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11 Easy Thai Rice Recipes to Try Tonight

From salty-savory to sticky-sweet, no one can resist these umami-rich Thai rice recipes.

Some are fluffy, others are crispy, but they’re all delicious!

Thai Fried Rice with Vegetables in a Black Bowl
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I have some incredible recipes to share with the Thai food lovers in the crowd.

Each one of these Thai rice recipes is perfect for a weeknight meal, and you can customize them any way you like.

Plus, they come together in a flash!

So whether you’re in the mood for something spicy or something sweet, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s dig in!

Best Thai Fried Rice Recipe and More!

1. Thai Chicken Fried Rice (Khao Pad Gai)

Fried rice is a classic Chinese dish. But have you had it the Thai way?

Khao pad gai is a Thai street food sensation featuring jasmine rice, tender chicken, and fluffy eggs.

But the real star is the prik nam pla sauce. It’s a classic Thai condiment featuring Thai chilis and fish sauce.

It’s an extra step, but it’s essential to this dish. Plus, the whole thing only takes 15 minutes to make.

Garnish your bowl with cilantro and lime juice, then dig in!

2. Thai Crispy Rice

I became mildly obsessed with crispy rice when I visited Thailand. It’s such a fun and unique way to serve this humble ingredient.

As the name suggests, this isn’t fluffy rice to go with your curry. Instead, it’s cooked in a hot pan until crisp and scrumptious.

You’ll need to start with cooked rice that’s gone cold. Ideally, it should be a day old.

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It’s a quick wok recipe, but you only need a little bit of oil. Just be sure to cover as much of the pan as possible.

When the bottom turns crispy, add some chili paste and soy sauce.

Serve this with crispy fried eggs and lots of chopped scallions. Yum!

3. Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Craving Asian food with a tropical twist? Treat yourself to this Thai pineapple fried rice. 

The sweet tang of the pineapple pairs beautifully with the succulent, juicy prawns. And the savory rice makes it impossible to pass on. 

Cashews and currants may not be an obvious choice. But trust me, they’re also a must for this dish. 

When picking out rice, go with a long-grain type like jasmine. It’s not highly glutinous, so it doesn’t stick together in clumps. 

Instead, it gets super fluffy, giving you the perfect texture.

4. Thai Chicken Rice Soup

Also known as khao tom, this delicious Thai-style rice soup is often served for breakfast.

Featuring a flavorful broth, plenty of rice, and small pork meatballs, it’s super filling and hearty.

This version calls for ground chicken, which is a little leaner but just as tasty. And since everything cooks in the pot, it’s a breeze to make.

5. Thai Basil Fried Rice

Thai basil is a gamer-changer when it comes to fried rice. This scrumptious herb is aromatic, fresh, and slightly peppery. 

Add it to a hot bowl of fried rice, and it’ll give you a burst of flavor like no other.

To build your bowl the Thai way, you’ll need jasmine rice, eggs, an umami sauce, and Thai chilis. 

I love it with jumbo prawns. However, the protein is totally up to you. So go for tofu, chicken, or pork.

Use leftover rice, and the whole thing is hot on the table in eight minutes flat. 

6. Thai Vegetable Fried Rice with Cashews

Jam-packed with veggies and nutty cashews, this fried rice recipe has a long list of ingredients.

But they all come together to create a wonderful blend of flavors and textures. 

You’ve got chewy rice, crunchy cashews, and tender veggies. Plus a pleasant nutty finish from the sesame seeds on top. 

In terms of veggies, I like to use a mix of soft, crisp, and crunchy, such as broccoli, bell pepper, mushrooms, sweet peas, and onions.  

And you can’t forget the aromatics! This dish isn’t complete without ginger, garlic, and Thai basil.

7. Thai Coconut Rice

Have you been searching for a new way to fix up plain old white rice? Try this yummy Thai coconut rice!

It’s a three-ingredient recipe that calls for just two pantry staples and water. Needless to say, it’s cinch to make.

Canned coconut milk makes it creamy, fluffy, and tropical. And you can use it as a savory side or serve it with fruits for dessert.

There are a ton of options when it comes to coconut rice.

8. Thai Curry Shrimp and Rice

Every now and then, I have to trade in my favorite Asian noodles for this sensational Thai rice dish.

I love how the coconut milk and curry paste smother the white rice in sweet and spicy flavors.

There’s also plenty of succulent shrimp, tender bell peppers, and sweet carrots for color and textures.

Right before serving, add a twist of lime and a pinch of cilantro. You could also add a dollop of chili paste if you’re feeling spicy.

9. Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice is a Thai twist on classic rice pudding.

Best served warm, it’s sweet and sticky (obvi) with a wonderfully creamy finish, thanks to the coconut milk.

This is the perfect introduction to an Asian classic. So if you’re wondering, “what is sticky rice?” try this recipe asap.

Serve it with fresh mango slices for a truly scrumptious Thai dessert you’ll crave again and again.

10. One Pot Thai Chicken and Rice Dish 

This dish is so tasty, you’ll want Thai food every night of the week.

Better still, it’s a super quick meal that all comes together in one pot, making cleanup a breeze.

Inside you’ll find long-grain rice, chicken, bell peppers, coconut milk, garlic, fish sauce, and more.

The creamy, umami, and savory ingredients are comforting and satiating. 

So toss on a pot and get ready for a feast. And yes, the leftovers are ideal for lunch tomorrow!

11. 3-Chili Fried Rice with Thai Basil

Like your fried rice Thai hot? Great!

Between the fresh chili peppers, chili paste, and roasted chili flakes, this is one fiery bowl. 

To house all that spice is a bed of fluffy white rice, marinated chicken, scrambled eggs, fragrant Thai basil, and fish sauce.

To tone down the heat, you can tweak the number of chilis. But really, it’s meant to be mouth-burning!

11 Easy Thai Rice Recipes to Try Tonight

From salty-savory to sticky-sweet, no one can resist these umami-rich Thai rice recipes. Some are fluffy, others are crispy, but they’re all delicious!


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Thai Rice Recipes

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