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What to Serve with Tuna Steak

Wondering what to serve with tuna steak? From vegetable kabobs to fried green beans, these side dishes pair so well with tuna.

I love seafood! I think it’s one of the most interesting kinds of food to cook with and definitely one of the most delicious to eat.

Roasted Tuna Steak
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And when I’m craving fish, tuna steak is one of my go-to’s!

If you’ve decided on having a tuna steak for lunch or dinner and you’re wondering what to serve with it, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are 14 of the best sides to serve with your tuna.

Green Salad

1. Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing

Here’s something easy but customizable to pair with your tuna steak. I love a good salad with fish.

For tuna, try a simple salad with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, and a vinaigrette dressing.

Of course, you can make your own version if you want something creamier or fruitier. N

o matter how you choose to make your salad, it’ll surely be a healthy and delicious side dish to compliment your tuna steak.

Roasted Lemon Potatoes

2. Roasted Lemon Potatoes

No list of side dishes is complete without potatoes! It pairs well with almost anything and there’s simply so many ways you can make them.

One great way to enjoy your tuna is to have some potatoes on the side with a little lemon to cut through the richness of the fish.

Add in a little olive oil and some rosemary, and you’ll have a great combination!

Garlic Fries

3. Garlic Fries

Here’s another potato option: garlic fries! It’s definitely not the healthiest option on this list but let’s be honest, it will also probably be the most popular!

Fries are just too hard to resist.

With tuna, I like to add a little extra flavor by sprinkling some garlic powder on top. You can try other flavors too or even make a dip!

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Fried Veggies With Teriyaki Sauce

4. Fried Veggies with Teriyaki Sauce

Asian sauces are THE BEST so of course we save a spot for it as one of the best side dishes you can have with your tuna steak.

Stir fry some vegetables of your choice with teriyaki… it’s a very easy sauce to make at home!

All you’ll need is water, brown sugar, soy sauce, honey, and garlic and you’ll have the perfect hint of sweetness that’s sure to make your meal a great one.

Stuffed Peppers

5. Stuffed Peppers

Here’s another side dish you can get extra creative with. Stuffed peppers are super fun to make and they go so well with almost any main dish.

When I’m having them with fish, I like to add a creamy stuffing like quinoa or rice with onions, tomatoes, eggplant, and maybe some cream cheese, too. Yummy!

Baked Sweet Potatoes

6. Baked Sweet Potatoes

If you’re not a fan of potatoes, why not try sweet potatoes? They’re a delicious and healthy alternative but just as easy to prepare.

As a side dish to tuna, I like to slice them into thick strips, drizzle with honey, and bake. It will add a sweetness to your fish that you will definitely enjoy.

Fried Green Beans

7. Fried Green Beans

I love green beans because they’re healthy, but everything’s always better fried.

As a side dish for tuna steak, I would dip the green beans in tempura batter and deep fry for a little bit of crunch.

You can also do this with many other veggies like asparagus or even eggplant.

Add in a good bleu cheese dip for even more flavor. A little sinful, but hey, it’s still veggies right? 

Brown Rice

8. Brown Rice

If you’ve never had brown rice before, you need to be introduced!

Brown rice is actually unpolished rice, meaning it’s high in fiber and a healthier alternative to white rice.

Place your tuna steak on a bed of brown rice for a hearty and filling meal. You can even make garlic brown rice too. Delicious!

Vegetable Kabobs

9. Vegetable Kabobs

Another excellent way to pair veggies with your tuna is skewered veggies.

For the most delicious vegetable kabob, I like to brush them with a marinade made of olive oil, garlic, basil, oregano, salt, and pepper before roasting or baking!

There are so many veggies you can use but tomatoes, onions, eggplant, cucumbers are just some of my favorites. Definitely give this one a try!

Salted Chips

10. Salted Chips

There’s no denying that potato is the king of all sides. Have some lightly salted chips with your tuna steak to add flavor and crunch to your meal.

You can also season your chips with other flavors like garlic, barbeque, parmesan, or even make a dip. This is one side you can never go wrong with!

Pasta Salad

11. Pasta Salad

If the usual green salad is a little too light for you, why not make it a pasta salad? For a classic Italian pasta salad, add in some rotini or any short pasta you have, cherry tomatoes, salami cut

into cubes, olives, red onion, and parsley with a vinaigrette dressing.

You can also make a vegetarian version by skipping on the salami, which I actually prefer if pairing with the tuna. Healthy, filling, and delicious!

Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms

12. Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms

A little spin on the more common stuffed peppers is cheese-stuffed mushrooms.

Doesn’t that sound delicious? This side dish will take a little more time to prepare, but it’s definitely worth it.

For the best cheese-stuffed mushrooms, use button mushrooms and a mix of different cheeses like cream cheese, smoked cheddar, and Parmesan.

Add in some onions, garlic, or even red peppers.

Trust me, once you’ve tried them, you’ll be making stuffed mushrooms again and again.

English Muffin and Eggs

13. English Muffin and Eggs

Yup, you guessed it. This is a tuna version of the classic breakfast, eggs benedict!

To assemble, just place your steak on an English muffin (or a bread of your choice), top with a poached egg, and pour over some sauce.

A typical eggs Benedict recipe with bacon or ham will use a hollandaise sauce but if you’re not feeling that, you can also try a creamy lemon or parmesan sauce. 

Unwrapped Sushi

14. White Rice, Cucumbers, Carrots, and Nori

If you’re having a seared medium-rare tuna steak, this one’s for you! Think of it as naked sushi.

It’s the same ingredients, the same delicious sushi, but without the complicated wrapping part. Don’t forget the wasabi and soy sauce on the side!

What to Serve with Tuna Steak


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What To Serve With Tuna Steak

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