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20 Easy Jasmine Rice Recipes To Try This Week

From entrees to rice desserts, these easy jasmine rice recipes are hearty and mouthwatering.

Jasmine rice is a staple in many Asian cuisines and is a wonderful addition to any meal because it’s fluffy, sticky, and beautifully fragrant.

Cilantro Lime Jasmine Rice in a Bowl with a Lime Wedge
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While it has little to no taste on its own, it makes an ideal accompaniment to dishes with bold flavors.

It’s also a great source of carbohydrates. In fact, one cup is enough to fuel you until your next meal.

So, if you’re looking for ways to incorporate rice into your diet, try these jasmine rice recipes.

1. Yellow Jasmine Rice

Want an easy way to jazz up basic white rice? All you’ll need is chicken broth, a few spices, and 5 minutes of prep time.

Seasoning jasmine rice with turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, and bay leaf doesn’t only significantly enhance its flavor, but also gives it a wonderful color, as well.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat a bowl of yellow rice? I’m drooling just looking at it.

2. Thai Basil Chicken 

Pad Krapow Gai is a savory dish of sauteed chicken, onions, and peppers with a savory sauce.

Finished with basil leaves, it has a lovely balance of hot, umami, and earthy flavors.

While the jasmine rice is not the star player in this dish, it’s definitely not complete without it.

Just imagine drizzling that sauce over the rice! If that doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what will. 

3. One-Pot Spicy Vegetable Rice

This next dish is a complete meal in one. And all it takes is one single pot.

Smoked paprika and turmeric give the jasmine rice a glorious aroma, flavor, and color. 

It’s also studded with vegetables – onions, peppers, carrots, peas, and tomatoes – which really look fantastic against the yellow rice.

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While I won’t complain about eating this dish by itself, it’s ideal with a meaty entree.

4. Instant Pot Cranberry Pistachio Jasmine Rice

If you like a variety of textures in your dish, you’ll definitely love this next recipe.

A mix of jasmine rice, pistachios, and cranberries, this pilaf is tender and fluffy with bits of crunchy chewiness in every bite.

It’s garnished with orange zest and green onions, to boot, adding even more aroma and flavor. 

5. One Pan Shrimp and Rice

Any dish with rice and shrimp gets an automatic 12/10 from me. You just can’t go wrong with this combo!

Add mushrooms, onions, and peppers and you’ll have one helluva nutrient-dense and tasty meal.

6. Stovetop Rice Pudding

Let’s step away from savory recipes for now and focus on this sweet rice pudding, shall we?

It’s super creamy, not too sweet, and seasoned with vanilla and cinnamon to give it an extra layer of fragrance.

I love how you can serve this pudding hot or cold, for breakfast or dessert. It tastes amazing any which way!

7. Texas Roadhouse Seasoned Rice

This Texas Roadhouse copycat recipe for seasoned rice is irresistible and just what you need on the side of a slab of ribs.

Toasted in butter and flavored with herbs, spices, and aromatics, this baby is simply to die for.

It’s nutty, buttery, savory, and earthy, with just the right amount of heat.

Did I mention it’s super easy to make? With this recipe, one pot is all you’ll need!

8. Cilantro Lime Rice

Elevate burritos and burrito bowls with this easy cilantro lime rice!

All you’ll need here is to flavor cooked jasmine rice with lime, cilantro, garlic, and scallions. It couldn’t be easier.

Want to spice it up? Throw in some chopped jalapeños or red pepper flakes and voila.

If you’re a fan of Mexican food, this rice needs to become a staple in your life.

9. Chinese Rice Soup

This dish combines rice with soup to make one terrific meal!

Filled with rice, meat, veggies, and a savory broth, this soup is wildly delish and incredibly filling. 

The great thing about it is you’re free to add as many veggies as you like and whatever meat you have on hand.

So it’s ideal if you have some leftover chicken, turkey, pork, or beef hanging around.

10. Basic Asian Rice Porridge

Rice porridge or congee is popular comfort food in Asia.

Made primarily with rice thickened with stock, meats, and veggies, it’s hearty, warming, and super delicious.

I love to add bone-in chicken pieces and hard-boiled eggs, but there are so many incredible congee toppings out there.

Use this basic recipe to start with and go crazy with fun extras.

11. Turmeric Chicken and Rice

Inspired by biryani rice, this dish calls for fragrant herbed rice with tender and juicy chicken.

The rice is flavored with turmeric, ginger, curry, cinnamon, cumin, fish sauce, and more.

So, expect nothing short of an explosion of flavors when you put this in your mouth.

Paired with juicy chicken thighs, this dish makes a phenomenal meal.

12. Jasmine Sticky Rice

No collection of jasmine rice recipes is complete without one that teaches you how to cook it.

Perfectly cooked jasmine rice is fragrant, tender, and fluffy, while still being slightly sticky.

It’s great with any meat or vegetable dish and can be served sweet or savory.

For an even more captivating aroma and taste, flavor the rice with a pinch of salt and star anise.

13. One-Pot Cajun Rice and Beans

If you like rice with tons of protein and other fun extras, look no further than this recipe!

This one-pot jasmine rice dish is fully loaded with smoked sausage, beans, tomatoes, and a whole lotta spices.

It’s southern comfort food at its best. 

14. One-Pot Burrito Bowl

This burrito bowl has all the colors of the rainbow, which can only mean one thing: it’s totally scrumptious.

Loaded with ground beef, black beans, salsa, chiles, and cheese, you won’t want to share this Tex-Mex beauty.

15. Pineapple Fried Rice (Thai)

If you like pineapples on your pizza, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this sweet and sour fried rice.

Packed with chunks of pineapple, colorful vegetables, and a sweet-savory Thai sauce, this stir-fry is a heavenly combination of tastes and textures.

Chicken Fried Rice

16. Chicken Fried Rice

You probably already have a recipe for chicken fried rice, but I still encourage you to try mine.

This recipe is outrageously easy yet it creates the most addictive fried rice around!

Loaded with chicken, carrots, sweet peas, and onions, it’s as delicious as it is colorful.

17. Coconut Rice

Add a tropical twist to basic white rice with this easy-peasy recipe! 

You won’t believe how a simple addition of coconut milk, sugar, salt, and cilantro can make such a huge difference. 

This coconut rice is wonderfully nutty, slightly sweet, and oh-so-scrumptious.

18. Garlic Herb Rice Pilaf

Flavor jasmine rice with garlic and herbs and you’ll have a dish your whole family will beg you to make every day.

This pilaf is fluffy with just the right amount of earthiness.

It’s not too much that it’ll overpower your entree. Instead, it’s just enough to complement its flavors.

19. Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl

This poke bowl has jasmine rice for its base and is topped with raw ahi tuna, bean sprouts, avocado slices, and radishes.

Adding flavor to the tuna is a mixture of soy sauce, honey, sesame oil, and wasabi.

When mixed together, they make refreshing chunks of tuna sashimi! 

Eating healthy has ever looked so good.

20. Authentic Arroz Caldo

Last but not least is Filipino comfort food you’ll want to add to your rainy day menu.

Arroz Caldo is a savory rice porridge with bone-in chicken. It’s topped with hard-boiled eggs, scallions, fried garlic, and lemon juice.

Arroz Caldo is so comforting and ideal for gloomy days when you’re feeling blue.

20 Best Ways to Use Jasmine Rice

From entrees to dessert, these easy Jasmine rice recipes are hearty and mouthwatering. Each of these dishes is fluffy, sticky, and wonderfully fragrant.


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Jasmine Rice Recipes

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