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25 Air Fryer Fish Recipes For Dinner

You can have your fried fish and healthy dinner too with these Air Fryer fish recipes.

The air fryer has become all the rage lately and it’s not hard to see why. 

Crispy Fish Fingers with Dipping Sauce
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Food turns out perfectly crisp and you use far less oil. What’s even better is it makes cooking quick and easy. 

You can have a tasty fish dinner with minimal fuss and way less grease. 

There’s also no need to worry about ruining a gorgeous fish filet because all these air fryer fish recipes are winners. 

From fish fingers to teriyaki salmon, there’s an air fryer fish here for the whole family to enjoy.

1. Air Fryer 3-Ingredient Fried Catfish 

The secret to getting restaurant-quality catfish at home is cooking it in the air fryer. With the air fryer, catfish turns out perfectly crisp and tender. 

For seasoning, a smidge of olive oil and some Louisiana fish fry coating is all you’ll need.

2. Chili Lime Tilapia (Paleo, Whole30, Keto)

Diets are hard, but this recipe is not. A mere 15 minutes is all it takes to cook up a juicy tilapia filet.

Paleo, keto, and Whole30 compliant, this tilapia is brimming with zest and spice. 

Tilapia is on the delicate side, so be sure to apply some oil to the fryer basket so it doesn’t stick. 

Roasted Salmon Steak with Asparagus

3. Air Fryer Salmon

I don’t think I could ever get tired of eating salmon. Salmon burgers, tacos, salads, curries, you name it and I want it. 

However, the best way to cook it is with this recipe. You’ll brush the salmon with butter then add a little seasoning. 

After 10 minutes in the air fryer, your succulent salmon is ready.

4. Air Fryer Fish Fingers

The little ones love this recipe and I do, too. These six-ingredient fish fingers have the perfect texture inside and out. 

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While it’s tempting to get some store-bought fish sticks and toss them in, I urge you to try homemade instead. 

It tastes fresher and there are no unwanted preservatives or additives you can’t pronounce.

5. Air Fryer Parmesan Crusted Halibut 

Parmesan-crusted halibut is easy enough for weeknights and fancy enough for special occasions. 

The crumbly cracker crust has a subtle kick of heat and bite from the parmesan cheese. 

I like to pick out different salad recipes for serving to keep things fresh and healthy.

6. Air Fryer Fish Tacos

The problem with a lot of fish tacos is too much breading and not enough fish. That’s not something you don’t have to worry about with this recipe. 

It nixes the breading for an exquisite blend of spices and tops each taco with a delightfully crunchy cilantro lime slaw. 

I think a few slices of avocado and a couple of dashes of hot sauce are also in order.

Salmon Patties with Lime and Avocado Salsa

7. Air Fryer Salmon Patties

Canned or fresh, these salmon patties are absolutely mouthwatering. 

I love them on salads and turn them into burgers when I’m famished. 

They’ve got a burst of fresh herbs and a garlicky bite. 

The hardest part, though, is keeping them from falling apart. However, follow these measurements, and you’ll have the right amount of binding to keep these patties intact. 

8. Air Fryer Tuna Steaks

There are a lot of tasty fish in the sea, but tuna tops my list, and so does cooking it in the air fryer. 

With the air fryer, tuna steaks cook in minutes while you whip up a simple umami dipping sauce. 

I like mine rare on the inside, but you can leave it in a bit longer if you like yours more well done.

9. Air Fryer Fish Nuggets

Another recipe both kids and adults can agree on is these scrumptious little nuggets. 

Bite-sized pieces of cod get dredged in flour and eggs, then dabbed in breadcrumbs. 

If you want a bit more flavor, you can add some spices like garlic, paprika, and cumin to the mix. 

A twist of lemon to garnish is all you need for serving. However, a side of aioli or tartar sauce is also nice for dipping.  

10. Air Fryer Healthy White Fish with Garlic & Lemon  

A little sprinkle of lemon pepper and garlic powder goes a long way to season fish. 

It’s light, healthy, and versatile enough to pair with all kinds of side dishes. It’s also a flawless way to spruce up any type of white fish, including your favorite cobia recipes

11. Air Fryer Fish & Chips

This recipe takes all the hassle out of making fish and chips. 

There are no large vats of oil or concerns about splattering grease. All you need is a light coating of cooking spray. 

What I love most about this recipe is I get fish and chips without that guilty feeling I get from all the grease. 

12. Air Fryer Cod

With this recipe, you get impeccable homestyle cod filets every time. 

Each filet has a breaded coating with a sprinkle of parmesan and a dash of Old Bay. Which is a winning combination if you ask me. 

Slicing into this crisp and flaky cod is as satisfying as the taste. Plus, it takes less than 30 minutes to go from the countertop to the table. 

13. Air Fryer Tuna Cakes

Are you having a stare-down with a can of tuna and not sure what to make? Try these tuna cakes!

These mouthwatering tuna cakes call for a handful of pantry staples. All that’s required of you is combining everything in a bowl, then cooking it in the air fryer. 

While you’re at it, you can whip up one of these air fryer side dishes for a full meal.

14. Air Fryer Fish Fillet 

Having a go-to recipe that’s adaptable to any type of fish is a must for seafood eaters. So here’s the recipe we use in my household.

It calls for flavoring breadcrumbs with a spice blend of paprika, garlic, onion, and chili powder. 

You’ll use it to coat your fish of choice, then pop it into the air fryer for roughly 15 minutes. How long you cook it will depend on the type of fish.

15. Air Fryer Honey Dijon Salmon

Now and again I get a hankering for this honey dijon salmon. It’s a touch sweet with a little bit of bite. 

The salmon will bake in the sauce so it infuses it with flavor. It’s versatile enough to pair with a range of sides, but I like mine with this mashed potato recipe.

16. Air Fryer Halibut with Fresh Mango Salsa

This fresh, tropical air fryer halibut is high up on my priority list.

The halibut is very lightly seasoned which is all you need because this mango salsa is bursting with flavor. It’s spicy, citrusy, and juicy with fruit. 

All of which goes swimmingly with the tropical kick of the coconut rice. 

17. Air Fryer Tuna Melt 

If you’re not using your air fryer to make a tuna melt, it’s time to start. 

You’ll mix canned tuna with some fresh herbs, celery, mayo, and mustard. Then, slap it on a roll with some cheese and place it in the air fryer. 

Once the cheese is melty, it’s sandwich time.

18. Air Fryer Tuna Patties

Another excellent use of canned tuna is these patties. 

You’ll want to use some eggs and breadcrumbs for binding. For flavoring, a pinch of spices, herbs, parmesan, and a hint of lemon will do. 

19. Air Fryer Mahi Mahi 

Mahi-mahi is one of my favorite white fishes. There are several ways I like to cook it, but this is how I do it with breading.

I add some paprika, onion, and garlic powder to the breadcrumbs, then dredge my filets. They’ll turn out crispy and juicy every time. 

20. Air Fryer Walleye

Even walleye tastes better when you cook it in the air fryer. Walleye has a sweet and mild flavor, which doesn’t take much to fix it up right. 

You’ll want a little garlic powder and a squeeze of lemon. For a crisp coating, breadcrumbs will do.

21. Blackened Fish Tacos in Air Fryer

These blackened fish tacos are hands-down irresistible. 

The cajun spice blend packs in an incredible amount of flavor, and mahi-mahi is the perfect fish for the job. 

As for the salsa, it’s all about mango here! 

22. Air Fryer Honey Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean sea bass has a buttery flavor and texture, and the sauce in this recipe is the ideal match. 

It’s a soy-based sauce that’s sweet and spicy. You’ll use it to brush the sea bass for a light glaze. 

23. Easy Sweet Spicy Air Fryer Salmon

Speaking of sweet and spicy, you’ll have to try this salmon. 

A honey, chili, and turmeric mixture is slathered all over salmon, then, it’s baked to perfection.

This is a great way to add a little pizzazz to some salmon without putting in a ton of effort. 

24. Teriyaki Salmon Air Fryer 

There are many ways you can dredge fish with breadcrumbs and air fry it. But you can make a killer teriyaki salmon in the air fryer, too!

This savory, umami salmon has a wonderful caramelized coating from the sauce. 

I can’t help but pair it with a bed of rice and steamed veggies.

25. Air Fried Beer-Battered Fish

You didn’t think I’d talk about all these fried fish without beer-battered fish, did you?

Beer-battered fish is the ultimate air fryer dish!

When making the batter, use a light beer like a lager. Anything dark will be too malty.

25 Best Air Fryer Fish Recipe Collection

Wondering what to make for dinner? Try these simple air fryer fish recipes! From salmon to fish fingers to tacos, these meals are easy and delicious.


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Air Fryer Fish Recipes

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