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25 Best Canned Pie Filling Recipes

From coffee cake and creamy cheesecake to fudgy brownies and crumble bars, these canned pie filling recipes are certified crowd-pleasers.

Because “pie filling” can do so much more than just make pie!

A Slice of Cherry Pie with Walnuts
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Don’t get me wrong – I love pie!

But when you’ve got something sweet, fruity, and pre-made, why limit yourself?

Add cherry pie filling to brownies or blueberry pie filling to cheesecake, and you’ve made a simple dessert twice as scrumptious.

So, whether you’re looking for the perfect party dessert or a simple late-night snack, these canned pie filling recipes are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!

20+ Easy Desserts to Make Using Pie Filling (That Aren’t Pie!)

1. Fruit Salad With Peach Pie Filling 

Fruit salad is a colorful and fun dish for any party or holiday dessert.

But instead of just chopping fruit and throwing it in a bowl, why not give it a little more oomph?

Peach pie filling makes this fruit salad even sweeter in the best way possible. It coats everything in the dish, making it glossy and irresistible.

It’s fruity and refreshing with a fun twist! Everybody will want the recipe for this fruit salad.

2. Apple Pie with Canned Apples 

Homemade apple pie is an American classic. The sweet, cinnamon-flavored apples are delicious and the flaky crust just can’t be beat. 

Using apple pie filling from a can is just as wonderful as using fresh apples. The main difference: it saves so much time!

Semi-homemade is still homemade in my book, so this recipe is perfect for any holiday gathering. 

3. Strawberry Cheesecake Crescent Ring

You can’t beat this stunning crescent ring if you need something big and beautiful for brunch or book club.

With the two fillings, it’s like yummy cheesecake wrapped up in flaky dough.

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Just mix cream cheese, sugar, and almond extract, then spread it over the dough. Top it with strawberry pie filling, wrap it up, and bake until golden.

How easy is that?

4. Cherry Pie Bars 

I am not kidding when I tell you how fantastic these are. 

With their buttery crust, jammy cherry pie filling, and dreamy crumble on top, they’re my go-to quick bake.

Make these for a party, and they’ll fly off the plate.

Of course, they’re good for 3-4 days…not that they’ll last that long!

5. Apple Pie Bars 

These spiced bars are ideal for when you want apple pie but don’t have the time to bake one. 

You probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry or refrigerator already, and there’s no finicky pie dough to deal with.

Spiced apples with a buttery shortbread crust is about as tasty as a fall dessert gets.

In fact, you and your family might even prefer this over apple pie. So get ready to make it a lot!

6. Peach Hand Pies 

Peach hand pies are so spectacular, it’ll be hard to believe you made these at home. 

Not only are they cute and handheld, but they taste even better than they look. And it’s the glaze that takes these hand pies up like seven notches. 

Between the spiced peaches and sweet glaze with a flaky crust, they’re totally drool-worthy. 

Bowl of Cherry Cobbler with Ice Cream and Cherries

7. Cherry Cobbler with Cake Mix

Cobbler only really differs from a ‘crisp’ recipe in the topping. Where one is full of oats and has a crispy texture, the other is tender and almost fluffy.

That’s cobbler for you! Sweet, warm fruit pie filling covered in a yummy, biscuit-like topping.

This recipe is about as easy as it gets. You only need three ingredients and about five minutes of your time.

After that, it’s up to the oven to do the heavy lifting.

And don’t worry, nobody will even know (or care) that you used canned pie filling. All they’ll care about is getting a second serving!

8. Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups 

Baked apple pie roll-ups are ideal for those nights when you’re craving something sweet after a long day. 

After just a few minutes of prep time, they’re ready for the oven.

Top these cinnamon-sugar coated treats with some ice cream and caramel sauce for a dessert that will satisfy any sweet tooth in a flash.

9. Apple Crumble

It’s sugar and spice and everything nice! This lovely apple crumble is everything you could want in a dessert and more. 

It’s fruity but not sickeningly sweet. It has a beautiful crumble topping, but it’s not dry. 

Plus, it’s fantastic served at room temperature or nice and warm with a scoop of ice cream. Yum! 

10. Glazed Apple Hand Pies 

What’s better than fresh apple pie? Portable fresh apple pie, of course!

If holiday shopping has you on the go, you can still have your pie and eat it, too, thanks to this recipe. 

Filled with delicious spiced apples and covered in a sweet glaze, these hand pies are always a hit!

11. Pumpkin Pie Bars 

I’m sure you’ve had pumpkin pie. But have you ever had it like this? 

These incredible pumpkin pie bars start with a dreamy homemade crust. Onto that, you’ll add a layer of yummy pumpkin pie filling.

Top it off with a heavenly cinnamon streusel, and it’s ready for the party.

My favorite thing about using canned pumpkin pie filling? You can find it all year long. 

12. Cherry Dump Cake

If you can look beyond the somewhat gross name, dump cakes are some of the easiest desserts you ever make!

Start with canned cherry pie filling and then sprinkle boxed cake mix on top.

For a little extra flavor, mix some almond or vanilla extract with the melted butter. 

Pour that flavored butter on top and stick it in the oven. That’s where the magic happens!

Just remember that this doesn’t need to be stirred! If you do, it’ll still be tasty, it just won’t have the same layers.

13. Blueberry Cheesecake Pie 

Blueberry pie is one of my favorite fruit pies ever. I just love the dark, jammy berries and deep flavor. 

But I also adore cheesecake (okay, I’m obsessed!).

So, from the Graham Cracker crust to the heavenly cheesecake filling and blueberry filling top, this blueberry cheesecake pie is perfect for me.

It’s just so, so good. Trust me, you’ll love it too. 

14. Apple Pie Dumplings 

Apple pie dumplings are one of the best desserts you can make with only two ingredients. 

Yes, two!

They’re kid and adult friendly and the ideal after-dinner treat.

The key is to find a really good apple pie filling. For example, try a caramel apple or one with lots of cinnamon. 

You can also add your own extras like nuts or raisins. Make it your own, or keep it simple. This dish is lovely, no matter what. 

15. Mini Puff Pastry Apple Pies 

Puff pastry apple pies are just the ticket for your next party. They’re a great grab-and-go treat and just the right size for one or two bites.

You’ll use frozen puff pastry here. And as a professional baker, I can’t say this often enough: homemade isn’t worth the effort!

I know how that sounds, but if you get a good brand, these will be incredible.

And I promise no one will know the difference! So save yourself some time (literally, it takes days to make proper puff pastry) and get the pre-made stuff.

Your arms will thank you!

16. Cherry Cream Cheese Pie 

Cherry cream cheese pie is a simple dessert that requires minimal baking but provides maximum satisfaction. 

The creamy, tangy cheesecake filling is splendid, and the cherries on top are…well, the cherry on top! 

I love the delicious combination of creamy and fruity flavors. And the textures are on point too.

17. 3-Ingredient Chocolate Cherry Cake 

If I told you this entire cake only calls for three ingredients, you might look at me like I had chocolate on my face.

I probably do after devouring a piece of this, but that’s not the point!

This chocolate cherry cake is incredibly moist and super flavorful. The cherries inside are a pleasant surprise and keep the chocolate from being too rich. 

18. Blueberry Almond Crumb Cake

Coffee cake is meant to be eaten with coffee, so I can eat this one for breakfast, right?

I like to call this recipe semi-homemade because you’ll make the cake from scratch, but the blueberry pie filling is store-bought.

Not that anyone will care! It’s sweet, juicy, and bursting with fruity flavors.

Depending on your mood or the occasion, you can even swap the blueberry for a different fruit filling. 

19. Cherry Pie Cookie Cups 

Cherry pie cookie cups are the cutest little treats. They’re perfect for a crowd and a breeze to make!

They only take about five minutes to prep, and they’ll disappear even faster. You’ll need sugar cookie dough and cherry pie filling – that’s it. 

Top it with a sweet (optional) glaze, and these are like yummy thumbprint cookies on crack!

20. Blueberry Crisp 

Blueberry crisp is a spectacular dessert – especially considering how easy it is. 

The jammy blueberries are the perfect base for a buttery crumble topping. All that’s missing is some vanilla ice cream!

It doesn’t get much better than that. 

21. Creamy Cake 

Tart, citrusy desserts are always so refreshing during the summer. And when they’re this easy to make, they’re downright dangerous.

Made with boxed cake mix and some lemon pie filling, it really couldn’t be more effortless.

One bite of this creamy, dreamy, luxurious cake, and you’ll be hooked!

22. Homemade Blueberry Lemon Danish

Between the soft dough and sweet berry filling, these are the best possible way to start your day.

Don’t worry, though, there’s no need to mess around with yeast! Instead, this recipe calls for a simple blend that’s half biscuit, half cookie.

So it’s soft and buttery but firm enough to hold all that incredible blueberry pie filling.

Top them with a yummy lemon glaze, and get ready to fall in love. Seriously, they’re so good, you won’t want to share.

23. Apple Pie Cupcakes 

Apple pie cupcakes are a fantastic option for any fall party or apple lover’s birthday. 

They have sliced apple pie filling in the middle, and they’re super moist. The cinnamon buttercream is so unique and tasty too. 

No matter the occasion, these apple pie cupcakes will be adored by all!

24. Blueberry Heaven on Earth Cake

What do you get if you cross angel food cake with blueberry pie filling, vanilla pudding, milk, sour cream, and Cool Whip?

This heaven-on-earth blueberry cake!

It’s kind of like a trifle in that you’ll cube angel food cake and layer it with blueberry filling and creamy pudding.

It’s soft, sweet, creamy, and super fruity. What more could you want in a dessert?

25. Black Forest Brownie Bars

How do you make chocolate fudge brownies even better? Add some sweet cherries to the mix!

If you like Black Forest cake, you’ll love these brownies! They’re chewy, rich, and full of fruity goodness.

Better yet, all you need is a boxed brownie mix, a can of cherry pie filling, eggs, oil, and chocolate chips.

Plus, you don’t have to use cherries. Canned blueberry or strawberry pie filling would be incredible here too!

25 Best Ways to Use Canned Pie Filling

From coffee cake and creamy cheesecake to fudgy brownies and crumble bars, these canned pie filling recipes are certified crowd-pleasers.


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Canned Pie Filling Recipes

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