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15 Best Gluten-Free Cheesecake Recipes

Satisfy your sugar cravings with the creamy goodness of these gluten-free cheesecake recipes.

They’re decadent, irresistible, and oh-so-satisfying.

Gluten-Free Cheesecake with Strawberries and Blueberries
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Missing out on dessert is all too familiar for people with gluten intolerances. But luckily, that doesn’t need to be the case anymore.

These gluten-free cheesecakes are creamy, sweet, and just as luxurious as any you’ve ever tasted.

The only difference is the lack of pesky gluten.

So from vanilla and chocolate to mango and caramel, give these gluten-free cheesecake recipes a try.

I promise you won’t even notice the difference!

15 Easy Gluten-Free Cheesecakes for Any Occasion

1. Classic Gluten-Free Cheesecake

If you’re looking for a fool-proof dessert for any occasion, whip up this classic gluten-free cheesecake.

It’s so simple to prepare and always comes out delicious. 

And while this may be a ‘plain’ cheesecake, the taste and texture are anything but boring.

It’s smooth, silky, and feels light and airy. Every slice is rich without feeling heavy on the belly.

Better yet, it’s the perfect blank canvas! So add any cheesecake toppings you like and dig in!

2. Gluten-Free Mini Cheesecakes

These gluten-free mini cheesecakes are just what you need after a big meal. They’re sweet, light, and not so indulgent that you can’t finish one!

Or serve them at parties for perfect bite-sized sweets your guests can mingle with.

Top them with fresh berries, fruit curd, and whipped cream. Yum!

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3. Healthy Key Lime Cheesecake

Do you have a soft spot for tangy, sweet, delectable key lime pie? If so, this is the recipe for you!

It’s insanely creamy, with a surprisingly healthy filling of non-fat Greek yogurt and light cream cheese.

Best served with a layer of lime curd on top for added tang and a dollop of whipped coconut cream, this is the dessert of the summer!

4. Gluten-Free Chocolate Cheesecake

Rich, dreamy, and beyond decadent this gluten-free chocolate cheesecake is not to be missed.

It has a chocolate cookie crust, a chocolate cheesecake filling, and a ganache topping.

Who could say no to that?

Oh, and making a gluten-free chocolate cookie crust is so much easier than you might think.

You just have to get your hands on some gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookies!

5. Gluten-Free White Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake

Want something no-bake that’s light, fruity, and to die for? Look no further than this gluten-free white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake

It’s the perfect dessert to take advantage of fresh strawberries. They pair so well with the indulgent, creamy, and sweet white chocolate.

This could be made with any crust of your choosing. But the gluten-free digestive biscuits are a nice touch.

6. Instant Pot Mango Cheesecake

On the hunt for a fresh and fruity summer treat? Try out this Instant Pot mango cheesecake!

It’s loaded with sweet mango flavor and plenty of creamy goodness. 

You’ll blend fresh mango right into the cream cheese filling and bake it over a crushed pistachio and cardamom crust. 

It takes a while to set in the refrigerator, but it’s worth the wait.

7. Gluten-Free Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Sweet and salty are some of my favorite desserts. And this gluten-free sweet and salted caramel cheesecake is close to the top of my list. 

You’ll top a gluten-free shortbread crust with salted caramel cheesecake, caramel, and caramel corn.

Wow, amirite?

Top Tip: Make the caramel sauce before starting the cheesecake so it can cool.

8. Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cheesecake

Celebrate the very best of fall with this gluten-free pumpkin cheesecake. It’s lightly spiced, creamy, and super-duper delicious. 

One bite of this luxurious pumpkin cheesecake, and you’ll melt. It’s sure to become a new fall fave. 

Bring it to your next holiday dinner, and it’s guaranteed to go down a treat. Just make sure you snag a slice before it all disappears! 

9. Gluten-free Pistachio Cheesecake

Pistachios are my favorite nuts.

Not only are they tasty, but I love their color too. And in this creamy cheesecake filling, they look incredible.

You’ll use a blend of silken tofu and vegan cream cheese for the filling with maple syrup for sweetness.

Top this with whipped cream, chopped pistachios, and fresh raspberries. Yum!

10. Gluten-Free Oreo Cheesecake

Chocoholics and cookie lovers will go crazy over this cheesecake, that’s for sure!

It starts with a tasty gluten-free crust that’s topped with cookies and cream cheesecake.

It’s then covered with even more Oreos and chocolate ganache. Are you drooling too? 

This cheesecake is such a show-stopper, it would make a fantastic centerpiece at your next birthday party. 

11. Gluten-Free Dutch Apple Cheesecake

Make good use of your next apple harvest and whip up this gluten-free Dutch apple cheesecake. It is a fantastic fall time treat the whole family will love! 

Creamy cheesecake and soft cinnamon apples topped with a crunchy crumb topping?

It’s like a heavenly cross between a creamy cheesecake and an apple crumble! 

Enjoy a slice with a hot pumpkin spice latte. Yum!!

12. Chocolate Chip Brownie Cheesecake

Can’t choose between a chocolate brownie and a slice of cheesecake? Don’t! Make them both instead!

Just picture it: a fudgy, chocolatey brownie base with luxurious cheesecake on top.

Not only does it look like a thing of beauty, but it’s borderline addictive too.

13. Gluten-Free Lemon Cheesecake

This gluten-free lemon cheesecake packs a serious zesty punch. And it’s so easy to make too.

It’s a no-bake treat that only needs a handful of ingredients. 

And from the ginger cookie base to the lemon cheesecake filling swirled with lemon curd, it has the perfect balance of zingy sweetness. 

It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the fruits of summer. 

14. Gluten-Free Vegan No-Bake Wild Blueberry Cheesecake

If you’re craving a fruity gluten-free dessert, you have to try this easy blueberry cheesecake.

Packed with juicy blueberries, every bite is decadent and creamy.

You’ll love the pecan crust with maple syrup, and the cashew filling adds a slight nuttiness to boot.

Don’t have blueberries? No worries, you can definitely use blackberries or raspberries instead.

Whatever you choose, this cheesecake is certainly delicious!

15. Blackberry Cheesecake with Ginger Cinnamon Crust (Low Carb & Gluten Free)

Speaking of blackberries: your holiday table needs this stunning blackberry cheesecake with ginger and cinnamon.

Seriously, doesn’t it look incredible?

The base calls for almond flour and fresh ginger, which makes it extra zingy. Meanwhile, the lemon zest balances the warmth really well.

As for the filling, you’ll make two batters: one with vanilla and one with blackberries. Layer them in the pan and give it a swirl for the best results.

15 Best Gluten-Free Cheesecake Recipe Collection

Satisfy your sugar cravings with the creamy goodness of these gluten-free cheesecake recipes. They’re decadent, irresistible, and oh-so-satisfying.


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Gluten-Free Cheesecake Recipes

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