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25 Best Fall Snacks

These fall snacks are a perfect way to kick off the season!

I look forward to fall every year, and it never gets here fast enough. 

Between the falling leaves and beautiful colors, the crisp outside air, and, of course, yummy fall food, I honestly can’t get enough.

Fall Snack Mix: Pretzels, Rice Cereals and Nuts
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Fall snacks are hands-down the best snacks. Thanks to all the incredible spices, they smell just as good as they taste, and most are rich and sweet.

There’s all the wonderful candy and sweet treats that come out around Halloween.

Then, you have pumpkins, apples, and pecans, and you can make plenty of treats with those.

It may seem silly to say, but to me, fall snacks feel like coming home.

Honestly, that’s how everything about fall makes me feel, which is probably why I love it so much.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of October or the first week of May.

If you’re in the mood for fall, you’ve come to the right place. Sit back and get ready to find something perfect.

1. Pumpkin Snack Mix

If you’re looking for something that combines all your fall favorites, pumpkin snack mix is the treat for you. 

It has it all – kettle corn, Rice Chex, Cheerios, peanuts, candy corn, candy pumpkins, brown sugar, vanilla, and more.

It’s syrupy, buttery, and unbeatably sweet, and in proper snack mix form, it has plenty of salty crunch to help offset the sweetness.

Apple Chips

2. Apple Chips

Apple chips are both tart and sweet, and they’re just as crunchy as potato chips. And you don’t need a dehydrator to make them!

You’ll make them in your air fryer, and it’ll only take you about 30 minutes – maybe less! Plus, each serving has fewer than 50 calories.

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Add that to the fact that you only need three ingredients – apples, cinnamon, and salt – to make them, and you’ll have a snack that’s seriously hard to resist. 

3. Spiced Pear Chips

If apples aren’t your thing, you can make these pear chips almost as easily, although if you cook them in the oven as the recipe suggests, they’ll take a bit longer. 

Frankly, I see no reason you couldn’t try them in the air fryer, as well. All you’ll need are two Bartlett pears, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne pepper.

Mostly, these are sweet, but that dash of pepper adds a spicy kick that makes them even better.

Fried Cinnamon Sugar Holes

4. Donuts

I suppose these are more properly donut holes, but when something tastes this good, who cares what you call it?

They’re light, airy, and covered in cinnamon and sugar. Surprisingly, the tablespoon of vanilla comes through in the flavor, as well. 

If you really want to go overboard on the decadence, serve them with honey or melted chocolate as a dipping sauce. 

5. Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips

These four-ingredient tortilla chips take 20 minutes to make, and when you serve them alongside fruit salsa, chocolate dipping sauce, or dulce de leche, they’ll be any party’s biggest hit.

They’re simply buttered and baked tortillas covered in cinnamon and sugar – quite similar to sopapillas. The difference is these are crunchier and smaller.

Caramel Popcorn

6. Caramel Corn

I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t enjoy caramel corn. It’s just delicious.

Even so, like most things, it tastes 10 times better when you make it at home.

It’s incredibly easy to make and takes 15 minutes or less. If you can mix and melt ingredients and pop a bag of popcorn, you have this covered.

7. Candied Pecans

Candied pecans are one of the most underrated fall treats.

Each pecan half is a perfectly sized mouthful of crunchy, sugar-cinnamon-and-vanilla-coated goodness.

They’re buttery and sweet, and whether you use them on cakes and pies or eat them by themselves, there’s nothing quite like them in this whole world.

Kale Chips

8. Kale Chips

I love kale, but some people think it’s a bit too bitter.

However, once you drizzle the leaves in oil and add salt, pepper, garlic, and onion powder, it gets a little tastier. 

If you throw those leaves in the air fryer and let them get potato chip-crispy, then you might actually find yourself truly loving kale. 

Each bite has the same satisfying crunch as a chip, and they’re salty and full of flavor from the garlic and onion powders.

They really can have you addicted to kale.

9. Pretzel Pumpkins

If you’re planning a Halloween party, these sweet and salty pumpkins are a must, particularly since you can make half a dozen servings in 15 minutes.

Simply dip the pretzel twists into melted orange candy coating and add a green M&M at the top for a stem. Instant pumpkins! 

Peanut Butter Cornflake Cookies

10. Peanut Butter Cornflake Cookies

These are super sweet and exceptionally yummy. They’re gooey and chewy, but the cornflakes give them a crunch that you’ll love. 

However, make extras because these things fly off the plate in nanoseconds, especially in my house.

11. Maple Chili Snack Mix

This mix has everything you love in a traditional snack mix, with a perfect-for-fall maple sweetness that complements the saltiness flawlessly.

Thanks to the chili powder and cayenne pepper, there’s also an excellent, spicy heat that’ll catch you off guard in the first few bites.

You’ll quickly grow to love it, though.

Apple Butter

12. Apple Butter

It doesn’t get much more autumn than apple butter, and this five-ingredient variety is the perfect answer to, “What should I put on my toast this morning?”  

It’s smooth, creamy, sweet, and spicy. It smells fantastic and tastes even better.

Peanut Butter Cups

13. Peanut Butter Cups

If you love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, this recipe is the one for you.

All you’ll need to make your very own homemade peanut butter cups is peanut butter, chocolate chips, salt, and powdered sugar.

They take about 2 minutes to prepare, but they require a bit of extra refrigeration time, so don’t wait until the last minute to make them.

And don’t worry, there’s plenty of smooth peanut butter and rich chocolate in every bite. No one trying them will even believe they’re homemade.

Apple Cake with Raisins and Walnuts

14. Applesauce Cake

I don’t know what I love more about this super fluffy cake – the taste, texture, or unbelievably incredible scent.

It has cloves, cinnamon, and sugar, along with margarine, flour, applesauce, baking soda, raisins, and chopped walnuts.

The appearance and texture will remind you of banana bread, but it’s much lighter and fluffier, and the sweet applesauce taste is totally different.

In short, it’s phenomenal. 

Pumpkin Bread with Pecan Nuts

15. Pumpkin Bread

If you’re making pumpkin bread, you might as well make the best pumpkin bread, and in my opinion, that comes from Starbucks.

With this copycat recipe, though, it can come from your kitchen.

It’s full of pumpkin and spice (and everything nice!) and is soft, tender, dense, and filling. It’s perfect with a tall glass of iced tea or a mug of hot chocolate.

Chai Tea Latte

16. Chai Tea Latte 

While we’re on the subject of Starbucks copycat recipes, let me go ahead and mention this chai tea latte.

All you’ll need to make it is chai tea latte concentrate, milk, and cinnamon.

You can have it ready in a couple of minutes, and it pairs perfectly with just about any fall snack on this list.

17. Honey Nut Granola Bars

Homemade granola bars are the way to go because you can tailor them to suit your tastes. 

These bars have almonds, walnuts, oats, honey, coconut, brown sugar, and more.

They’re both chewy and crunchy and sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet. 

They’re ideal for on-the-go breakfasts or quick, mid-day snacks.

Apple Fritters

18. Apple Fritters

If you’ve ever had a fritter, then you know their texture is hard to describe, and this one is no different.

Since I can’t describe it, close your eyes and try to imagine it.

You’ll bite into it, through the cinnamon sugar topping and into the sweet and tart apple-infused dough. 

The fried dough makes that slight crunchy sound as you bite, and a bit of sugar clings to the corner of your mouth.

You’ll lick your lips and discover the tartness of the apple is still on your tongue.

It mixes with that extra bit of sugar, and you sigh in pleasure as the two contrasting tastes hit your taste buds.

Mmmmmmm… Yeah. There’s no description needed. You know precisely how this tastes and feels.

19. Maple Granola Parfaits

You can have this simple, five-ingredient parfait ready for breakfast in 10 minutes.

The yogurt is cool and creamy, and the maple syrup’s sweetness seamlessly complements the berries’ tartness.

The granola and almonds add crunch and texture, and every bite is pure deliciousness. 

Pumpkin Roll

20. Pumpkin Roll

Of all the fall snacks, pumpkin rolls are probably the most quintessential. 

With this recipe, you can make the spongiest, sweetest, and tastiest pumpkin roll you’ve ever had.

It takes a little effort, but don’t be scared of it. The rolling isn’t nearly as hard as you’d think.

21. Pumpkin Cookies

These soft, crumbly cookies are ideal for any fall party. With the pumpkin, cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg, they taste and smell like autumn. 

You’ll love the way they look, too, all crackly and covered in sugar. Plus, you can make three dozen of them in about half an hour, and who wouldn’t love that?

Baked Apples with Cinnamon

22. Baked Apples

If baked apples are your favorite fall food, you’ll love this copycat Cracker Barrel recipe.

They’re sweet and spicy, and the apple juice gives them a slightly tart taste, as well.

The apples retain a bit of their crunch, so they’re tender but not soggy, and the thick, warm sauce surrounding them is good until the last drop. 

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

23. Cinnamon Rolls

With perfectly crispy outsides and soft, gooey insides, Paula Deen’s cinnamon rolls are some of the best you’ll ever taste.

They taste so good that I could even eat them without the glaze.

I don’t, though; that’d be crazy. The sweet, sugary vanilla glaze is half the fun of cinnamon rolls. 

This particular glaze is so good; you won’t even have to wash the bowl. At least, it’ll certainly look clean by the time you’re done with it.

24. White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

The ingredients list for these cookies may seem long at first glance, but you can make four dozen of them in less than 30 minutes.

Additionally, they’re scrumptious. Each cookie contains an ample portion of white chocolate chips, vanilla, and brown sugar, and there are plenty of sizeable sweetened cranberry chunks, as well.

These are my favorite cookies. Period. Try one, and you’ll understand why.

Pumpkin Muffins

25. Pumpkin Muffins

Full of cream cheese, pumpkin, chopped nuts, and a ton of your favorite fall spices, these Starbucks copycat muffins are insanely good. 

Top them with whipped cream if you like, but honestly, they taste just as good without a topping.

25 Best Fall Snacks


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Fall Snacks

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