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30 Simple Pistachio Recipes

Pistachios are my go-to nut, and I love them with a touch of spice.

So, it wasn’t too much of a challenge to come up with some great pistachio recipes.

Pistachio and Nut Bars
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I’ve been adding them to trail mix, salads, chicken, and rice for years. Still, I was pleasantly surprised at some of these super-unique recipes. 

I tried the pistachio hummus right away, devouring it as I researched for this post.

We then had pistachio-crusted chicken for dinner, followed by black pepper and pistachio ice cream. Yum!

Intrigued? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. This list has everything from soup and pasta to granola bars and homemade pesto

Let’s dive in!

1. Pistachio Strawberry Salad

Salads have a bad reputation for being boring, but it’s super easy to jazz them up.

This recipe includes juicy, fresh strawberries (frozen wouldn’t work here as they would turn mushy).

But there’s also creamy feta, protein-packed quinoa, and oodles of tangy honey-mustard dressing. 

2. Pistachio Trail Mix

Trail mix is a terrific snack to keep around if you like to graze. 

I know I would snack all day if I had the chance, so having something sweet and salty around is essential.

But at least trail mix is healthy and full of fruit and nuts.

But don’t worry, there are also a few cacao nibs to curb those chocolate cravings. 

3. Pistachio Hummus

Hummus is typically made with chickpeas and tahini, though I’ve seen a lot of unique recipes, too.

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Though I don’t think I’ve seen one this fun before! I just adore that green color, and the fact that it’s all-natural makes it so much better. 

This base is the same as a standard hummus, which keeps the cost down and ensures you get a smooth texture.

4. Creamy Broccoli Pistachio Soup

Using pistachios in this soup will add a lovely creaminess that you just won’t get if this were simply broccoli. 

Much like soaked cashews in many vegan recipes, the pistachios will thicken this up and make it velvety smooth. 

Plus, it deepens the green coloring and gives it a boost of nutrients. 

5. Pistachio Crusted Chicken

You’ve probably tried pecan-crusted chicken, but this pistachio version is extra special. You can use shelled or unshelled, roasted or salted, whatever you prefer. 

I used chili pistachios which come without the shells. They’re a little more expensive, but having them already out of the shell will save a ton of time. 

Not to mention, the chili will flavor the chicken without you needing to do anything at all!

6. Sicilian Ricotta and Pistachio Pasta Recipe

Did you know that pistachios are a beloved nut in Sicily? I didn’t either! But one bite of this, and you’ll soon see why they love it so much.

To help the pistachios blend into the ricotta, you’ll blitz them with olive oil and grated Parmigiano cheese. This will leave you with a pesto-like mixture. 

Mix the pistachio blend into the ricotta and stir in enough pasta water to make it thick but creamy enough to coat the pasta.

7. Red Quinoa with Pistachios

Quinoa might be loaded with protein, but you can’t deny that it’s pretty dull on its own. 

To ensure it’s both flavorful and has some texture, you’ll cook the quinoa in chicken broth (use vegetable broth if you want this vegetarian).

Then, mix through the pistachios, parsley, and mint.

8. Beet Salad with Feta and Pistachios

How stunning does this beet salad look?

The vibrant, naturally beautiful beets just can’t be beet-en, and they’re only made brighter when mixed with white feta and green pistachios. 

Golden beets have a slightly sweeter flavor than their red counterparts, and they’re also a touch less earthy.

This helps to mellow out the flavors for those who find regular beets too strong.

9. Cranberry Pistachio Granola Bars

Homemade granola bars are super simple to make and a terrific little snack to have on hand. 

Plus, you’ll know exactly what goes inside, which means you won’t have to worry about excess sugar and additives. 

I didn’t have honey in the house, so I used maple syrup, and they came out perfect. You could also use golden syrup or agave if you have it.

10. Khajur Ladu (Date, Pistachio, and Almond Morsels)

Chocolate truffles, fudge, and cake pops are lovely little treats, be they for yourself or to give as gifts. 

But chewy date balls are a fantastic option for those looking for something slightly healthier (i.e., not full of chocolate and frosting). 

The filling is a mixture of milk and dates, which gets gently heated until the fruit begins to break down.

Of course, you can use coconut milk to make this vegan.

11. Pistachio Nut Cheese

Vegan cheeses are almost all made with nuts, though some include seeds, too.

Cashews are the most popular, but you can use almost any nut you like if you have a decent blender. 

Blending soaked nuts with seasoning and liquid will give you the right texture, and agar-agar is essential for this to set. 

As for the “cheese” flavor, you’ll need nutritional yeast, which is available in many health stores and certain supermarkets. 

Its cheesy flavor is slightly nutty, and it is terrific to add into sandwiches or over pasta.

12. Cranberry Pistachio Cheeseball

The colors of this tasty cheese ball make it the perfect appetizer for holiday parties.

It’s green and red, making it very festive, but it’s just as delicious during the summer. 

The ball is a mixture of cream cheese, white cheddar cheese, dijon mustard, and garlic powder.

It’s best to add white cheddar to give this a stronger flavor without changing the color. 

I prefer mine with the fruit and nuts mixed inside, too. That way, you’ll get a bit of everything right down to the very last bite. 

13. Farro with Pistachios, Mixed Herbs, and Golden Raisins

Farro is a whole grain that is bursting with fiber and protein. In fact, it has almost double the amount that quinoa has, which is a lot, by the way.

 As if that’s not enough, this salad is also sweet, chewy, zesty, nutty, and spicy. 

You can even make this a day ahead and keep it in the fridge until you need it. 

14. Instant Pot Cranberry Pistachio Jasmine Rice

There’s no reason your side of rice has to be bland. Not when it’s as easy as tossing through some pistachios and cranberries. 

If, like me, you struggle with making the perfect fluffy rice, don’t worry. This Instant Pot recipe is foolproof. 

The critical step is rinsing the rice to remove the excess starch before adding it to the pot. 

15. Fig, Rosemary, and Pistachio Crisps

I would call these crackers rather than crisps. Crisps, in my mind, are salty, thin potato chips. These are thick and crunchy but still super scrumptious. 

Anyway, the recipe for this bread is wonderful, and I advise you to keep some back to have with butter because it’s so light and full of incredible flavors. 

To make the crackers, you’ll need to let the loaves cool before slicing the portions.

Then, bake them again and leave them to crisp up on the tray.

16. Pistachio Yogurt Dip

Sour cream and onion and ranch dips are classic veggie platter accompaniments that will be welcome at any party. 

But if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, this pistachio dip is both delicious and a breeze to make. 

Just blend the nuts with garlic, lemon zest, and lemon juice until it’s very smooth. Then, just stir it into some yogurt. How easy is that?

17. Roasted Spiced Carrots with Pistachios

Between the warm spices, sweet carrots, and crunchy pistachios, I guarantee this side dish won’t last!

You’ll need a blend of paprika, cumin, cayenne, cinnamon, salt, pepper, and sugar, which might sound like a lot, but it’s the perfect combination to bring out the sweetness of the veggies.

18. Pistachio Oatmeal

It might take a few minutes longer than the microwavable stuff, but this pistachio oatmeal is worth the extra effort. 

You’ll need to blitz the pistachios down a little here so you can mix them into the pot and let the oats absorb all their flavor. 

But I like to keep some in bigger chunks to add a nice crunch to the mix. 

19. Pistachio Crusted Baked Cod

Like most white fish, cod is very mild and flaky and requires a little TLC to get the most out of it. 

If you can’t face another lemon and garlic fillet, you have to try this pistachio-crusted recipe instead. 

It has a layer of yogurt, mustard, and lemon zest on the top, which will infuse as it bakes.

It’s also there to help the pistachio and breadcrumbs stick to the top.

20. Crunchy Pistachio Chicken Salad

Your average chicken salad will likely include chicken, mayo, salt, and maybe some pickles or onions. 

Occasionally, you’ll find it with grapes and maybe dried cranberries, but I think you can go even bigger. 

This recipe includes eggs, pickles, celery, pistachios, dill, and avocado oil mayo. It’s creamy, crunchy, slightly sweet, and great on bread, crackers, or in a lettuce cup.

21. Pomegranate Pistachio Goat Cheese Crostini

Crostini work as an appetizer because they’re so simple to make, and you can modify them in a snap. 

If you’re not a fan of goat cheese, why not try Brie or herb cream cheese?

Would you prefer something meaty? I’ll bet this would be extra special with some Prosciutto on top. 

And if you don’t like the texture of pomegranate seeds, a few drops of this pomegranate balsamic would really brighten this dish up. 

22. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic, Pistachios, & Cranberries

If you serve up a plate of these incredible caramelized sprouts with tangy balsamic, chewy cranberries, and nutty pistachios, get ready for some praise.

These are so good; even the most ardent sprout hater will be reaching for seconds. 

If you want to push them even further over the edge, try adding bacon and onion to the mix.

23. Kale Pesto Mushroom Pistachio Bowls

If you make this dish, I suggest you double up the kale and pistachio pesto because you’ll want to use it on more than just this bowl of mushrooms and quinoa.

It’s a pretty quick mixture of pistachios, garlic, kale, lemon juice, sea salt, pepper, and olive oil, but it makes for a delightful salad dressing. 

24. Asparagus, Goat Cheese, and Pistachio Flatbread

Flatbreads are fantastic for a quick snack or simple lunch/dinner, so I like to keep them in the freezer for when the mood strikes. 

You can top them with anything (maybe not Nutella if you have garlic naan), and since they’re already cooked, your meal is ready in under ten minutes. 

Again, if you don’t like goat cheese, you can swap that out for cream cheese, ricotta, or mozzarella. 

25. Pistachio Mint Pesto

Regular pesto is made with basil, pine nuts, garlic, salt, and grated parmesan. 

But since pine nuts can cost upwards of $20 per pound compared to pistachios at a little over $2 per pound, you can see why we’re looking for tasty alternatives. 

Since this recipe is a little different, it incorporates a few extra flavors.

Along with basil, salt, and parmesan, you’ll blend fresh mint, roasted garlic, and lemon.

26. Black Pepper Pistachio Ice Cream

Be honest: you scrolled down here from the intro, right? I don’t blame you!

This ice cream is wonderfully unusual, and did I mention that it’s vegan to boot?

The base calls for soaked pistachios, maple syrup, coconut oil, and coconut sugar. Even without cream or coconut milk, it’s impossibly rich and creamy.

27. Pistachio Lassi

A lassi is an Indian smoothie or milkshake, and you’ll typically see it made with yogurt, milk or coconut milk, and ice. 

I’ve made it before with mango and papaya, but this pistachio recipe is too good.

Since it includes ice, this isn’t overly thick like a regular milkshake. Instead, it’s a lighter version with some light sweetness and lovely spice. 

28. Pistachio Twists

With the quality of frozen puff pastry being so high, I almost always have a pack in the freezer. 

The sheets defrost pretty quickly, which means you can make a simple pain au chocolat or bacon and egg pastry whenever the cravings hit.

These pistachio twists are effortless, needing just a little bit of egg whites to help the nuts stick. 

29. Holiday Pistachio Bread

With its stunning green color, this sweet bread is ideal for the holidays and St Paddy’s Day alike.

But the taste will have you pining for it year-round. 

I think it might even be one of my favorite pistachio pudding desserts. You just can’t beat that infusion of flavor, color, and moisture.

Watergate Salad

30. Watergate Salad

You might know this as pistachio fluff, or you might be looking at that picture and wondering just what this “salad” really is.

It’s almost like ambrosia salad in that they both contain canned pineapples, whipped topping, and marshmallows.

But this recipe is slightly different since it uses pistachio pudding and chopped pecans. 

30 Ways to Use Pistachios


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Pistachio Recipes

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