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What to Serve With Reuben Sandwiches: 8 Classic Sides

Reuben Sandwich
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To me, the Reuben Sandwich is the epitome of excellence when it comes to grilled sandwiches. A Reuben has everything you could ever want in a sandwich: melt-in-your-mouth corned beef, sweet and nutty melted Swiss cheese, tart sauerkraut, and tangy Russian dressing.

All of this goodness rests in between two slices of chewy, grilled rye bread. Seriously, could it get any better?

A Reuben sandwich is scrumptious all by itself, but there are some classic sides that will transform your sandwich into a savory feast.

Wondering what to serve with Reuben sandwiches? We’ve got you covered. Ready your plates and your palates – here are 8 tasty side dishes that will take your meal from good to great!

Sweet Potato Soup

1. Cream of Potato Soup

Picture this scenario: It’s freezing outside, you had a rather stressful day at work. You drive to your favorite deli to get yourself a Reuben, and now you’re sitting at home, ready to devour that stunning sandwich.

Seems like a perfect ending to any day. But, you know, what can make things even better? Add a heaping bowl of cream of potato soup to that dinner!

This well-loved comfort food will surely warm your body and soul, and together with the Reuben, it will make you feel a lot better. 

If you’re not a fan of potato, no problem! You can pair your Reuben with whatever cream of vegetable soup you like. Whether that be spinach, asparagus, or broccoli, the combo of the Reuben with any creamed soup is perfect.

You can even dip your sandwich into that warm soup to soften up the bread, making it even more fantastic.


2. Sauerkraut

Because a Reuben is extremely flavorful, you’ll want to serve it with a tangy side to cut the richness of the sandwich. The best candidate for the job is some fermented cabbage, also known as sauerkraut. 

You can add sauerkraut into the sandwich itself, or serve it on the side. Either way, it will provide a sour flavor that pairs perfectly with the savory flavors from the meat and cheese.

You can use either jarred or canned sauerkraut, but for the best result, be sure to heat it in a cast-iron pan with butter until it turns brown. Then drain out all the excess liquid so that the bread doesn’t get soggy when you add it in.

Dill Pickles

3. Dill Pickle

Pickles and sandwiches; they just go together. And that’s especially true for the Reuben.

Following the same concept as above, the sourness of a dill pickle helps cut the richness of the sandwich. Plus, the spiciness of the dill also complements the flavors of the sandwich. Making these two a perfect pair.

While it’s a lot easier to get store-bought dill pickles, where’s the fun in that? Making your own dill pickles might seem like a lot of work, but it’s always more exciting to serve or eat something you’ve worked hard on, right? 

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Pickles aren’t actually that complicated to prepare. Cut up some cucumbers and red onions and place them in a jar. Pour some vinegar and water into the jar and garnish it with dill fronds, salt, and pepper. Cover the jar tightly with the lid and refrigerate for 4 hours. And voilà! Delicious homemade pickles.

Potato Salad

4. Potato Salad

When it comes to sandwich pairings, you can never go wrong with a classic potato salad. It’s creamy, hearty, and easy to make – what more could you ask for? 

All you need to do is coat some boiled potatoes with mayonnaise, sour cream, Dijon mustard, pickles, and whatever vegetables you desire, for the perfect side to your sandwich.


5. Coleslaw

This vibrant dish made of cabbage and carrots has a mild tangy flavor, perfect to balance out the richness of the Reuben. Whether you use the classic mayo dressing or the refreshing vinegar-based mixture to coat it, either will taste amazing with your sandwich. 

Potato Chips

6. Potato Chips

Because the elements in a Reuben are mostly soft and tender, you’ll want something crispy to even things out. What other side fits the bill more perfectly than some good ol’ potato chips?

Not only will it provide the sandwich with that much-needed crunch, but it’s also an effortless way to round out your meal. No need to light up a fire or saute onions and garlic – just open a bag of chips and it’s done.

Although, if you want to put a healthier spin on things, you can bake your own chips instead. It’s easy – just cut the spuds into thin slices, season it with paprika, salt, and pepper, and bake!

Sweet Potato Fries

7. Sweet Potato Fries

Here’s another way to give your Reuben a nice crunch. Plus, these fries are sweet, so it gives a wonderful contrast to the savoriness of the sandwich.

The best part? Unlike regular French fries, you don’t need to fry them. They taste perfectly delicious when baked, so no need to worry about excess fat and grease.

Devilled Eggs

8. Deviled Eggs

While a Reuben sandwich is already rich in protein, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding more. Serve some deviled eggs with your Reuben and you’ll have an extremely rich and creamy meal!

It’s like having two sandwiches in one: a Reuben and an egg salad sandwich. Perfect for those days where you just need that extra boost of energy.

What to Serve With Reuben Sandwiches: 8 Classic Sides


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What to Serve With Reuben Sandwiches

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