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23 Easy Spring Onion Recipes

Give your meals a burst of freshness with these spring onion recipes

Spring onions are one of the first seasonal offerings to pop up during the season.

And I’m always super excited about these aromatic greens!

They’re mellower than regular onions and have a bigger bulb than scallions.

Use the green parts, and you’ll get a more intense flavor. 

Homemade Potato Salad with Egg and Spring Onions
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Bright and slightly sweet, you can use them for all sorts of yummy things.

Risotto, potato salad, stir-fry, quiche, the options are limitless. 

This collection of recipes will inspire you to get creative with spring onions.

1. Butter-Braised Spring Onions with Flaky Cod

Have you been searching for a new cod recipe? Well, you’re in for a treat!

This elegant cod dish combines a few ingredients for an immaculate bite.

The spring onions braise in the butter while the cod steams to perfection on top. 

For the grand finale, top it with toasted hazelnuts, lemon, and green onion slices. 

2. Potato Salad with Spring Onions

Spring onions are the secret to creating a memorable potato salad.

Those tiny slices add a pop of freshness to the mayo-drenched spuds. 

For an enticing contrast of flavors, add briny cornichons, parsley, Dijon mustard, and chives.

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Also, you might want to double up on the batch. Once this hits the table, there won’t be any left in sight. 

3. Quick Vegan Spring Onion Noodles

When I want something healthy, comforting, and quick, I turn to scrumptious Asian noodle recipes like this. 

Bok choy, carrots, broccoli, and spring onions keep the fillings simple.

You can also add tofu for extra plant protein.

Aside from that, use any Asian noodles you like and smother them in a spicy and savory sauce.

4. Spring Onion Sabzi

Spring onion sabzi is a Maharashtrian-style vegetable dish that showcases spring onions. 

You coat a few bunches with garlic and spices. The final result is a green side dish that’s jam-packed with flavor. 

It doesn’t take long to make and it goes well with all sorts of cuisines.

I like it with dal and flatbread, but that’s just me.  

5. Spring Onion Pancake

When I think of spring onions, these pancakes are the first thing that pops into my mind. 

They’re a popular Chinese pancake that has the most heavenly flaky texture and sweet onion flavor. 

Serve them with an Asian dipping sauce like ponzu or soy sauce.

If you’re into spicy foods, a side of chili oil is a must. 

6. ​​Beef with Ginger and Spring Onions

Takeout? Forget about that. 

Dine at home tonight with this savory Chinese dish. 

Juicy beef strips and a whole bunch of spring onions are dripping with an umami gravy that’s thickened with a cornflour slurry. 

It may look a little daunting at first. But once you break down all the steps, you’ll become a pro.  

7. Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onions

If you’d rather have chicken than beef, go with this instead. 

It’s garlicky, gingery, umami, and oozing with flavor.

You’ll love the crispy ginger, simple marinade, and slices of spicy red chili pepper. 

Not to mention, there’s the seven-ingredient stir-fry sauce that coats the chicken in savory goodness. 

8. Spring Onion and Zucchini Rigatoni

When you have the right fillers, you don’t need heavy pasta sauces. Just take it from this rigatoni.

It has a simple creamy sauce that’s not overly rich. So you can really taste the zucchini, garlic, and spring onions. 

9. Roasted Spring Onions with Dill Butter and Lemon

Spring onions are often incorporated into dishes rather than the main event. But not this shining jewel!

Dill, butter, and lemon accentuate their sweet flavor. Roast them for almost an hour, and they’ll turn out tender.

Now comes the hard part, deciding what to pair them with! 

These go well with grilled meats like chicken or fish.

They’re also a great spring side dish or with Mediterranean food and Mexican cuisine. 

10. Vegan Spring Onion Soup

This immune-boosting soup is the perfect spring recipe for a brisk day or when you’re feeling a little lousy.

It maxes out on the garlic and spring onion with 10 whole garlic cloves and three bunches of spring onions!

Now, that’s how you fight off a cold!

11. Charred Spring Onion Tart with Ricotta and Cheddar

This picture-perfect tart is the show-stopping centerpiece your dinner parties need!

It has that wow factor backed up by an incredibly tasty flavor. 

You have a buttery flaky puff pastry, followed by a creamy and lemony ricotta mixture, then charred spring onions on top. 

Topping that is a drizzle of honey and hazelnuts to finish it off.

12. Irish Champ (Spring Onion Mashed Potatoes)

The signature ingredient of Irish Champ mashed potatoes was originally stinging nettles.

However, over the years, green onions have taken their place. 

And boy do they make these fluffy spuds taste great!

These are possibly the richest mashed potatoes around. They use an entire stick of butter, cream cheese, and milk.

The slices of green onion help cut through the fat while adding a nice sweet flavor. 

13. Silken Tofu with Onion and Garlic

This tofu is a masterpiece! It’s decadent and savory all using plant-based ingredients. 

Silken tofu has a dreamy creamy texture that melts in your mouth. 

Top it with a garlicky and oniony soy-based sauce for an extraordinary vegan protein.

14. Spring Onion and Chive Pizza with Genius White Sauce

As if you needed another reason to throw a pizza party, here’s one more. 

The simple white sauce complements the freshness of the spring onions and chives without masking their flavor. 

I highly recommend using a pizza stone if you have one. It does wonders for the crust.

15. Spring Onion Quiche

This picturesque quiche screams spring!

For brunches, potlucks, or breakfast with the family, spring onion quiche is great for all sorts of occasions. 

It’s especially perfect if you need a special Easter treat. 

16. Spring Onion & Roasted Garlic Brown Rice

This flavorful brown rice is ideal for so many things.

Use it as a base for buddha bowls, add a protein, or use it as a side for family dinners.

It’s an easy way to add more flavor to your rice. 

Plus, you can make it in a pressure cooker or rice cooker. That frees you up to get the rest of the meal going. 

17. Spring Onion and Cheese Paratha

Paratha is a type of Asian flatbread.

You can add different types of fillers, but I just love the combo of spring onion and cheese. 

Between the aromatics and the flaky texture, this stuff is addicting. 

Trust me, you’ll want to sink your teeth in bite after bite. 

18. Spring Onion Fiddlehead Risotto

Spring means spring onion and fiddlehead foraging time! 

If you scored a bounty of these two, turn them into a comforting risotto.

Risotto can be a little tricky, but this recipe makes it easy. 

It also shows you how to easily prepare fiddleheads if you’re new to cooking fern shoots.

19. Courgette, Spring Onion, and Dill Rice

For dinner parties or holidays, you need to add this classy rice to the spread. 

It only calls for eight ingredients, and the process is incredibly simple. 

You bake the zucchini and spring onions, add the dill rice, and put the baking sheet back into the oven so the flavors meld.

That’s it!

20. Classic Cheese and Onion Sandwich

Here’s an easy 10-minute sandwich to add to your quick lunch repertoire. 

The filling is a creamy mixture of spring onions, mayo, red onion, and two types of cheese. 

Smear that on seeded whole wheat bread, and your lunch is ready to go. 

21. Creamy Spring Onion and Radish Dip

Need a ravishing dip for your springtime parties? Grab the spring onions and make this six-ingredient dip. 

Garden-fresh and lavishly creamy, it’s one of those dips you can’t stop eating. 

So maybe pair it with veggie sticks so you can feel a little less guilty. 

22. Spring Onion Flatbreads

I don’t know how anyone can resist these pillowy flatbreads.

The soft and chewy texture paired with the little pop of spring onions is very tempting.

Eat them fresh off the skillet or use them for sandwiches.

They’re also the perfect dippers for soups, stews, and party dips.

23. Spring Onion Mint Pulav

Spring onion mint pulav is a fresh and aromatic Indian dish. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to fix up white rice, you’ve just found it. 

It takes you a whole 15 minutes and the pairing options are endless.

Of course, the best way to enjoy it is with some authentic Indian recipes.

23 Easy Spring Onion Recipes

Everyone will love these tasty spring onion recipes! From potato salad to pancakes to chicken and pasta, celebrate the season with these tempting dishes.


  • Butter-Braised Spring Onions with Flaky Cod

  • Potato Salad with Spring Onions

  • Quick Vegan Spring Onion Noodles

  • Spring Onion Sabzi

  • Spring Onion Pancake

  • Beef with Ginger and Spring Onions

  • Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onions

  • Spring Onion and Zucchini Rigatoni

  • Roasted Spring Onions with Dill Butter and Lemon

  • Vegan Spring Onion Soup

  • Charred Spring Onion Tart with Ricotta and Cheddar

  • Irish Champ (Spring Onion Mashed Potatoes)

  • Silken Tofu with Onion and Garlic

  • Spring Onion and Chive Pizza with Genius White Sauce

  • Spring Onion Quiche

  • Spring Onion & Roasted Garlic Brown Rice

  • Spring Onion and Cheese Paratha

  • Spring Onion Fiddlehead Risotto

  • Courgette, Spring Onion, and Dill Rice

  • Courgette, Spring Onion, and Dill Rice

  • Creamy Spring Onion and Radish Dip

  • Spring Onion Flatbreads

  • Spring Onion Mint Pulav


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a spring onion recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Spring Onion Recipes

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