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11 Easy White Pumpkin Recipes to Try Today

That chill in the air only means one thing, it’s time for white pumpkin recipes!

It’s impossible to celebrate fall without pumpkins.

You’re probably very familiar with the good old orange pumpkin.

But there are so many other squashes out there to enjoy, like the white pumpkin!

White Pumpkin Meatball Soup
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Also known as the ghost pumpkin, this spooky squash is the perfect veggie to add to your table.

They’re gorgeous as a Halloween decoration, but even more stunning in soups, pies, and even juice.

Nutty, earthy, and down-right delicious, give these winter pumpkin recipes a try.

Honestly, they’re tasty no matter the season (but especially in fall)!

1.  Kerala Olan with Ash gourd

Calling for just six ingredients, this classic Kerala dish is a must make for white pumpkin lovers.

It’s simmered in coconut milk, making it tender and lightly sweet. But the curry leaves and green chilies make it nice and warm.

Meanwhile, the black eyed peas make it super hearty!

2. White Pumpkin Pie

Nothing feels as cozy as digging into a good old slice of pumpkin pie. It just hits the spot, every time.

When you think of pumpkin pie, you probably think of the bright orange pies served up at Thanksgiving.

But did you know the original pilgrims actually used white pumpkins instead? 

So, this recipe is actually way more traditional!

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Plus, the special thing about this white pumpkin pie is that it’s not as sweet or smooth as a regular pumpkin pie.

Instead, it’s more like a custard. 

3. White Pumpkin Mor Kuzhambu

White pumpkin mor kuzhambu is a Kerala dish made with ground coconut and green chilies.

It’s then mixed in whisked curd along with a seasonal vegetable.

This dish is the perfect winter warmer. It’s chock-full of hearty white pumpkin and spicy chili peppers which really bring the heat!

Plus, it’s completely vegetarian.

Mor kuzhambu makes for the perfect light lunch.

It’s tasty, spicy, and packed with veggie goodness. What more could you want? 

4. Kasi Halwa

Looking for an intriguing new dessert using white pumpkin? Give this kasi halwas a try!

This dish is popular in Tamil Nadu, India. And it’s commonly served in Tamil Brahmin marriages.

It’s glossy, colorful, and has a ghee-like texture. Pretty interesting, right? Plus, it’s way easier to make than you might think.

You only need 30 minutes and 6 ingredients. 

This is a fantastic dessert to treat your friends and family to.

It’s the perfect way to finish your next Indian-themed dinner party. Delish. 

5. White Pumpkin Coconut Milk Stew

The next time you need a speedy, veg-packed meal, whip up this white pumpkin coconut milk stew.

It’s so easy to make and loaded with healthy ingredients.

This vegan take on a classic white pumpkin coconut milk stew is so rich and creamy.

It’s perfect for those busy weeknights as it only takes 30 minutes in an Instant Pot to cook!

Curry leaves and green chilis add flavor without overpowering the white pumpkin.

Serve this warm and hearty stew with a side of rice for the perfect vegan meal. 

6. Kozhi Kumbalaga Curry

The explosion of flavors in this kozhi kumalaga curry is seriously addictive.

It’s loaded with coconut, chicken, white pumpkin, and Malabar spices. 

This curry is brimming with the most amazing variety of spices.

From turmeric powder to curry leaves, there’s so much tastiness in every single drop of that curry sauce. Yum!

Don’t let a single bit of this delicious curry go to waste. Serve it with steamed rice for the perfect Indian-inspired meal.

This is a mild curry, so if you want to kick up the heat, just add more spice!

7. White Pumpkin Juice

On a diet? Whip up this white pumpkin juice. Since white pumpkin is loaded with water it helps you stay full. You can call it magic juice! 

And it’s so easy to make. You only need 5 minutes and five ingredients.

All you have to do is purée white pumpkin and cucumber, before straining it through a sieve to get only the juice. 

Then, add a little salt and lemon juice and pour it into a glass filled with ice cubes.

Cool, refreshing, and loaded with pumpkin flavors, it really is that easy to stick to your diet. Cheers!

8. White Pumpkin Sambar

This flavorful white pumpkin sambar is infused with a spice blend from south India.

This dish is delicious to gobble up with a plate full of poppadoms.

The great thing about the flesh of white pumpkins is that it takes on the flavor of the masalas you add to your dish.

The pumpkin becomes so tender as it cooks it practically melts in your mouth.

The tender spiced white pumpkin pairs perfectly with the spice-infused lentils.

This dish is so delicious to scoop up with poppadoms or spooned over rice. Are you drooling, too? 

9. Ash Gourd Raita

Ash gourd, or white pumpkin, raita is a delicious side dish served with rice and roti.

It’s cool, loaded with healthy pumpkin, and deliciously spiced. 

There is a gentle amount of spice in this dish that works so well with the yogurt and mild winter pumpkin. Everything is balanced perfectly. 

Hot tip: Want our raita to be as tender as can be?

Try sautéing the winter pumpkin for a few minutes before adding it to the yogurt and spice blend. 

10. Chinese Winter Melon Soup

The cool weather always makes me want to cook up all kinds of delicious and warming soups.

And this Chinese winter melon soup is a really tasty treat.

Winter melon, or white pumpkin, has a mild taste that makes it perfect for absorbing the flavors in the soup’s broth. 

The tender chunks of squash, meatballs, and glass noodles add so much amazing texture to this dish.

Every bite is simply glorious. Yum. 

11. Winter Melon Stir-Fry

In a rush? This winter melon stir-fry is perfect for those busy weeknights. It only takes 15 minutes to cook up!

This stir fry is chock-full of fantastic textures.

Every bite is loaded with pork-juice-soaked shrimp, silky noodles, and tender melon slices.

The whole family will love this delicious stir-fry. It’s speedy, delicious, and the perfect way to cook winter melon. 

11 Best Ways to Use White Pumpkin

These yummy white pumpkin recipes are perfect for fall! From pie to stew to curry, you’ll love making these tempting pumpkin dishes.


  • Kerala Olan with Ash gourd

  • White Pumpkin Pie

  • White Pumpkin Mor Kuzhambu

  • Kasi Halwa

  • White Pumpkin Coconut Milk Stew

  • Kozhi Kumbalaga Curry

  • White Pumpkin Juice

  • White Pumpkin Sambar

  • Ash Gourd Raita

  • Chinese Winter Melon Soup

  • Winter Melon Stir-Fry


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  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a white pumpkin recipe in 30 minutes or less!
White Pumpkin Recipes

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