich

This grilled skirt steak sandwich is one of the most delicious meals. 

It’s made with crisp ciabatta bread, succulent skirt steak, sweet radishes, and a delectable sun-dried mayo dressing.

This sandwich is the bomb. 

If you’re looking for something new to excite your taste buds, look no further than this.

As soon as one bite goes in your mouth, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.

10. Grilled Skirt Steak Sliders with Salsa Verde Aioli

For the ultimate flavor experience, these grilled skirt steak sliders are the way to go. 

The steak itself is juicy and tender, while the unique salsa verde aioli is the show-stopper. 

The tangy flavors make it a perfect topping for the succulent steak. 

Plus, with their bite-sized portions, they’re delicious without being too filling.

10 Best Skirt Steak Recipes

These skirt steak recipes make for some tempting meals! From grilled to stuffed to served on skewers, skirt steak will quickly become a new favorite.


  • Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

  • Grilled Skirt Steak

  • Marinated Skirt Steak

  • Stuffed Skirt Steak

  • Skirt Steak Crostini

  • Grilled Skirt Steak Skewers

  • Skirt Steak Tacos with Cilantro Lime Sour Cream

  • Easy Beef Stir-Fry with Skirt Steak and Veggies

  • Grilled Skirt Steak Sandwich

  • Grilled Skirt Steak Sliders with Salsa Verde Aioli


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a skirt steak in 30 minutes or less!
Skirt Steak Recipes

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