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30 Best Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids

Need some gluten-free breakfasts, lunches, or dinner ideas? Try one of these easy gluten-free recipes for kids.

From pancakes to mac and cheese, you’d never even know they’re celiac-friendly.

Healthy Gluten-Free Pizza with Tomatoes
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30 Easy Kid Friendly Gluten-Free Meals

Even though this is a list of gluten-free recipes for kids, anyone can enjoy them.

After all, who doesn’t love pizza and chocolate chip cookies?

They’re just simpler than some other gluten-free recipes. For example, you won’t find anything spicy or loaded with too many veggies.

But trust me, even picky eaters will find something to enjoy.

Let’s get to it!

1. Gluten-Free Macaroni and Cheese

I know stocking up on expensive boxes of gluten-free mac and cheese is tempting. But this homemade version is almost as easy to make. 

A handful of simple ingredients create this ultra-creamy concoction. And it’s so good, everyone will ask for seconds. 

2. Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

I can’t think of a single kid who doesn’t love pizza.

And luckily, this gluten-free dough recipe creates a chewy crust with perfectly crisp edges.

Better yet, it’s firm enough to hold a ton of toppings. So make a big batch and freeze some for later.

3. Easy Gluten-Free Pancakes

This weekend, treat your family to a big batch of these gluten-free pancakes.

You’ll need gluten-free flour and xantham gum, but you likely have those on hand if you have kids with allergies.

Make a simple batter, add chocolate chips or blueberries, then cook until fluffy and golden.

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They’re seriously delish, so be sure to make extra.

4. Gluten-Free Orange Chicken

Sweet & sour and orange chicken are super kid-friendly takeout options.

The meat is juicy, and the sauce is wonderfully sweet and mild. Plus, it’s super easy to make gluten-free.

Just use a mix of gluten-free flour and cornstarch for the coating, and be sure the condiments are gluten-free too.

That means soy sauce, by the way!

5. Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Got a bake sale coming up? Make a treat all the kids can enjoy – even those with a gluten allergy.  

These chocolate chip, gluten-free cookies are so good, nobody will suspect they’re made with gluten-free flour.

And thanks to the almond meal, they’re wonderfully tender to boot!

Load them up with chocolate, and they’ll be gone in a flash.

6. Gluten-Free Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

These cupcakes taste as if they came from a bakery, but they’re 100% homemade. 

Fluffy, moist, and light, these gluten-free cupcakes are a dream come true.

You’ll love the subtle vanilla bean finish with the perfect amount of sugar to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Completed with a pretty swirl of icing, this recipe is everything a good cupcake should be. 

7. Easy Gluten-Free Waffles

Instead of shelling out on an expensive gluten-free waffle mix, make the dry portion at home for half the price.

You can store it in a large glass container to whip up breakfast at a moment’s notice.

These waffles are simple yet utterly delicious and really shine when topped with melted butter and maple syrup.

8. Best Gluten-Free Burgers

I’m always searching for new burger recipes, and this one is my newest obsession.

Despite being gluten-free, it contains everything a good burger should: a succulent beef patty, fluffy bun, melted cheese, and lots of extras.

Featuring crushed crackers, coconut aminos, and delicious seasonings, the meat is tender and insanely flavorful. 

9. Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are the ultimate kid-friendly comfort food. But it can be hard to find a decent, gluten-free version.

That’s where this recipe comes in handy!

Coated in a combination of eggs, gluten-free flour, gluten-free panko, and spices, they’re just as crunchy and tender as you’d expect.

Serve them with plenty of ketchup and watch them disappear.

10. Easy Gluten-Free Banana Bread

I can’t think of a better sweet treat than banana bread. It’s one of my favorite ways to enjoy a sweet cake for breakfast. 

And this one-bowl wonder comes together in a pinch – 10 minutes of prep time is all you need. 

Stick it in the kiddo’s lunchbox, or serve it as a healthy-ish dessert. 

11. Gluten-Free Lasagna

Lasagna might not be on every kid’s list of approved foods, but I know plenty that love it.

And gluten-free lasagna can be just as delicious as its carb-filled counterpart. In fact, all it takes is a few gluten-free lasagna noodles!

Combined with ground beef, rich tomato sauce, and creamy ricotta, this recipe scores a perfect ten in my book.

12. Apple Crepes with Cinnamon

Serve these for breakfast or dessert, and your kids will go nuts!

Crepes are sweet, chewy pancakes that’re much thinner than regular American flapjacks.

That means you can easily roll tasty fillings inside – like spiced apples!

Of course, you could easily swap that out for bananas or strawberries. The sky’s the limit.

13. Perfect Gluten-Free Brownies

The perfect brownie should be fudgy, chewy, sweet, and…celiac-friendly!

Luckily for you, this gluten-free recipe accomplishes all that and more.

The flavor is to die for, and they’re ready to devour in just 30 minutes.

Finish them with a sprinkle of coarse sea salt to amp up the deliciousness, and try not to burn your tongue!

14. Gluten-Free Muffins

Need a quick breakfast on the go or a healthy dessert option? These gluten-free muffins will not disappoint. 

Like the pancakes above, you can leave these plain or add blueberries, apples, or chocolate chips for a sweet finish.

Either way, they’re ready for the oven in under 10 minutes. How easy is that?

15. Gluten-Free Mozzarella Sticks

What kid doesn’t like mozzarella sticks?

This crave-worthy snack is crispy on the outside and ooey-gooey in the middle.

And when you make them at home, they’re way healthier than anything from the freezer section.

Use mozzarella string cheese, plus a mix of gluten-free flour and panko with a few key spices. Then double-dip those bad boys for extra crunch.


16. Gluten Free Perogies

Perogies may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of kid-friendly foods.

But these little dumplings are mild, lightly crisp, and loaded with a mix of mashed potatoes and cheese.

They’re a fun side dish or snack and can easily be modified to your liking – so feel free to play around with the filling.

17. Soft, Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

Sandwiches are quick, easy, and super convenient.

And thanks to this gluten-free sandwich bread recipe, they can also be allergy-friendly.

So make a loaf and fill it with whatever your kids like. It’s great for grilled cheese, PB&J, and more!

(Pssst! If you need more, I have a whole post on gluten-free bread machine recipes!)

18. Gluten-Free Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

This recipe will come in handy the next time a bad cold is making its way around at the school.

You can have this comforting soup ready in just half an hour. And it’s jam-packed with nourishing ingredients like carrots, celery, and chicken stock.

19. Gluten-Free Ravioli

I love homemade gluten-free pasta recipes. Not only are they easy, but they’re way cheaper than buying ready-made noodles.

Plus, homemade ravioli is just plain fun. Like the perogies, you can make the filling as mild or adventurous as you like.

Heck, you can even get the kids involved! And then they’ll definitely want to try it.

20. Gluten-Free Pizza Bites

Forget that pack of pizza rolls and make these fluffy, cheesy, and delicious gluten-free pizza bites.

They use Bisquick (did you know they have a gluten-free box?), spices, cheese, and pizza sauce.

Made in a muffin pan, they’re just the right size for little hands. And you can easily change up the toppings.

21. Gluten-Free Meatballs

One trick I’ve learned when it comes to feeding kids meatballs is to make them pretty small.

Like, one mouthful.

That way, they don’t have to cut them and make a mess! And something about them being small makes them more inviting.

Either way, they’ll love this gluten-free dinner.

22. Mini Strawberry Pop Tarts

If you can find pre-made gluten-free pastry, this recipe is a breeze to make.

And if not, the pastry recipe provided is super straightforward. So don’t worry about it!

Fill them with jam or Nutella, and watch the kids’ eyes light up!

23. Easy Gluten-Free Tacos

Making gluten-free tacos is easier than you think. After all, corn tortillas are already gluten-free, so that solves half the battle. 

From there, you just need to make sure you’ve got gluten-free taco seasoning, and you’re good to go!

Make them with ground beef or chicken and serve with cheese and chopped tomatoes. Delish!

24. Gluten-Free French Toast

French toast is always a winner. And the kids love it as much as the adults, in my experience.

Every bite scores a homerun between the crisp edges, warm spices, and fluffy texture. 

And this gluten-free version is no exception. Plus, it only calls for six basic ingredients you probably already have.

25. Soft & Chewy Gluten-Free Pretzels

If you’ve ever been to a ball game, you’ll know that kids love soft pretzels. They’re chewy, salty, and just super fun.

And if you’ve never made them at home before, consider this your sign to do so.

They need proofing and a water bath (like all pretzels), but it’s more than worth it in the end.

26. Gluten-Free Baked Ziti

Baked Ziti is a pasta casserole that’s pretty much a childhood staple.

It’s a great dish for picky eaters since it uses simple ingredients like cheese, pasta, and tomato sauce.

And the adults will love it, too, because it’s insanely easy to make.

Just swap out the pasta for a gluten-free version, and you’re all set.

27. Gluten-Free Fruit Pizza

What’s a surefire way to get the kids to eat fruit? Put it on pizza, of course!

Okay, so it’s really a gluten-free sugar cookie crust topped with sweetened cream cheese. But it still counts!

Besides, you can’t deny it looks impressive!

28. Easy Gluten-Free Corn Casserole

I’ve never met a kid that doesn’t love corn. So this corn casserole is a must-make for gluten-free households.

It’s loaded with pops of sweet corn, and it’s insanely moist and flavorful.

Serve it with chicken nuggets and a few veggies, and you’ve got a complete meal.

29. Gluten-Free Donuts (Krispy Kreme Copycat)

There’s a reason Krispy Kreme is still going strong after all these years – it’s delicious!

These donuts are legendary, with the exact right combination of sweet glaze and soft cake to make your head spin.

And just because the little ones have a gluten intolerance doesn’t mean they have to miss out. You’re welcome!

30. Gluten-Free Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole

Tater tots are to casseroles what Robin is to Batman – the much-needed sidekick to let the main hero shine. 

This tater tot casserole is the perfect marriage of hearty and kid-friendly. And there’s plenty of cheese to keep you coming back for more.

Whether you make this for brunch or dinner, it’ll be a true crowd-pleaser. 

30 Best Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids

From breakfast and lunch to dinner and dessert, these easy gluten-free recipes for kids are so tasty, they’ll quickly become family faves.


  • Gluten-Free Macaroni and Cheese

  • Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

  • Easy Gluten-Free Pancakes

  • Gluten-Free Orange Chicken

  • Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Gluten-Free Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

  • Easy Gluten-Free Waffles

  • Best Gluten-Free Burgers

  • Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

  • Easy Gluten-Free Banana Bread

  • Gluten-Free Lasagna

  • Apple Crepes with Cinnamon

  • Perfect Gluten-Free Brownies

  • Gluten-Free Muffins

  • Gluten-Free Mozzarella Sticks

  • Gluten Free Perogies

  • Soft, Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

  • Gluten-Free Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

  • Gluten-Free Ravioli

  • Gluten-Free Pizza Bites

  • Gluten-Free Meatballs

  • Mini Strawberry Pop Tarts

  • Easy Gluten-Free Tacos

  • Gluten-Free French Toast

  • Soft & Chewy Gluten-Free Pretzels

  • Gluten-Free Baked Ziti

  • Gluten-Free Fruit Pizza

  • Easy Gluten-Free Corn Casserole

  • Gluten-Free Donuts (Krispy Kreme Copycat)

  • Gluten-Free Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole


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Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids

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