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13 Steak Pasta Recipes (+ Easy Dinner Ideas)

Do you love steak and pasta? If so, you’re in luck because these steak pasta recipes are the best of both worlds.

They’re a flawless blend of rich and hearty and the perfect meal for any occasion.

They’re also creamy, herby, and exceptionally flavorful. 

Beef Steak with Penne Pasta
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I’ll share some of my favorite steak pasta recipes in this post. 

You’ll see some familiar favorites, like steak fettuccine Alfredo.

However, there are some unique recipes, too. (Philly cheesesteak lasagna, anyone?!)

Whether you’re looking for something classic or a bit more creative, I have you covered.

So get ready to dig into some yummy pasta! 

1. Steak Fettuccine Alfredo 

Let’s start this list with a recipe most people know: steak fettuccine Alfredo. 

Even if you’ve never had it, you’ve probably had something close. Fettuccine Alfredo? Maybe chicken fettuccine Alfredo?

Chances are you’ve had one (or more) of them.

This one has those classic long, tender noodles and creamy Alfredo sauce. Add the buttery, well-seasoned steak, and you’re all set! 

It’s a family-favorite dinner in just 20 minutes. 

2. Creamy Balsamic Steak Pasta

There’s nothing quite like a plate of creamy pasta to satisfy your hunger.

Although, throwing a balsamic-drizzled steak on top makes this pasta even better. 

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This easy-to-make recipe combines so many flavors and textures.

It’s a genuine delight to eat. The pasta is cheesy and buttery, and the steak juicy and delicious. 

Whether you’re an experienced cook or just starting, this recipe is easy to follow.

You can have it ready in less than an hour, and that includes the marinating time!

Plus, it’s steak and pasta! That means it’s guaranteed to taste terrific. 

3. One-Pot Philly Steak Pasta

Here’s another incredible one-pot recipe sure to satisfy all kinds of cravings.

In the mood for creamy, cheesy pasta recipes? This one checks that box!

Rather have a greasy Philly cheesesteak dripping with peppers and onions? This recipe has that covered, too! 

This simple recipe takes just 35 minutes to whip up. (But I’ll bet your family will devour it even more quickly.)

4. Creamy Mushroom and Steak Pasta

Is beef stroganoff your pasta dish of choice? If so, you’ll appreciate this creamy mushroom and steak pasta.

It’s a new twist on an old stroganoff favorite and much easier to prepare.

The sauce is creamy, earthy, and delightfully garlicky. The steak and pasta are tender and will practically melt in your mouth. 

It’s one dish that’ll satisfy even your most old-school meat-and-potatoes guests.

5. Pasta With Steak and Spinach

This yummy steak pasta tastes phenomenal when you first make it.

Luckily, it tastes even better later when it’s had time to cool down. 

The balsamic, Dijon, and feta give it a bright, tangy flavor.

The pepper, spinach, garlic, and Italian seasoning pair with that tanginess perfectly. 

This healthy, hearty dish will satisfy you and keep you full for hours.

6. Creamy Pepper Pasta With Steak Strips

No one enjoys spending hours standing over a hot stove just to eat. That’s why recipes like this 20-minute pepper pasta are so amazing.

It’s creamy, decadent, and full of peppery, herby flavor. It tastes just like a gourmet meal.

Fortunately for us, it’s a ‘gourmet meal’ that we can quickly whip up at home. 

7. Copycat Olive Garden Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo

Have you ever had Olive Garden’s steak gorgonzola Alfredo? It’s heavenly! 

This copycat version is just as good. It has all the flavor, heartiness, and richness at a much lower price. 

Unlike some of the other options here, this one takes some time to make.

You need about 30 minutes to prepare it and another 30 to cook it. 

Still, it’s an excellent choice if you’re craving Olive Garden in your PJs.

8. Creamy Penne Pasta With Prime Rib

Never agonize over what to serve with prime rib again. Just mix it in with some tender penne pasta and creamy sauce.

And don’t forget the sun-dried tomatoes! They make everything better!

After all, it’s hard to get more comforting than a big bowl of pasta and prime rib.

This recipe is ideal if you want something warm and filling on a cool night.

9. Blue Cheese Pasta With Steak

I can’t get enough of 20-minute meals, especially those with flavors that blow me out of the water. This one certainly fits the bill. 

Like most options here, it’s creamy, cheesy, and full of juicy steak. However, this one is also a total breeze to make. 

You’ll cook the steak quickly on the stove.

Then, serve it with a simple sauce made from blue cheese, cream, and garlic. Toss in some walnuts and parsley, and you’re all set. 

10. Mongolian Beef Pasta Salad

Looking for a lighter, cold salad for summer? Check out this recipe for Mongolian beef pasta salad.

You make it with well-seasoned sirloin, rotini, cherry tomatoes, and green onions.

Toss it all in a sweet, tangy Mongolian dressing, and it’s ready to serve.

The whole process shouldn’t take longer than half an hour. It’s sure to be a hit at your next backyard BBQ.

11. Philly Cheesesteak Lasagna

Sometimes, you just want something rich, indulgent, and so full of cheese you could pop.

This insanely good Philly cheesesteak lasagna is all of those things.

It’s full of ricotta and Mascarpone, of course. But it also contains mozzarella, provolone, white cheddar, Muenster, and Havarti!

Like I said, enough cheese to make you pop. 

Then, there’s the beef chuck, peppers, onions, and all the rest. It’s tasty enough that you’ll want seconds, even thirds.

Even so, your stomach will probably protest. One serving of this is plenty.

12. Steak and Tortellini Salad

Steak and tortellini is a quick and easy dish requiring only eight ingredients.  

Basically, it’s a meal of sirloin, lettuce, and tortellini.

You cover all of that in a cheesy, slightly tangy sauce that brings out the steak’s flavor. 

You can have it ready in 25 minutes, and the whole family will love it.

13. Ribeye Steak Pasta Puttanesca

Are you looking for an easy and impressive weeknight dinner? Then look no further than this ribeye steak pasta puttanesca. 

You cook the whole dish in just one pot. You make the sauce with pantry staples like olive oil, capers, and crushed tomatoes.

And the ribeye is juicy and flavorful.

It’s the perfect choice for a romantic dinner at home. Best of all, this dish can be on the table in just 30 minutes! 

13 Easy Steak Pasta Recipe Collection

These steak pasta recipes make for hearty, delicious dinners! From Alfredo to pasta salad to lasagna, there is no shortage of winning dishes here.


  • Steak Fettuccine Alfredo

  • Creamy Balsamic Steak Pasta

  • One -Pot Philly Steak Pasta

  • Creamy Mushroom and Steak Pasta

  • Pasta With Steak and Spinach

  • Creamy Pepper Pasta With Steak Strips

  • Copycat Olive Garden Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo

  • Creamy Penne Pasta With Prime Rib

  • Blue Cheese Pasta With Steak

  • Mongolian Beef Pasta Salad

  • Philly Cheesesteak Lasagna

  • Steak and Tortellini Salad

  • Ribeye Steak Pasta Puttanesca


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a steak pasta recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Steak Pasta Recipes

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