Home Recipe Roundup What to Serve with Egg Salad Sandwiches (23 Easy Sides)

What to Serve with Egg Salad Sandwiches (23 Easy Sides)

Calling all sandwich lovers – are you wondering what to serve with egg salad sandwiches?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 

What to Serve with Egg Salad Sandwiches (23 Easy Sides): egg salad with lettuce on whole wheat bread.
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Best Sides For Egg Salad Sandwiches

I have the best recipe for classic egg salad. It’s rich, creamy, and flavorful to the max.

And while it’s incredible in fluffy bread, you can’t go wrong with a few sides. After all, a single sandwich isn’t enough for a whole meal!

Luckily, these side dishes will fill you up.

From crispy tater tots to zesty coleslaw, there is something for everyone. And every recipe is perfect for your next summertime lunch or a fun picnic too!

1. Onion Rings

Craving crunchy, flavor-packed rings and don’t want to leave the house? Thanks to this fantastic recipe, you don’t have to! 

Coat onions in bread-y goodness, then sizzle them to a crispy golden in hot oil. 

Serve them with ketchup, ranch, or BBQ. Warning: they will vanish faster than you can blink!

The rich creaminess of egg salad contrasts with these crunchy onion rings. Trust me; this is a real crowd-pleaser.

2. Wingstop Fries

Say hello to copycat Wingstop fries! They are the ideal pairing for an egg salad sandwich. 

Every bite is crispy, soft, and irresistible! 

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside – they are quite special. A magical mix of spice and sweetness. 

Never tried ‘em? You’re missing out!   

3. Easy Spinach Salad

Try this easy spinach salad the next time you crave something fresh and zesty! It’s versatile and packed with green goodness.

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This spinach sensation is a top-notch salad. It is made even better because it comes together quickly! 

Fresh spinach leaves are jazzed-up with apple slices, candied pecans, avocado, and red onion. 

Add some feta cheese and homemade balsamic dressing to finish. Et voila – flavor fireworks!

4. Crispy Chicken Tenders

Parmesan and Panko-crumbed, oven-fried chicken tenders, anyone? No flour, no fuss, just pure, crispy deliciousness!

These golden tenders are a hit with all ages. Especially when you dunk them in honey mustard. *Chef’s kiss*

They’re the ultimate finger food that makes a mess-free meal!

Pair them with some egg salad sandwiches for the perfect lunch. Yum! 

5. KFC Coleslaw

Who doesn’t love KFC coleslaw? 

Now, you can whip up this fan favorite right in your kitchen! It tastes close to the original, and guess what? It’s ready in just 10 minutes!

Coleslaw is the perfect side for summer gatherings, from picnics to potlucks. This recipe has the same sweet, tangy crunch you’ll find in the KFC version. 

But you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. 

A match made in food heaven!

6. Homemade Mozzarella Sticks

You can whip up these fabulous homemade mozzarella sticks with no fancy gadgets!

You’d be surprised how easy it is to cook these crispy, gooey snacks. Say goodbye to mediocre, soggy sticks, and welcome warm, crisp perfection. 

The secret? 

Freezing them before frying! Yep, this simple trick helps the coating stick to the cheese. Plus, it stops any mid-frying cheese explosions. 


7. Caesar Salad

Nothing beats the king of all salads – a Caesar salad! 

Romaine hearts, garlic croutons, and fresh lemon are tossed in a creamy parmesan dressing. Oh man, it is an absolute delight!

See, Caesar salad is all about the dressing. And this homemade dressing is loaded with explosive flavor. 

Pair it with some egg salad sandwiches for the perfect summertime lunch. Yum!

8. Kettle Chips

Ever thought about making your own Kettle Chips? It’s way easier than you might think! 

These homemade potato chips are an instant hit. Salt and pepper works as a classic seasoning. But you can spice it up with your favorites.

These chips are typically made in a kettle or Dutch oven. Hence the name!

They’re typically cut thicker, too. There’s no better partner to a sandwich than some tasty chips! 

9. BLT Pasta Salad

This fun twist on a fan-favorite sandwich fuses bacon, tomatoes, and lettuce with comforting pasta. I mean… seriously?

It’s perfect for using leftover bacon or veggies. Plus, it’s so versatile. You can serve it at any lunch, potluck, or summer barbecue.

And you can use whatever ingredients you want! Swap pasta types, choose turkey bacon, or toss in extra veggies. 

The possibilities are limitless!

10. Sweet Potato Fries

Looking for a healthier alternative to traditional fries? Try this baked sweet potato fries recipe! 

Their unique sweet and earthy flavor- boosted with the right spices- makes them irresistible. 

These fries work great as a side dish or a standalone snack. And they taste even better alongside egg salad sandwiches!

For that extra crunch, remember to salt them after baking. This helps keep them crispy by not drawing out the moisture too soon.

11. Homemade Tomato Soup

Craving comfort food? Try this creamy, flavorful homemade roasted tomato soup. 

It’s simple to prepare, uses fresh tomatoes, and bursts with taste. 

This soup is perfect for cold winter days. But it is also a fantastic way to use your summer garden tomatoes and basil.

Grab a spoon and tuck in!

12. Baked Tomatoes with Mozzarella and Parmesan

Who doesn’t love a good appetizer? 

How about an appetizer that is delicious and ridiculously easy to make? Say hello to these cheesy baked tomatoes come in!

These little gems are oven-roasted, smothered with melty mozzarella, and dusted with a parmesan crumb. 

They’re juicy, super cheesy, and they are scrumptious. And best of all? 

They are so darn easy to whip up!

13. Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

Speaking of easy to make… 

Try these homemade yogurt parfaits for a simple, healthy treat! I love to eat them any time of the day. 

They feature layers of smooth yogurt, juicy fruit, and crunchy granola. You can use your favorite kind of yogurt – regular, Greek, or dairy-free.

Pair this sweet parfait with a savory egg salad sandwich for lunch. The fresh fruit refreshes your palate after the creamy egg salad. 

A perfect balance!

14. Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tot Cups

These bacon-wrapped tater tot cups are a guaranteed hit! You only need bacon, tater tots, and cheddar cheese. 

They are perfect for any finger-food-friendly gathering and are loved by kids. Bacon, cheese, potatoes- what’s not to love?

Watch out! You’ll eat more than you planned because they’re just that irresistible.

15. Creamy Corn Salad

This is not your Grandma’s typical corn salad. Oh, no. This corn salad puts all other salads to shame! 

I’m talking crisp corn kernels just bursting with sweet, juicy flavor. And they are all wrapped up in a velvety sauce. 

Plus, you can make this corn salad ahead of time. 

Actually, I recommend it. The flavors mingle and get to know each other a little better. Thank me later.

16. Perfect Baked Potato

Want to know the secret to the perfect baked potato? Crispy skin and fluffy insides!

This fail-proof recipe delivers just that. Baked potatoes are NOT just vehicles for toppings. With this salt-crusted method, the potato becomes a star!

Yeah, butter or sour cream on a baked potato is delicious. But now the potato impresses with crispy, tasty skin and a hot, creamy interior. Yum!

17. Easy Crab Cakes

This crab cake recipe is simple and delicious. Just 7 ingredients create a dish loaded with juicy crab, tasty seasonings, and soft breadcrumbs.

These are easy to make, yet they still have that fancy feel. 

Fry them, bake them, broil them, or grill them. No matter how you do it, you’ll end up with a soft, flaky cake. Downright irresistible. 

Pair them with a creamy egg salad sandwich. #dreamteam

18. Simple Crudites Platter

Whip up an eye-catching crudités platter, a French classic, with just fresh veggies and dip! 

This simple yet stunning platter is a crowd-pleaser. And it goes well with hefty dishes because it adds balance. 

Raw veggies take center stage in this healthy and easy-to-prep side. Its bright colors will shine alongside yummy egg salad. 

19. Easy Cucumber Salad

This fresh cucumber salad is the perfect quick fix for hot summer days. 

It features crisp cucumbers, tangy onions, aromatic dill, and a zesty dressing. 

It’s the ideal side dish for filling mains. And it tastes excellent with egg salad sandwiches!

The key to this recipe is using the freshest cucumbers you can find. So, look for firm, bright, green ones. Happy eating! 

20. Easy Grape Salad

This grape salad is a delightful blend of fresh grapes, cheese, and a nutty topping. 

It’s a simple, 5-minute recipe the whole family will love! 

This dish is a Midwest classic – a dessert masquerading as a salad! It’s super easy to prepare and loved by kids and adults alike.

Every bite is light yet satisfying. It is a wonderful dessert counterpart for your egg salad sandwiches. 

21. Jalapeno Coleslaw

This Jalapeno coleslaw is a summer delight, adding a spicy twist to a classic. 

Bursting with southwestern flavors, it pairs well with tacos, fajitas, or even egg salad sandwiches! A fusion of jalapenos and vibrant cilantro gives it a delightful kick.

Unlike the usual potato or pasta salads, jalapeno coleslaw is exciting! It will steal the show at any cookout. I guarantee it.

22. Simple Kale Salad

Here is a simple, fantastic Kale Salad, perfect for serving with egg salad sandwiches. 

This crowd-pleaser combines fresh kale, Parmesan cheese, toasted almonds, and dried cranberries. And everything is topped with a zingy lemon balsamic dressing. Delish!

The blend of salty, sweet, and tangy flavors is lip-smackingly good. Perfect for lunch or as a side, it’s a showstopper at potlucks too. 

Even the most die-hard kale skeptics will be swayed!

23. Tater Tot Casserole

In the mood for some comfort food? 

This tater tot casserole (a.k.a. cowboy casserole) is comfort food at its finest.

Packed with savory beef, creamy mushroom soup, and crunchy tater tots- it’s a true crowd-pleaser! Oh, and it is ooey-gooey with cheese, too. 

I mean, how could you not love that? 

It’s got texture and flavor in every bite. Plus, it is an easy and fun meal that the kids will love. Grown-ups, too. 

What to Serve with Egg Salad Sandwiches (23 Easy Sides)

Wondering what to serve with egg salad sandwiches? I’ve got you covered. From onion rings to coleslaw, these are the best, tastiest sides for your sandwich.


  • Onion Rings

  • Easy Spinach Salad

  • Crispy Chicken Tenders

  • KFC Coleslaw

  • Homemade Mozzarella Sticks

  • Caesar Salad

  • Kettle Chips

  • BLT Pasta Salad

  • Sweet Potato Fries

  • Homemade Tomato Soup

  • Baked Tomatoes with Mozzarella and Parmesan

  • Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

  • Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tot Cups

  • Creamy Corn Salad

  • Perfect Baked Potato

  • Easy Crab Cakes

  • Simple Crudites Platter

  • Easy Cucumber Salad

  • Easy Grape Salad

  • Jalapeno Coleslaw

  • Tater Tot Casserole


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious egg salad sandwich side dish recipe in 30 minutes or less!
What to Serve with Egg Salad Sandwiches

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