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25 Easy White Rice Recipes You’ll Love

Spruce up your plain basic rice with these white rice recipes.

White rice is like a blank canvas just waiting for a cacophony of sensational flavors!

You can turn it into a seafood-packed paella or a spicy Cajun jambalaya.

Or, keep things light and healthy with a bowl of healing chicken and rice soup

Cilantro Lime Rice in a Bowl
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This pantry staple is highly versatile, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

From simple sides to full-blown meals, these white rice recipes are all-encompassing so there’s something here for everyone.

Bust out the rice cooker and let’s get started!

1. Lemon Rice Pilaf 

Lemon rice pilaf is so versatile, it will be your new go-to side of choice. 

From chicken to lamb to fish, this rice pairs well with any protein. 

You can use any type of white rice, but long-grain is best.

It’s less sticky and fluffs up nicely, making it perfect for pilaf. 

2. Easy Chicken Fried Rice 

A homemade chicken fried rice that’s better than takeout might sound too good to believe. But trust me, it exists. 

Not only that, but it’s insanely easy!

You cook your veggies, scramble the eggs, then toss in the cooked chicken and rice.

Add a healthy dose of soy sauce and it’s done.

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3. Spicy Kani Roll | Spicy Crab Roll

Call up your pals because it’s sushi night!

Spicy crab rolls are beginner-friendly and come together in just 10 minutes.

Each umami bite is brimming with spicy imitation crab meat, crunchy nori, and white rice. 

Short-grain rice is best. It’s sticky, so it holds the rolls together when sliced.

4. 4-Ingredient Chicken Rice Casserole 

Have 5 minutes to spare? Then you have enough time to prepare this casserole for dinner.

With just four ingredients, things couldn’t get any simpler. 

In your favorite casserole dish, you’ll layer chicken, white rice, cream of mushroom soup, and a dry onion soup mix.

Not only is it cozy, but it’s healthy, too!

5. Rice Pudding with Leftover Rice

Rice pudding is a genius idea for leftover rice. 

Creamy and sweet, this bowl of rice has hints of vanilla and speckles of raisins. Add a dash of cinnamon right before serving. 

Arborio rice is a great choice. Just keep in mind it may take a bit longer to cook.

6. Jambalaya

Want the best homemade jambalaya you’ve ever had? Well, then you need this recipe.

The bold Cajun flavors are spot-on, which means there are a few musts for this dish. 

Creole seasoning is obvious and so is andouille sausage. But don’t leave out the chicken or the shrimp. 

Next up, you’ll want okra, peppers, and onions. Add a pinch of cayenne for plenty of heat.

As for the rice, go with long-grain white rice. It’s a classic ingredient used in this Louisiana dish.

7. Texas Roadhouse Seasoned Rice

Texas Roadhouse knows how to do a side of rice! Now you do too thanks to this copycat recipe.

Paprika, cayenne, and garlic powder season it just right. 

Cook the rice in chicken stock with butter to infuse it with more flavor and don’t forget the soy sauce.

8. Cheesy Broccoli Rice

Sometimes, you just want a big bowl of home-style cheesy broccoli rice. 

It’s the dish everyone can agree on and it’s fuss-free. 

It’s also a great use of frozen broccoli.

9. Mexican Rice

Mexican rice is a classic side to go with all your spicy cuisine. 

Fajitas, tacos, or stuffed into a burrito, you seriously can’t go wrong.

In between the seasonings and the tomato sauce, you’d swear it’s from a restaurant.

But I guarantee it’s completely homemade.

10. Lemon Garlic Shrimp and Rice 

Large plump shrimp and soft jasmine rice come together for this quick weeknight dinner

In just 15 minutes, you can have a steaming hot bowl of this zesty and garlicky fresh rice.

Simple and satisfying, what else do you need?

11. Benihana Fried Rice

Don’t have a Benihana in your town? No worries! 

Make your version of their fried rice at home instead. 

It’s full of tender chicken, carrots, eggs, and their signature garlic butter.

12. Cajun Shrimp and Rice Skillet 

This 30-minute Cajun skillet has got me all fired up! It’s an immaculate concoction of flavors. 

The rice has a coating of a homemade Cajun seasoning blend and so does the shrimp.

Plus, you cook those juicy shellfish in butter!

Spice it up with hot sauce or leave it as is. There is more than enough flavor to go around.

13. Paella

Paella is a popular Spanish dish that turns white rice into a sensational seafood meal.

Arborio rice gets jam-packed with an assortment of proteins. This includes mussels, clams, shrimp, chicken, and sausage. 

For the sausage, only Spanish chorizo will do. It also wouldn’t be proper without Spanish paprika and saffron.

14. Tomatoes and Rice 

If paella is a little too ambitious, try tomatoes and rice for tonight’s dinner. It calls for a handful of pantry staples and some bacon grease. 

To make it vegan, swap out the grease with olive oil and use veggie broth instead of chicken.

Despite which route you go, it only requires 5 minutes of prep. The stove does all the rest!

15. Easy Onigiri お握り (Japanese Rice Balls) 

You’re in for a real treat with this easy four-ingredient onigiri. 

White rice gets shaped into cute little triangles, dusted with furikake seasoning, then wrapped in nori. 

These are great for a vegan sushi night and they make for a fun party app.

Try them dunked in ponzu for a complementary sauce.

16. Chipotle Cilantro Lime Rice (Copycat) 

I think we can all agree that the one thing Chipotle does right is cilantro lime rice. 

To make your own at home, use basmati rice. It has a fragrant aroma, a slightly nutty flavor, and a fluffy texture. 

If you have a rice cooker, I highly recommend it. It will cook this recipe perfectly every time. 

17. Garlic Butter Rice

Another rice dish that goes with practically everything is garlic butter rice. 

Yes, it’s super garlicky and buttery. 

But it’s also fresh and tasty, and you can make it all in one pot.

18. One-Pot Coconut Curry Chicken and Rice

Nothing screams cozy like a warming bowl of curry.

Spicy, fresh, and creamy, this one-pot wonder only takes 30 minutes.

Be sure to use long-grain rice like basmati or jasmine. They have a light fluffy texture that goes well with curries.  

19. Dirty Rice

Louisiana is home to some legendary Creole cuisine and that includes dirty rice. It’s an easy rice dish and a meal in itself. 

You start by browning beef and sauteing aromatics. Next, toss in the veggies and seasoning. 

Combine it all with some cooked rice and add a pinch of green onions right before digging in. 

20. Tuna Mayo Deopbap (Korean Tuna Rice Bowl) 

Want to make restaurant-quality Korean rice bowls at home? Here’s how you’ll do it. 

You need a fluffy bed of white rice, avocado, and cucumber for the base.

Then top it with tuna cooked in garlic and butter. 

Once that’s assembled, drizzle on the eel sauce and Japanese mayo.

21. Chicken Bog (Rice Pilaf)

What’s chicken bog? I’m so happy you asked! 

It’s a comforting one-pot Southern dish that’s hearty and savory. 

Trapped inside a big pot of white rice you’ll find meaty chunks of juicy chicken and kielbasa sausage.

The onions, carrots, and celery give it a Creole touch. 

Grab some hot sauce and give it a few dashes. Something like Crystal or Louisiana hot sauce goes great.

22. One-Pan Tomato Basil Chicken & Rice 

This one-pan skillet recipe is utterly bursting with flavor!

The chicken thighs are crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. Then there’s the rice, which is by far the best part!

Chicken stock infuses it with flavor. So does the garlic, crushed tomatoes, and basil. 

23. Chicken and Rice Soup

I could cozy up with a bowl of this soup all winter long!

The combination of chicken and white rice fills you up without weighing you down.

For the veggies, keep it simple with celery, carrots, and onions.

It’s healing, healthy, and clean eating all the way.

24. Chicken Burrito Protein Bowl 

Fresh and filling, these burrito bowls are full of flavor.

They have juicy chicken, fresh veggies, black beans, and fluffy cilantro lime rice.

What I love most about these burrito bowls is there’s plenty of room for interpretation. 

Pile on the salsa or add a scoop of guac. Sprinkle on the cheese or swap out your proteins. You can make them your own. 

25. Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are a family favorite everyone can agree on. 

These colorful bell peppers are full of browned beef and white rice cooked in tomato sauce.

Plus, each has a topping of gooey mozzarella cheese. 

Be sure to pre-cook the pepper so they turn out nice and tender. 

25 Easy White Rice Recipes You’ll Love

These tasty white rice recipes are too good to miss. From casserole to paella to soup, all of these dishes are easy and comforting.


  • Lemon Rice Pilaf

  • Easy Chicken Fried Rice

  • Spicy Kani Roll | Spicy Crab Roll

  • 4 Ingredient Chicken Rice Casserole

  • Rice Pudding with Leftover Rice

  • Jambalaya

  • Texas Roadhouse Seasoned Rice

  • Cheesy Broccoli Rice

  • Mexican Rice

  • Lemon Garlic Shrimp and Rice

  • Benihana Fried Rice

  • Cajun Shrimp and Rice Skillet

  • Paella

  • Tomatoes and Rice

  • Easy Onigiri お握り (Japanese Rice Balls)

  • Chipotle Cilantro Lime Rice (Copycat)

  • Garlic Butter Rice

  • One Pot Coconut Curry Chicken and Rice

  • Dirty Rice

  • Tuna Mayo Deopbap (Korean Tuna Rice Bowl)

  • Chicken Bog (Rice Pilaf)

  • One Pan Tomato Basil Chicken & Rice

  • Chicken and Rice Soup

  • Chicken Burrito Protein Bowl

  • Stuffed Peppers


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a white rice recipe in 30 minutes or less!
White Rice Recipes

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