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14 Easy Rice Desserts

I know what you’re thinking: surely this is just a list of rice pudding recipes? Well, you’re almost right. 

Yes, there are a few classic rice pudding variations here, but there are plenty of other delicious rice desserts, too.

Bowl of Rice Pudding with Raspberries
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For example, I’ll bet you’ve never tried rice pudding popsicles? And what about Italian rice fritters?

Some of these are so good, you won’t want to wait until you have leftover rice.

Rice Pudding with Cinnamon and Raisins

1. Rice Pudding with Leftover Rice

How many times have you made rice to go with your dinner, only to have about twice the amount you need?

We’ve all been there, but luckily, that means you can save it up to make this decant and creamy rice pudding. 

2. Coconut Rice Pudding Cake

I adore rice pudding, and I’ll happily eat it hot or cold. But I’ve never seen it served like this before!

Doesn’t it look fantastic? And amazingly, you won’t need any gelatin. The starch in the rice is enough to set this perfectly. 

This would make a terrific dessert any time of the year, and you can so easily change the flavors. How about coconut cookies with a mango topping?

3. Rice Pudding Muffins

Here’s another super unique way to make and use rice pudding. I would never have thought to add it to cake batter, but it works so well. 

It adds a wonderfully creamy taste and tons of moisture to the mix. Plus, it’s a great source of added carbohydrates and fiber.

Feel free to swap the cherries for soaked raisins or chocolate chunks. 

4. Arroz Con Leche Paletas (Rice Pudding Popsicles)

This is one of those recipes you just have to try.

I know it might sound strange, but rice pudding in popsicles is not only delicious, but they add a new texture that I think you’ll love. 

Yes, these are delightfully creamy, yet they’re also pleasantly chewy. 

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That said, you will need to cook the rice a little bit longer than usual to ensure it’s nice and soft.

5. Chocolate and Banana Mochi Rice Pudding

As you might’ve guessed, this recipe calls for Mochi rice, which is extra starchy and glutinous, making it very sticky when cooked.

That means it’s ideal for rice pudding. 

Between the cacao and banana flavoring, this would work just as well for breakfast as it does for dessert.

I like it with a drizzle of peanut butter, too.

6. Sticky Rice Cake with Red Bean Paste

Red bean paste is super popular in Japan and Korea, and the best way to describe it is like a sweeter, chunkier sweet potato.

So it is sweet, but not nearly as sweet as the desserts we’re used to.

Still, I think you’ll really like the texture of this with the added sesame seeds on the outside. 

7. Traditional Italian Rice Fritters

These fritters are so sweet and tender, you’ll have a hard time stopping at just one. 

They’re like little donuts filled with creamy rice pudding, all fried until golden brown. They’re best served warm with powdered sugar dusted over the top.

8. Sticky Rice with Mango

This is such a classic dish and one you’ll see all over Asia. In fact, I think I first had it in Phuket, and I was hooked after one bite. 

You’ll need to cook the rice in water first, then add it to the coconut milk. This is because thicker liquids, like coconut milk, don’t absorb as well. 

Though this recipe has quite a few steps, it’s worth it in the end.

9. Sweet Cinnamon Mexican Rice

One of the main differences in rice pudding, when you go from country to country, is the dairy used. 

Some places go for evaporated milk for sweetness, while others choose sweet condensed milk like this Mexican dish. 

That makes this super sinful and dangerous. If this is in the house, watch out! You’ll want it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

10. Guyanese Sweet Rice

Also known as kheer or rice pap, this sweet rice recipe is beloved in Guyana, where it’s often made using broken rice grains lefts over from the mill.

It makes sense, given rice pudding is best when you use short-grain rice. Of course, we usually look for arborio. 

Where most rice pudding recipes just use sugar and cinnamon, this version also calls for clove and cardamom.

I love that added floral flavor, but you can leave it out if you prefer. 

11. Persian Rice Cookies with Poppy Seeds (Nan-e Berenji)

Thanks to the rice flour and oil, these wonderful rice cookies are gluten and dairy-free. But they’re not vegan, as they include an egg yolk.

They’re a lot like regular shortbread, and they’re just as light and delicate.

Another way to make these babies melt-in-your-mouth is to use powdered sugar. It dissolves into the dough, leaving no grainy texture behind. 

12. Date and Puffed Rice Cookies 

I don’t often use puffed rice for anything other than marshmallow treats, but I enjoy the airy and crisp texture. 

Although they’re blitzed in this recipe, they still keep a nice crunchy finish. 

If you want to have more crunch, I recommend blitzing half with the dates and spices, then gently folding the rest into the finished dough.

13. Horchata Recipe

Traditional horchata takes quite some time to make, and although it’s delicious, I much prefer this shortcut recipe. 

The key is to use Minute Rice, which cuts this prep down to just 30 minutes.

Then, after soaking in hot milk, you just need to blend it with water and sugar before straining. 

14. Italian Rice Pie (Pastiera di Riso)

If you thought that rice cake above was impressive, just wait until you try this. 

Unlike that first recipe, this one is baked. So not only is there a lovely pastry crust, but the filling is super custardy. 

Then since you serve it cold, it’s kind of like a cross between baked cheesecake and rice pudding. If you ask me, it doesn’t get any better than that!

14 Easy Rice Dessert Collection


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