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13 Best Black Raspberry Recipes and Desserts

The next time you need a show-stopping dessert, try these bright and fresh black raspberry recipes.

Their striking black color is simply stunning – and perfect for Halloween!

Homemade Black Raspberry Cobbler with Ice Cream
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Black raspberries, also known as “black caps,” are (as the name suggests) a species of raspberry.

They’re juicy, dark, and one of the healthiest berries around.

Slightly sweeter than red raspberries and blackberries, black raspberries are full of antioxidants and fiber.

Healthy and delicious? That’s the ultimate combo! 

From cheesecake and cookies to jam and even a zippy vinaigrette, these black raspberry recipes are a must-make for fruit lovers.

13 Easy Black Raspberry Recipes You Have To Try This Summer

1. Black Raspberry Muffins

These black raspberry muffins are a terrific grab-and-go breakfast. Just bake a batch ahead of time and gobble one up as you head out the door. 

Not only are they super handy for busy mornings, but they taste fantastic too. The sweet, summer black berries add so much flavor to every bite. 

Top tip: use frozen black raspberries, so they don’t break up as you fold them into the batter.

2. Black Raspberry Crisp

The next time you’re craving a comforting dessert, make this black raspberry crisp.

It’s warm, sweet, and absolutely perfect with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

You’ll make a quick syrup with water, sugar, cornstarch, and butter. Pour that over the berries, so they turn nice and jammy in the oven.

Meanwhile, the topping is an easy blend of sugar, butter, spices, and oats.

Pop it in the oven and bake until it turns golden and starts to bubble up around the edges. Yum!

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3. Black Raspberry Cobbler

Not a lover of oat crisps? Try this stunning cobbler instead!

The base is almost exactly the same as the recipe above. So it’s just as sweet and jammy.

The key difference is in the topping. You’ll make tender, fluffy biscuit dough and gently lay it over the base.

Of course, you can always use canned biscuit dough if you’re in a rush!

4. Black Raspberry Scones

These black raspberry scones make for a delicious afternoon snack. Gobble them up with a cup of tea or coffee and just a little butter on top.

The berries are such a nice change from the usual raisins. And they even ensure the dough stays nice and moist.

Plus, there’s lime zest in the scones and lime juice in the icing, so there’s a beautiful citrusy finish too.

Zippy and sweet, these scones are good enough to eat by themselves. But they’re also delicious with a little black raspberry jam. Yum!

5. Wild Black Raspberry Jam

Speaking of black raspberry jam: it’s actually super easy to make yourself.

You only need three ingredients, and it’s a fantastic way to preserve summer fruits.

In just 25 minutes, this jam is ready to pour. Easy, right?

A quick mix of black raspberries, granulated white sugar, and lemon juice, it’s intensely flavorful and berry-licious.

6. Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Bake these black raspberry chocolate chunk cookies the next time your sweet tooth is crying out for a treat.

They’re slightly crisp on the outside and lovely and tender in the center. And they look phenomenal too!

The lemon and vanilla in these cookies pair wonderfully with the black raspberries and chocolate chunks.

Are you drooling too?

There’s nothing better than a home-baked cookie, especially when they taste as good as these fruity and chocolatey treats.

Bake up a batch today – you won’t regret it! 

7. Black Raspberry Ice Cream

Is there a better way to enjoy summer fruits than a bowl of sweet, homemade ice cream? I think not!

Refreshing and creamy, this fantastic recipe is super rich and fruity. Not to mention bright!

French-style churned ice cream uses an egg custard base. But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as you think.

Every bite is mouthwatering. Make this once, and you’ll never go back to store-bought ice cream again!

8. Black Raspberry Cheesecake

Serve this gorgeous black raspberry cheesecake the next time you want to impress. The fuchsia swirls are so gorgeous, jaws will be on the floor. 

Between the creamy vanilla base swirled with amazing black berry sauce, it’s sweet, thick, and super luxurious. 

This dessert always goes down a treat at dinner parties. But if you don’t want to share, cut yourself an extra big slice and keep it hidden away in the fridge.

I won’t tell if you don’t!

9. Black Raspberry Cheesecake Bars

Cheesecake bars are ideal for packed lunches, bake sales, parties, and more. They’re super easy to grab and go and allow guests to mingle.

And it doesn’t get much better than this cream cheesecake with tart black raspberry swirl.

The flavors pair beautifully, leaving you with a dreamy and balanced dessert everyone will love.

10. Black Raspberry Pie

Treat your taste buds to a sensational dessert, and bake this black raspberry pie asap.

It’s the perfect sweet to end your next Sunday dinner.

And believe it or not, it takes just five minutes to prep! After a spin in the oven, it’s ready to devour!

Serve this fruity pie hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or rich and creamy pastry cream (British custard). Delish!

11. Black Raspberry Vinaigrette

Black raspberries aren’t just brilliant for desserts, you know! They also make fabulous vinaigrettes.

Keep this snappy dressing in your fridge, and it’ll liven up any sad salad.

A quick blend of black raspberries, Champagne vinegar, Italian dressing mix, and oil, it’s very light and zesty.

And not only does it add incredible fruity flavors, but it also looks fabulous! Talk about a win-win!

12. Black Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie

Start your day off right with this fruity black raspberry and lemonade smoothie. It’s sweet, fresh, and lip-smackingly delicious.

Bursting with black raspberries, tangy lemon juice, and protein powder, it’s packed with everything you need for a serious energy boost!

A cup of Cool Whip adds a wonderful vegan-friendly creaminess – though feel free to use Greek yogurt if you prefer.

I think it’s sweet enough, but you can add a dash of maple syrup if you like. Either way, it’s scrummy!

13. Vanilla Cream Cheese Cupcakes With Black Raspberry Buttercream

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Especially when they taste this good.

I promise, vanilla cream cheese cupcakes with black raspberry buttercream are impossible to beat.

Light and tangy, they’re ideal for any occasion. And that color makes them totally Insta-worthy!

So get your pics in quick before your friends and family get their hands on them! Trust me, they won’t last long!

13 Best Black Raspberry Recipes and Desserts

The next time you need a show-stopping dessert, try these bright and fresh black raspberry recipes. Their striking black color is simply stunning!


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Black Raspberry Recipes

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