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30 Recipes With Pickles We Can’t Resist

These recipes with pickles find new and exciting ways to infuse massive pickle flavors into mealtime. 

Pickles primarily end up as a side of a sandwich or atop a burger.

But you can also fry them and dip them in ranch, infuse them into pasta and potato salad, or even dip them in chocolate!

Fresh and Organic Pickle Chips in a White Bowl
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They’re salty and sour and add massive flavor to all classics. 

If you can’t find enough ways to include pickles in dinner, check out these recipes with pickles below. 

1. Crispy Air Fryer Dill Pickles

Behold yet another reason to love your handy air fryer!

These crunchy and tangy fried pickles offer all the indulgences of a fried snack without the oil.

Coat pickle spears or chips in egg, flour, and breadcrumbs, and place them in a single layer in your air fryer until crispy. 

They come out golden and delicious and pair perfectly with a creamy ranch or dill dip. 

2. Cuban Sandwich Recipe (Cubano Sandwich) 

I had my first Cubano sandwich a few years ago, and my take on sandwiches has never been the same.

This sandwich piles high salty, savory, and tangy flavors like a flavor explosion between two pieces of bread. 

The salty pork is salty and meaty and pairs well with pickles, mustard, and Swiss cheese.

To fuse those flavors, grill it on the stove or a panini press. 

3. Dill Pickle Pasta Salad 

This dill pickle pasta salad will make you the breakaway star at your next summer cookout.

Plus, it’s so easy to whip up in a snap! It fuses bright, summery flavors that are the perfect side dish for grilled burgers or hot dogs. 

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This recipe calls for cooked pasta, pickles, and classic pasta salad seasoning. It’s the perfect side dish. 

4. Dill Pickle Dip 

This dill pickle dip gives ranch dip a run for its money.

If you want to amp up your dip game but don’t want to stray too far from the classics, this dill pickle dip is a great option. 

It pairs cream cheese and sour cream as its tangy base with just a touch of sweetness.

Add finely chopped pickles (and pickle juice) and chopped dill to keep it light, bright, and irresistible. 

5. Chicago Style Hot Dog 

Chicago knows two things: deep-dish pizza and hot dogs.

These dogs don’t underestimate the power of the pickle. Top each one with sweet pickle relish and either dill pickle chips or spears. 

Add classic hot dog fixings like mustard (essential to a good hot dog), chopped onion, and garnish with celery salt. 

6. Pioneer Woman Deviled Eggs 

Classic deviled eggs are the perfect hand-held cookout food.

While the traditional recipe will never disappoint, this pickle-infused deviled egg recipe will surely be a hit at your next party. 

The addition of chopped pickles adds a salty note that pairs well with mustard.

To dial up the flavors, add a little Tabasco sauce for an added kick.

7. Oven-Fried Pickles

Are you looking for a delicious yet guilt-free snack?

These oven-fried pickles soothe your late-night snack attack without all that added oil.

Bread pickle spears or chips like you’re preparing to toss them into the deep fryer, but pop them in the oven instead. 

The trick to perfectly crunchy oven-baked pickles is to bake them at high heat (450 degrees F) and flip them over halfway through.

They’re great alone and even better when dipped in a creamy ranch or dill dip. 

8. Pickle Salsa 

This pickle salsa sounds a little crazy.

It completely omits the main ingredient of salsa, tomatoes, and replaces it with pickles!

It’s a cross between salsa and relish, and it’s a must-try for all pickle fanatics. 

The pickles and juice add salty and sour notes. These pair perfectly with sweet onions, jalapenos, red pepper, garlic, and cilantro.

While you can dip tortilla chips in this unique salsa, it makes an excellent relish for burgers or hot dogs. 

9. Beef Rouladen 

Beef Rouladen is German comfort food, and for a good reason.

Thinly slices of steak wrap around pickle spear and bacon and simmer in a rich and indulgent broth. 

The wrapping process is a little tedious. But you can save a little time by cooking in the Crockpot low and slow.

10. Dill Pickle Pizza with Garlic Sauce Recipe 

Everyone loves pizza and pickles. So why not fuse the two?

It doesn’t have the usual red sauce. Instead, you’ll make white sauce with lots of garlic and Parmesan cheese.

It’s packed with flavor and easy to whip up on a hectic weeknight. 

11. Bacon Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole 

This bacon cheeseburger tater tot casserole is one of those rare dinner dishes everyone loves.

Throw everything into a casserole dish, and cook in the oven for just 30 minutes. 

It pairs fan favorites like tater tots, bacon, cheese, pickles, and beef in one pan. What’s not to love?

12. Dill Pickle Potato Salad 

This dill pickle potato salad is a must-try for your next summer BBQ.

Potatoes and eggs are savory but don’t impart much flavor.

If you don’t get aggressive with seasoning, your potato salad risks becoming bland. 

That’s the great thing about pickles. They add many tangy flavors without tirelessly tinkering in your spice cabinet.

Add just four pickle spears to a classic potato salad recipe, and watch as party guests for back for seconds and thirds. 

13. Classic Macaroni Salad 

Look no further if you need an irresistible side dish for your next potluck.

This classic macaroni salad is crunchy and savory and packs a powerful summertime flavor punch. 

Soft macaroni and hard-boiled eggs pair perfectly with crunchy sweet pickles and red onion.

Mix in mayo to combine all the flavors in creamy harmony and garnish with fresh parsley

14. Bacon-Wrapped Pickles (Pickle Fries)

Do I even need to explain how delicious this dish is?

I feel the title tells you everything you need to know. It’s pickles wrapped in bacon and then deep-fried!

Bacon and pickles are the perfect marriage. Bacon is rich and meaty and pairs perfectly with slightly sour dill pickles.

To take this irresistible (and carb-free) snack to new heights, dip it in a homemade ranch sauce. 

15. Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich

Are you craving a drive-through chicken sandwich?

This one pairs fried chicken breasts with sour pickle chips on a hearty brioche bun. 

What’s great about this recipe is that pickles aren’t just a topping.

It also calls for a creamy ranch pickle spread that perfectly pairs with the tender fried chicken breasts. 

16. Dill Pickle Guacamole

You’ve heard of pickle salsa, and now it’s time for dill pickle guacamole.

If you have pickles in your fridge and a few avocados, you have almost everything you need for this super satisfying dip or spread. 

Mash your avocado as you would for guacamole, and add chopped pickles, seasoning, and fresh dill.

The added dill gives this guac a fresh herbal finish that is perfect for Fritos!

17. Dill Pickle Wraps 

Few party guests can resist the siren call of dill pickle wraps.

They look irresistible when arranged on a party platter and infuse creamy, salty, and savory flavors without the need for carbs. 

Plus, they’re so quick and easy to make.

Wrap baby dill pickles in two slices of cream cheese and fuse them with dried beef or salami.

You can leave the pickles whole or slice them into smaller pieces that look so pretty on a platter. 

18. Dill Pickle Chicken Salad 

This dill pickle chicken salad is the ultimate lunch (or dinner) dish.

It pairs tender shredded chicken with punchy dill pickles, mustard, and red onion together in harmony. 

It’s delicious enough to eat right out of the bowl with a spoon.

But it goes great on buttery croissants or paired with crackers for a mid-afternoon snack. 

19. Dill Pickle Vinaigrette Dressing 

Vinaigrette dressing is the perfect option to keep calories low, but it can get a little boring.

This dressing is light, healthy, and the ideal choice for all those pickle fans. 

Don’t worry, this vinaigrette doesn’t just taste like pickle juice.

It does use some pickle juice for added flavor.

But olive oil, fresh dill, garlic powder, and Dijon mustard tame the overpowering pickle flavors. 

20. Cheeseburger Salad

Who says you can’t eat healthy while also indulging in cheeseburgers?

This salad is the perfect dish when you want a burger without feeling heavy.

It pairs cooked ground beef with classic cheeseburger fixings like dill pickles (of course), tomatoes, red onion, and cheese. 

Top your cheeseburger fixings on a bed of leafy greens, and fuse the flavors with a rich dill pickle vinaigrette. 

21. Dill Pickle Tuna Salad 

Classic tuna salad earns its patented crunch from celery, but not everyone is crazy about it.

Swapping out celery for dill pickles is a great way to add texture, flavor, and crunch to tuna salad.

This recipe calls for simple ingredients that you likely have on hand.

Pair canned tuna with chopped dill pickles, onion, mayo, seasoning, and fresh dill. It’s light, simple, and perfect for a light lunch. 

22. Reuben Pickles

If you love Reubens but want to cut out the carbs from bread, try these Reuben pickles!

They pack rich and salty flavors from this classic sandwich but swap bread for pickles. 

They make a perfect appetizer for your next cookout or holiday party and come together quickly.

Slice a whole pickle and sandwich pickled beef brisket and Swiss cheese between the layers.

Hold them in place with a toothpick and serve. 

23. Homemade Bloody Mary Pickles

These are easy to make and capture everything you love about Bloody Marys (sans the afternoon cocktail crash).

They’re spicy, sour, and go great with just about anything. 

Making these at home are so incredibly easy.

Place whole cucumbers in a canning jar with Clamato, garlic, horseradish, vinegar, and other spices.

Leave the pickles in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before serving.

The great thing about these pickles is that they get better with time.  

24. Pickles in a Blanket Appetizer 

This appetizer will make you forget all about pigs.

The salty salami pairs so perfectly with sour pickles, making it hard to eat just one. 

Plus, the addition of creamy herbed goat cheese adds a pop of flavor.

If you want to bring a dish that is sure to be a hit at your next potluck, this is an excellent option. 

25. Pickle Brine Pork Chops or Chicken with Liquid Gold Sauce 

Placing your proteins in brine infuses flavors and tenderizes them.

Using a pickle brine is a great way to use all of that extra pickle juice instead of just dumping it down the drain. 

Pair your pork or chicken with a sauce composed of punchy mustard, brown sugar, hot sauce, and vanilla extract.

It’s unique and filled with flavors!

26. Fried Cheesy Pickle Rolls 

If you’re in charge of bringing the rolls to your next party, don’t just opt for store-bought rolls.

These pickle rolls are perfect for parties and hard to resist. 

They’re crunchy on the outside with a cheesy, gooey center, and the pickle adds a pop of tart flavors.

Opt for packaged pizza dough that comes together in a flash and tastes like homemade to save on time. 

27. Air Fryer Pickle Egg Rolls 

Egg rolls are always a little intimidating, even for seasoned home cooks.

However, these egg rolls are easy to assemble and crisp up perfectly in the air fryer.

Use store-bought egg roll wrappers and place a pick spear and cheese inside and then roll. 

Place a single layer in the air fryer, and don’t forget the spicy sriracha ranch dipping sauce!

28. Thanksgiving Turkey in Pickle Juice Brine 

Being in charge of baking the Thanksgiving turkey can feel overwhelming.

It’s a big responsibility. This super simple brine is a great way to ensure that your turkey packs a flavorful punch and is so easy to make!

You’ll need a lot of pickle juice, so opt for those large containers of pickles found in bulk stores like Costco.

Soak your turkey in pickle brine and fresh herbs for ultimate flavor.

A 12-pound turkey takes about 12 hours to marinate, so don’t wait until the last minute. 

29. Bread and Butter Pickles

If your cucumber garden was kind to you this year, don’t let them go to waste!

This super simple pickle recipe is so easy and a great way to use extra cucumbers. 

For sweet and tangy pickles, proper seasoning is critical.

Use bright spices like cinnamon, allspice, mustard seeds, cloves, and turmeric for ultimate flavor.

If you want to store your pickles outside the fridge, give the canning jars a hot water bath to seal the lids.  

30. Chocolate-Covered Pickles 

I know, it sounds a little strange. When you think about it, however, it’s not that strange.

Sweet and salty are classic pairings.

Think chocolate-covered pretzels or chocolate-covered potato chips. Why not chocolate-covered pickles?

Dip cold pickle chips in melted dark chocolate chips, and set them on a piece of parchment paper.

For added flavor, garnish them with sea salt. If you’re feeling bold, try topping them with red pepper flakes

30 Recipes with Pickles We Can’t Resist

These recipes with pickles are as good as it gets! From sandwiches to salads to dips and pizza, pickles are a wonderful addition to so many dishes.


  • Crispy Air Fryer Dill Pickles

  • Cuban Sandwich Recipe (Cubano Sandwich)

  • Dill Pickle Pasta Salad

  • Dill Pickle Dip

  • Chicago Style Hot Dog

  • Pioneer Woman Deviled Eggs

  • Oven-Fried Pickles

  • Pickle Salsa

  • Beef Rouladen

  • Dill Pickle Pizza with Garlic Sauce Recipe 

  • Bacon Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole

  • Dill Pickle Potato Salad

  • Classic Macaroni Salad

  • Bacon-Wrapped Pickles (Pickle Fries)

  • Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich

  • Dill Pickle Guacamole

  • Dill Pickle Wraps

  • Dill Pickle Chicken Salad

  • Dill Pickle Vinaigrette Dressing

  • Cheeseburger Salad

  • Dill Pickle Tuna Salad

  • Reuben Pickles

  • Homemade Bloody Mary Pickles

  • Pickles in a Blanket Appetizer

  • Pickle Brine Pork Chops or Chicken with Liquid Gold Sauce

  • Fried Cheesy Pickle Rolls

  • Air Fryer Pickle Egg Rolls

  • Thanksgiving Turkey in Pickle Juice Brine

  • Bread and Butter Pickles

  • Chocolate Covered Pickles


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Recipes with Pickles

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